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April 23, 2012
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The Future of Disease Screening


Steve: Researchers publishing in the journal Cellhave compiled a detailed molecular profile of an individual, with the goal of learning how to construct an integrative personal "omics" profile, how the profile changes in health and disease, and how to use this information to gauge risk and better understand disease states.


The group leader, Michael Snyder, PhD, chair of the Department of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, provided 20 of his own blood samples during the 14-month study for analysis of 40,000 genomic (genetic blueprint), epigenomic (how our genes are expressed), proteomic (how our proteins function), and metabolomic (how our cells function) molecular changes.


This was the first time researchers have performed an analysis so extensive. It covered almost every important process that occurs in the body. Most fascinating is that the frequency in which they tracked Dr. Snyder's health over the 14 month span allowed them to discover that an infection may have given rise to type 2 diabetes. Even more pleasing was that with strict diet and lifestyle changes, Dr. Snyder was able to reverse his type 2 diabetic state quickly.

What this tells us is how inflammation, whether by infection, food, or something else, can create a chronic disease state. Moreover, it tells us how strong diet and lifestyle can be utilized to quell an inflammatory state and reverse chronic disease.

The scientists were quick to point out that by tracking a single individual, not a group, that they were able to make this kind of discovery. They strongly urged that the future of medicine go in this direction because everyone is different.

Unfortunately, this kind of test is not yet commercially available. Even more reason to check in with a licensed professional like Bonnie who treats you as an individual. The study emphasizes that regularly monitoring your diet, lifestyle, and health status is crucial because things can change quickly and frequently.

For details of this study, NCI Well Connect subscribers can go to Future of Disease Screening.


To further understand why the aforementioned is the future and commercially available genetic tests are not, refer to this article


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Table of Contents include: Diagnosis, Standard Treatment, Dietary and Lifestyle Changes, Dietary Supplements, Glycemic Index, Fiber, Circle of Health, Healthy Menus, and References