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Cooking? Our Oily Opinion.
What healthy oils should you use based upon cooking temperature? This is extremely important. Oils cooked above smoking point create the carcinogenic compound,  polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.

High Heat (smoke point 550 degrees)
Wonderfully healthy oil good for grilling, searing, sauteing, and broiling. It has a buttery taste and seals in juices.

Medium Heat (smoke point 375 degrees)
Use only if organic for stir-fry, baking, sauteing, grilling, or use raw in salad dressing.

Medium Heat (smoke point 280 degrees)
Rich in viral and microbial-fighting capric and lauric acid (monolaurin). Use for sauteing and baking as an alternative for butter and shortening.

Not for Cooking
Do not use as substitute for EPA/DHA fish oil. Alternative for salad dressings, dipping, or smoothies.

Medium Heat (smoke point 485 degrees)
Nutrient powerhouse with a succulent taste. Use for sauteing, frying, or for salad dressings (our preference along with a light white wine or tarragon vinegar).

Low to Medium Heat (smoke point 330 degrees)
Balanced oil can be used for sauteing. Best used raw in smoothies or protein shakes.

Low Heat (smoke point 390 degrees)
This superfood is ideal for low heat sauteing, dipping, salad dressing, and sauce recipes.

Low to Medium Heat (smoking point 350 degrees)
A stir-frying stalwart. Best added near the end of stir-frying or mixed with another higher temperature oil, such as canola.

Medium Heat (smoking point 350 degrees)
Its rich consistency is perfect for stir-frying and baking.

FYI - the brand Spectrum conveniently lists on its labels the best oil to use based upon cooking temperature.

It's Never Too Late to Make Changes.
Think it is pointless to make dietary and lifestyle changes after age 51? Think again. A study from the American Journal of Public Health shows that taking preventative steps will not only substantially improve the health of older Americans, but can be achieved with little or no additional lifetime medical spending.

The gain in life span for successfully treating a person aged 51 or 52 for obesity would be 0.85 years, for hypertension 2.05 years, for diabetes 3.17 years, and for smoking 3.44 years.

Researchers using valuations, life to year, calculate that successful treatments would be worth, per capita:
  • $198,018 for Diabetes
  • $137,964 for Hypertension
  • $118,946 for Smoking Cessation
  • $51,750 for Obesity
Live longer, feel better, spend less, and reduce the stress on our health care system. What are you waiting for?


The Benefits of Chewing.
We Should All Use Our Molars More.
If we did, it would improve both our waistlines and digestion. Chewing lets saliva do digestive work before it enters our gastrointestinal tract, allowing us to better absorb nutrients. Chewing slowly and more often allows us to recognize satiety signals (in other words, when you are full). Most importantly, chewing alerts our senses to the bouquet of flavors that our food has to offer.

I have always embraced what some call the "slow food movement,
" which is eating meals slower to savor your food and digest better. While very difficult to accomplish with our fast-paced lifestyles, what we can all do, however, is the "slow chew movement." You will eat less and not have as many cravings, thus helping you achieve your ideal weight.


Sneak Peek: Bonnie Unplugged.
As part of our effort to celebrate 25 years in business, we are proud to bring you "Bonnie Minsky: Unplugged." If ever there was a vehicle to explain what makes Bonnie tick, this is it. Please watch this two minute sneak peek of the 36 minute interview that will be presented in parts over the next few months. Bonnie Minsky: Unplugged

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