Nutritional Concepts
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Our Children's Health:
America's Kids in Nutritional
Crisis & What We Can Do to Help
$15.95 (order)
278 pages
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Nutrition in a Nutshell:
Ten Steps to Build
& Slow Down the Aging Process

$14.95 (order)
192 pages (2nd edition)
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"Hello, my name is Melinda. I received "Nutrition in a Nutshell" as incentive to join an email list at a health food store. I was vegetarian, overweight, and had sort of "lost" any solid concept of what healthy meant!

My son was almost 1-1/2 and after finally getting my newly developed thyroid problem under control, I could no longer blame my 186.5 pounds on baby weight. After all, I was probably over 165 before I became pregnant.

I am 5'5" and 31 years old and pretty sluggish and depressed about being at my heaviest. I read the book, resolved to write down what I was eating and began to follow the recommendations for blood type "A" as best I could.

That was a year ago, and also almost 60 pounds ago. Following the plan made everything easy, and once again made me feel "in control" of what healthy really is! I am also happy to say that after losing 45-50 pounds, I was finally motivated to exercise (which I knew I should have been doing all along, but it's much harder when you feel like giant flaps of your body are flopping around as you go).

In this past year, I have recommended and helped sell several copies of Nutrition in a Nutshell, because friends, acquaintances, and colleagues were amazed with my results. I have watched my hair stylist shed unwanted pounds, and have passed on much of your advice to many!

The best part? You have given me guidelines that I can always use. I haven't felt deprived or restricted, or needed to "go back" to what I was doing before. I know how much my body needs and what choices are the best for me. Thank you for helping me learn so much!"