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February 11, 2015
Dear Steve, 

Did you know that when you eat out, you average 200 more calories than when eating at home?

Integrative Therapeutics Alka-Aid Discontinued
Regrettably, Integrative Therapeutics has stopped manufacturing Alka-Aid. They said it was purely a "business decision" and replaced it with two, more expensive herbal remedies that we do not recommend. We tried to convince them otherwise, but to no avail.

We are in the midst of finding the best alternatives. What makes this difficult is that there is no exact dosage match on the market. Please hold your questions until next Monday's eNewsletter, where we will have several options for you, including the possibility of custom-formulating it ourselves.

We know that many of you rely on Alka-Aid as an alternative to reflux medication, so we are leaving no stone left unturned in finding the best options for you. Stay tuned! 
Your Wellness Physical Starts Here
No Time to Get Discouraged
Did your New Year's resolution start to waver about the third week in January? You're not alone. That's when many lose interest in wellness. Don't get discouraged and succumb to the February Swoon.


People who receive regular feedback and reaffirmation about eating, physical activity, and lifestyle stick to their goals significantly more than people who do not. Unfortunately, in most cases, you are not going to get this through your doctor.


When It Comes to Wellness, Your First Visit Should Start With Us.

Use your physician for bloodwork? Yes. Use your doctor for wellness advice? Research says no. But don't blame the physician. We hear our clients complain all the time, "why didn't my doctor tell me this?" Aside from the fact that they are not trained in wellness at school, they have no incentive to prescribe prevention because reimbursement for it is paltry. A shocking study in BMJ Open found that physicians seldom provide access to weight management interventions. 90% of overweight patients and 59% of morbidly obese patients had no recorded weight management intervention in this study. Seems criminal, but doctors are better compensated by prescribing medications or procedures.


Furthermore, you need an advocate with expertise in every aspect of well living to evaluate and maintain, your individual needs through bloodwork, diet, nutrients, and lifestyle.


Grab a Partner

Need another way to stick to your optimal wellness plan? People are more successful in taking up healthy habits if their partner makes positive changes too, according to research from JAMA Internal MedicineScientists looked at how likely people were to quit smoking, start being active, or shed weight in relation to what their partner did. They found that people were more successful in swapping bad habits for good ones if their partner made a change as well. If you don't have a partner, do it with a friend.

Mid-Week Briefs
Monsanto to Launch Herbicide-Resistant Wheat
As if you needed another reason to ditch wheat .
How Much Do You Pay for Bloodwork?
If you have a high deductible, the cost is prohibitive. Even if insurance covers most of the bloodwork, your co-pay can be steep.
Coffee Lowers Endometrial Cancer Risk.


How Can Something So Simple Be So Helpful
Better Breathing
Take a deep breath and relax. Behind that common piece of advice is a complex series of physiological processes that calm the body, slow the heart and help control pain.


Breathing and controlling your breath is one of the easiest ways to improve mental and physical health. Slow, deep and consistent breathing has been shown to have benefits in treating conditions ranging from migraines and irritable bowel syndrome to anxiety disorders and pain.


Deep breathing activates a relaxation response that can reduce inflammation, improve heart health, and boost your immune system.


Th Right Way to Breathe

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Services Update
Nutritional Concepts
Turns 30!
Many of you have been with us from the beginning. We cherish the generations of families who have come through this office and cannot wait to serve future generations.

We believe that even with the incredible lifestyle technology at our fingertips, there is no replacement for one on one, face to face counseling.

 We have a multitude of options from simple fine-tuning or the toughest cases.


Consulting prices range from $45 to $225. Contact us at 847-498-3422  for details.
Don't Let It Happen.
Reboot for Free!
Most of us do not like February because it is the month we are most likely to scrap our New Year's resolutions. We can help you stick to your plan. It only  takes 15 minutes in office or by phone. We have three Reboots to choose from:

 -- Shed Tough Weight --

-- Detox --

-- Immune System --


FREE to current NCI Well Connect subscribers.


FREE if you become a subscriber to NCI Well Connect today.


$25-$45 for non-NCI Well Connect subscribers.


Call 847-498-3422 or email to book your consult today!

All Star Award 2014
For the seventh year in a row, our eNewsletter has been has been named a Constant Contact All Star. Only 10% out of the 250,000 companies with Constant Contact receive this award.

Thanks so much for your interest. We could not have done it without you!


Thirty years of serving your wellness needs. We appreciate your continued patronage and support.

Have a happy, healthy day,
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