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Happy New Year. We hope that 2015 will be healthy, happy, and fruitful. Here is our prescription for starting the year off right.
  1. Make a wellness appointment to get back on track.
    With a simple doctor's prescription, we can give you a Superbill to submit for medical nutrition therapy services or wellness visits.
  2. Follow your individualized supplement regimen.
    If you have gotten off track, now is the perfect time to start. While eating optimally comprises 75 percent of your nutrient intake, supplements comprise the other 25 percent. We offer monthly supplement discounts and a loyalty reward program.
  3. Stay on the straight and narrow with our eNewsletters.
    Our eNewsletters encourage sticking to healthy behaviors and puts you "in the know" when discussing wellness with your friends and family.
  4. Avoid your food reactors.
    Food intolerances occur much more frequently than once believed. Everyone is different in how and what they react to. Luckily, we have been treating clients with food intolerances for over 17 years and have the most accurate, battle-tested screening method with our Biotrition Food Intolerance Test.
  5. Choose mental and exercise routines to fit your needs.
    Methods for exercising your mind and body should be just as individualized as your food choices. Most importantly, make sure your routine fits your lifestyle capabilities.
  6. Cleanse and Detox intelligently.
    One of the most popular ways to ring in the new year is to do a cleanse or detox. Unfortunately, some can do more harm than good. As part of being a NCI Well Connect subscriber, we are offering free 15 minute detox consultations to find the best detox that fits your needs. If you are not a NCI Well Connect subscriber, you can sign up this month at 40% OFF (49.99 from 79.99).
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5 Steps for a Smart Sugar Detox
Sugar Is Uber Addictive.
The average American consumes 2.7 times the American Heart Association limit of sugar on a daily basis. That's the average American, so there are a lot of Americans consuming way, way more than that.

One sugar question many clients have has to do with fruit consumption. While we DO NOT count fruit as added sugar, we DO consider fruit juice an added sugar.

Step 1: Understand the Reality of Sugar Addiction

Have compassion towards yourself. It's not willpower. Willpower doesn't work because of the biochemistry.


Step 2: Put Things in Before You Take Things Out

If you take out the sugar before you add in healthy foods, you'll just end up confused and hungry-two things that can send you right back to old, sugary bad habits. Start with a healthy breakfast that includes protein.


Step 3: Take Out the Obvious Offenders and Sinister Alternatives

Sodas and foofoo coffee drinks are obvious places to start cutting out sugars, but don't try to cheat the system by using sugar alternatives. Artificial sweeteners affect your blood sugar in a similar way to sugar.

Step 4: Track Your Cravings

Craving is always withdrawal. If you're sitting at your desk and at 3:00 in the afternoon an image of something sweet comes to you, that means that your body is expecting something sweet because yesterday at 3:00, you had something sweet. Understanding your cravings can help you track your sugary bad habits. When you get a sugar craving, eat a handful of nuts or a small amount of protein with a fruit or veggie.

Step 5: Recognize Corporate Marketing

For example, green tea lattes are marketed as healthy because green tea is good for you. When you look at how much sugar is in it, it is astonishingly high (like 15 teaspoons).

Now that you have your steps to a smart sugar detox, here are 15 Ways to Give Up Sugar...


15 Ways to Give Up Sugar is available to NCI Well Connect subscribers. Subscribe today at 40% OFF and we will email you the link to read the 15 Tips.


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