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-It's Never Too Late Testimonial.
-Bonnie Dishes on Vegans.

The Wheat Bombshell.
There is a substance you have never heard of that may be pro-inflammatory, immunotoxic, neurotoxic, cytotoxic, may interfere with gene expression, may disrupt endocrine function, may adversely affect gastrointestinal function, and may share pathogenic similarities with certain viruses.

I have always known that for some clients, even though tests for wheat allergy (IgE), celiac disease, gluten intolerance (IgG), and wheat intolerance (IgG) were all negative, wheat was still an issue. While I could not enunciate a "scientific" term, I just knew that these clients felt much better without wheat in their diet.

The following piece wonderfully articulates what this substance is, why it has done such damage while flying under the radar, and certainly reinforces why I have been so vociferous about avoiding wheat, especially whole wheat, the darling of the USDA and its Food Pyramid.

Opening Pandora's Breadbox

Bonnie Unplugged.
Episode One: The Early Years

As part of our effort to celebrate 25 years in business, we are proud to bring you "Bonnie Minsky: Unplugged". If ever there was a vehicle to explain what makes Bonnie tick, this is it.

In episode one, Bonnie explains how and why she got into nutrition, and the difficulties she faced as a mom trying to nutritionally optimize her family back when nutrition was considered quackery.

Bonnie Unplugged Episode One: The Early Years

It's Never Too Late Testimonial.
In our March newsletter, we presented data showing it is never too late to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Doing so can significantly improve the health of older Americans. To further echo our sentiments, we received this from our client Bruce.

Hello Bonnie and Steve,

I was first diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on November 19, 1999. After studying the situation for a month, I made a decision to bypass treatment and fight the cancer with nutrition and exercise.

I tried two different nutritionists before I found Nutritional Concepts and the Bonnie and Steve team. You straightened out my diet and revised the list of the vitamins and minerals I was taking.
The early result was that I shed 55 pounds.

When I moved to Florida, you became my primary source of high quality vitamins and minerals. Your newsletter became my primary source of information.

The result has been that my cancer has grown VERY slowly. Last July, I celebrated my 80th birthday. Now I take my PSA test every six months.

Thanks to you, I will be able to love out my years without any fear of cancer. That is a wonderful present you have given me.

Many thanks, Bruce"

Bonnie Dishes on Veganism.
Recently, a client forwarded a New York Times article from last December called "Sorry Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too." The piece openly questions the "strong ethical vegan."

The gist of the article is that the more scientists learn about the complexities of plants, the less we can dismiss plants as so much "fiberfill." The more researchers study plants, the more they realize their complexities, including sensory modalities that we normally think of as only being in animals. If anyone has been watching the series "Life" on the Discovery Channel, it is hard to argue with the plant researchers.

As I have said for years, I have never met a long-term, healthy vegan. Every negative argument that can be said about eating animal protein can be said about eating vegetable protein.

Textured soy protein, for instance, is not only the most highly pesticide-laden food in the U.S., it is genetically-modified, and often processed with monosodium glutamate (MSG). Not exactly a pure, real food.

We need to be extremely vigilant about the compassion and treatment we have for our animal protein sources (refer to the book The Compassionate Carnivore for insight), but we also need to look at individual nutritional needs, instead of politics and food fanaticism, to determine how to keep the human race alive and well.

As my opinion may be controversial to some, as always, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Have a happy, healthy day.

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