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January 11, 2010

Dear Valued Client,

We wish you a healthy, happy, successful, enriching 2010.

NCI Well Rewards
thumbsup You spoke and we listened.
Because of your overwhelmingly positive response to the idea of a Client Loyalty Program, we are proud to introduce
NCI Well Rewards.

For your support over the last 25 years, we could not think of a better way to say thanks as we look forward to the next 25.

NCI Well Rewards is simple: you get one reward point for each dollar you spend on products at Nutritional Concepts. Well Rewards starts with your first product purchase of 2010. As you achieve specific reward levels, you qualify for discounts that can add up to significant savings.

The best part of NCI Well Rewards is that you do not have to do a thing. You are automatically enrolled and we keep track of the points for you.
Food Focus
 Grass-Fed Beef vs. Conventional
In the last several years, the number of ground beef recalls has risen dramatically. While there are myriad reasons for this, none is more important than how and what the cows are fed.

It is now common knowledge that cows are fed a diet that is completely unnatural to their genetic makeup. This is where the problem begins. When fed soy, wheat, corn, animal byproducts, and plumping growth hormones, cows become more easily susceptible to sickness and disease. This requires more antibiotics, which in turn, creates stronger, more drug-resistant pathogens.

We can create a much safer meat supply by feeding cows their natural diet: grass. An even more important reason to implement widespread pasture feeding is that beef actually becomes a healthful foodstuff.
  • Greatly lowered saturated fat content.
  • High EPA/DHA content (same kind that you find in fish oil)
  • More easily digested, lean protein.
  • Less occurrence of food intolerance
There are a growing number of ranchers who have switched exclusively to grass-fed herds and are reaping the benefits. We need to look no further than our own backyard with Tall Grass Beef, a Chicagoland company. A family-owned farm in Wisconsin called Beltie Beef were kind enough to provide their organic, grass-fed beef summer sausage for our Client Appreciation Event. Not only does it taste outstanding, it is very low in sodium and saturated fat, You can learn more about Beltie Beef by watching our Client Appreciation Event video.

The truth is, the entire meat production process is in need of an overhaul. But it all starts at the farm.

Safety of Beef Processing Method Questioned.
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Pure Encaps Vitamin D3 400 & 1000IU
Scientists estimate that over one billion people have suboptimal vitamin D levels. Recent findings show that among the many diseases that those with optimal vitamin D levels can more easily combat, cancer is one of them.

Ecological Formulas Monolaurin 300 mg. & 600 mg.
Derived from coconut ester, lauric acid has been shown in research to be effective at fighting viruses and staphylococcus bacteria.

Sweet Leaf Stevia 100 Packets
Sweet Leaf is still the brand we recommend because most other brands are either blended with artificial sweeteners (Truvia, PureVia) or sweeteners such as dextrose (Stevia in the Raw).

Twinlab Daily One Caps With & Without Iron
Low potency one-a-day creates the foundation in which to build an ideal nutrient regimen.

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Nutrocon's 25 Healthy Life Tips
In honor of Nutritional Concepts' 25th Anniversary, we present the complimentary Nutrocon's 25 Healthy Life Tips. It is a compilation of what we feel is the best wellness formula to to live by. Enjoy!

Nutrocon's 25 Healthy Life Tips

What an Event!
On a day when the weather could not have been much worse, 72 clients braved the the snowy streets to join us for our 25th Anniversary Client Appreciation Event. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for providing wonderful food, drinks, raffle prizes, and stuffers for our goodie bags.

For many of you who live out of town, were on vacation, or were stuck because of the weather, we did not forget about you. We hope this video can make you almost feel like you were there. If you need ideas for snacks and drinks, it is a must see.

Client Anniversary Event Video

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Have a happy, healthy day.

Bonnie, Steve, and the staff at Nutritional Concepts Inc.