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February 17, 2009

Bonnie Dishes on Hormones, Best of the Mediterranean

Dear Valued Client,

I have digested copious amounts of new research involving nutritional paradigms for three of life's major roadblocks: food cravings, weight-loss, and chronic disease.

For food cravings and weight-loss, I am seeing clients for Kick the Craving consultations. I tailor any diet and nutrient modifications to complement what you are already doing.

For chronic disease, I am reiterating the importance of a "modern" Mediterranean diet. The research for its benefits are overwhelming. Read the details of our new Action Plan below.

I hope my comment on bioidentical hormones sheds some light on this controversial issue.

As requested, our complete product list is now available online.

I am also excited to announce that we have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. See details below.


Best of the Mediterranean Action Plan

Over the last decade, Mediterranean cuisine has received attention for its health benefits. There are now a multitude of well-structured research studies to support this.

Most of you are familiar with the benefits of Mediterranean cuisine for the heart, blood sugar balance, and pain relief. The latest study released last week linked the Mediterranean diet with reducing the speed at which cognitive/memory abilities decline. There is a common denominator at work here: a way of eating that minimizes inflammation.  

Inflammation is at the root of many of the common chronic diseases that afflict us today. The Mediterranean diet solidifies its claim as the best long-term dietary lifestyle choice because its balance of lean protein and fish, copious fruits/vegetables, and healthy fats furthers the "never eat a carb alone" and "eat real food" mantras.

The Mediterranean diet has myriad variations (twelve to be exact). We have decided to take the best of them all and put it into a "Clifs Notes" version. Along with important lifestyle tips, Best of the Mediterranean Action Plan boasts pantry staples and over 100 recipes for any food intolerance/allergy. Order here. 

Bonnie on Bioidentical Hormones

As a certified menopause educator, I thought it prudent to comment after hearing about Oprah Winfrey's show on bioidentical hormones.

Logic dictates that human identical, bio-identical products are the only acceptable products when we are restoring hormones or nutrients. Why use a product that acts like the real thing when you can get the real thing? Oprah's show, as well as the latest research study linking synthetic hormones to a higher risk of breast cancer, brings to the forefront the discussion of what is safe for women (and men, although I rarely consult them on hormone therapy issues). Read the entire story.

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Full Product List Now Available

Per your request, we have finally published our entire product list. This is a great resource because we do not list all products on our website. If you take products from companies that we dispense, but do not see the items on our product list, we can always special order them for you. Product List (pdf)

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