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-- "New Research" Offers Upper Hand in Preventing Chronic Disease.
-- Foods to Avoid During the Spring Allergy Season.
-- Cancer Prevention Tips.
-- April Sale - 20% OFF
-- Recipes du Jour
-- April Announcements.
-- Bonnie Highlighted in Sunday Tribune.
-- Nutritional Concepts Named Best Small Company.
-- Optimal Pregnancy Action Plan.

Dear Valued Client

At the beginning of each month, we like to keep you informed about what's new with Bonnie Minsky & Nutritional Concepts. As always, have a happy, healthy day!

"New Research" Offers Upper Hand in Preventing Chronic Disease.
 Talk show host Charlie Rose recently had a panel of top US Aging Researchers discussing their revolutionary studies on chronic disease prevention and slowing down the aging process.

All we were thinking while watching was, what's all the fuss about? This isn't exactly groundbreaking. However, it is exciting to see that conventional medicine may finally be turning the corner. Read the following to see how many of you are already ahead of the game!

Using Epigenetics to Prevent Chronic Disease.

Foods to Avoid During the Spring Allergy Season.
 We often mention how certain foods cross-react with the environment. During the height of the spring allergy season, here are some foods to avoid or minimize which may reduce allergy symptoms.

If Tree Pollen Allergy, Avoid: Almond, Apple, Apricot, Avocado, Carrot, Cherry, Coconut, Fennel, Hazelnut, Kiwi, Peach, Peanut, Pears, Plums, Tomato, Tree nuts, White potato

If Grass Pollen Allergy, Avoid: Orange, Peanut, Tomato

If Mold Allergy, Avoid: Mushrooms, Peanut/Peanut Butter, Heavily Fermented or Moldy Foods (such as blue cheese)

If you have diagnosed food allergies/intolerants that are not on this list, they should be strictly avoided as well.

Finally, avoiding sugar and excess carbohydrates will keep your immune system strong.

For more details, read our Food Allergy Handbook.

Cancer Prevention Tips.
 Adding further validity to this month's theme of "Chronic Disease Prevention," is research presented at the March 25 meeting of the American Chemical Society. Phytochemicals from commonly eaten foods stole the show:
  • Black Raspberries for esophageal and colon cancers
  • Blueberries for colon cancer
  • Grape seed compounds for skin cancer
  • High Fiber Foods for prostate cancer
  • Dark Cloudy Apple Juice for colon cancer
(we do not recommend any non-organic apple juice or more than a splash at a time of any juice...natural, organic applesauce is a good substitute because it still contains the pulp; or better yet, why not eat the whole apple!)

Here are some other ways you can prevent the onset of cancer.

2. The latest research shows a significant risk reduction for breast cancer by maintaining optimal vitamin D levels.
3. Sufficient Omega-6/Omega-3 Fatty Acid Balance
4. Consume a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables of all colors.
5. Limit chemical exposure in food and environment. See March's Special Report.


April Sale - 20% OFF
Cod Liver Carlson Super 2 Daily
High potency multivitamin/mineral containing therapeutic doses of fish oil, vitamin D, and lutein in just two softgels.

Metagenics Insinase
Patented product for healthy insulin function which beat Metformin head to head in ex vivo, animal, and human trials.

Carlson Cod Liver Oil Lemon Flavored Liquid
New study states a reduction in risk of breast cancer by 24% because of its supreme vitamin D bioavailability.

Twinlab Allergy Fighters
One of the main ingredients, Quercetin, has been shown to reduce inflammation associated with food and environmental intolerants/allergens.

Integrative Therapeutics (Phyto Pharmica) Bio-Zyme
Broad-spectrum, potent digestive enzyme for those who require extra digestive support due to malabsorption.

Order here

Recipes du Jour
recipe2 Once a month, we highlight a recipe from our database or from you. We welcome entries by email to

Roasted Macadamia Nut Dressing

- c. balsamic vinegar or c. fresh lemon juice with 2 T. water
-1 tsp. each: chopped fresh ginger, minced garlic, honey, Tamari Lite (by San-J)
- c. chopped macadamia nuts or almonds, toasted in a dry skillet
-1 T. toasted sesame oil
-1/3 c. canola oil

Instructions: combine vinegar, ginger, and garlic in large mixing bowl. Stir in honey and Tamari Lite. Gradually whisk in canola oil. Repeat with sesame oil. Stir in nuts. Refrigerate until ready to use.

For more delectable recipes, view our Spa Recipes.

April Announcements.
announce -Jay Robb Egg White Protein products are for sale once again. The formula has changed with the addition of stevia as a sweetener. So far, lab assays have yet to confirm that the product is dairy-free. Until this can be confirmed, Nutritional Concepts will NOT be dispensing Jay Robb products.

-A study appeared in the March issue of Gut stating that zinc carnosine provides healing and protective abilities for intestinal permeability. Instability of gut mucosa is indicative in many common GI disorders such as leaky gut and IBS. Our zinc carnosine product, Metagenics Zinlori, is extremely effective for this.

-A thorny issue that has arisen in the dietary supplement industry concerns manufacturers using synthetic substances in their products. These would include synthetic chemicals, GMOs, and nanoparticles. We agree that there is no place for these substances in dietary supplements. However, there are specific cases where a synthetically derived substance, such as folic acid, has been found to have a higher physiological activity than the same naturally-occurring nutrient, and is completely safe. Aside from these exceptions, the dietary supplements that Nutritional Concepts has prescribed over the last two decades are safe, naturally-occurring, and bioavailable.

-Another example indicating the dawn of chronic disease prevention came in the form of comments made at the most recent meeting of the National Alzheimer's Association in Chicago. Researchers at Rush University indicated that prevention of Alzheimer's disease was a necessity if we want to reverse the trend of Americans who develop the disease, which is now more than 5 million. Rush's most recent study found that diabetes was associated with worse thinking abilities.


Bonnie Highlighted in Sunday Tribune.
tribune We are delighted with the piece written by Marla Krause entitled, "Taste of freedom bad for teen diet. The problem: Out with breakfast and in with fast food."

A big thanks to the Engerman's for their time and effort put into this piece.

Read the entire article here.

Nutritional Concepts Named Best Small Company.
workmomlogo We are truly touched by all the congratulatory messages we have received. It is wonderful to have such passionate and supportive clients! Sincerely, Bonnie, Steve, and staff at Nutritional Concepts

If you missed our mid-March email, Working Mother Magazine announced in their April issue that Nutritional Concepts, Inc. is a 2007 Working Mother Best Small Company.

Launched in 2006, the Working Mother Best Small Companies initiative honors businesses with between five and 100 employees that are using innovative combinations of traditional and creative benefits to improve work/life balance.

Founded in 1979, Working Mother magazine reaches nearly 3 million readers and is the only national magazine for career-committed mothers.

Read Working Mother's Press Release.

Optimal Pregnancy Action Plan.
 We have answered your request! Bonnie and the staff are delighted to bring you the Optimal Pregnancy Action Plan, based upon hundreds of successful pregnancies Bonnie has overseen nutritionally.

This is wonderful material for family or friends who may not come in for an individual consult, but would like to understand some of Bonnie's core principles and stay up on the latest research.

Includes a complete list of do's, don'ts, common questions, concerns, and the skinny on eating fish.

Optimal Pregnancy Action Plan Sneak Peek.




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