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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Food Intolerance: 
the Silent Assassin
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March 4, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber,    


Did you know that a three year study on aging at Tufts University determined that body composition (muscle mass) is the most important factor determining how healthy we will be in our later years? Reducing body weight without adding muscle does not always lead to better health.


Did you know that a wonderful way to add flavor and beauty to your next guacamole dish is to add fresh pomegranate seeds? This truly makes it beauty and the beast (of nutrient power)!


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


Elimination Diet Study Shines for E0E.

Eliminating food groups most likely to trigger allergies may help ease eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) symptoms in adults. In a study published inJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, an empiric six-food elimination diet induced remission of active adult EoE in nearly three-quarters of Spanish patients, which was maintained for up to three years with individually tailored, limited exclusion diets. The results are comparable with similar studies in children and adults from North America. 


The adult EoE were treated exclusively with a diet avoiding cereals, milk, eggs, fish/seafood, legumes/peanuts, and soy for six weeks. After six weeks, the foods were reintroduced sequentially, one at a time. 73.1% had significant drops in peak eosinophil counts. The patients who continued to avoid the offending foods maintained clinical EoE remission for up to three years. 


A single offending food antigen was identified in roughly 36% of patients, two food triggers were identified in 31%, and three or more food triggers were identified in 33%. Cow's milk was the most common food antigen (62%), followed by wheat (29%), eggs (26%), and legumes (24%).  


The authors stated, "we can thus confirm that food antigens are the major triggers in inducing and maintaining eosinophilic esophageal inflammation for patients of all ages, providing additional evidence that pediatric and adult types of EoE constitute a single disease. Empiric elimination diets involving the exclusion of the six food groups most likely to cause food allergies are emerging as a suitable drug-free dietary treatment alternative for both (children and adults with) EoE, with comparable efficacy to previously used strategies, especially topical steroids."


Bonnie: Emerging treatment? Maybe in the conventional allergy world. That said, it is wonderful to see mounting research showing the improvement of myriad symptoms by removing offending food allergens (IgE) and food intolerants (IgG). It has been one of the great triumphs of my practice.


While true food allergies are simple to diagnose, food intolerances are much more difficult. For those of you who are unfamiliar with food intolerances or wish to learn about our serum screening for food intolerances, please watch this brief video: Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin.


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eNewsThis week's topics:
NCI Well Connect (Subscription Only)
Why NCI Well Connect?
Why NCI Well Connect?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of diet and lifestyle information you are exposed to? Do you feel like there is never enough time to read up on all of it? NCI Well Connect can do this for you. 


Utilizing our decades of clinical experience to discern what is fact or fiction, we pore over 400 journals and media weekly to find the ideal nutrition and lifestyle tips that will motivate you to adhere to, or improve upon, your wellness goals.


NCI Well Connect is your weekly nutritionist and wellness companion. 


This Week's Topics Are:

  • Human Growth Hormone Linked to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?
  • Chronic Pain Update.
  • MSG Linked to Sleep Disorder.
  • B-Vitamin for Staph.
  • Statin Alternatives Abound.
  • Triple Threat Detox
  • Gluten-Free Challah
  • Our Favorite Kids Chewable/Powder Multis
  • Sea Salt Sinus Wash
  • Gluten-Free Artisan Flour Blend
  • Free of Everything Vegetarian Zucchini Muffins
  • Junk Food Advertising and Obesity
  • Olive Oil Stability
  • eInspire

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