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April 24, 2013
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Lowfat Milk Promotes Weight Gain.


The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association recommend that all children drink low fat or skimmed milk after the age of 2 to reduce their saturated fat intake and ward off excess weight gain. But the evidence to back up this stance is somewhat mixed, say authors of a British Medical Journal study, who wanted to find out whether milk consumption patterns among 2 year olds affected weight gain.

Researchers asked parents/primary caregivers of almost 11,000 children about their milk consumption -- skimmed, 1% semi-skimmed, 2% milk fat, full fat, or soy -- when the children were 2 years old and again when they were 4. At both time points, the prevalence of overweight/obesity was high, affecting around one in three of the children (30% of 2 year olds; 32% of 4 year olds).

The prevalence of skimmed/semi-skimmed milk consumption was also higher among the overweight/obese kids, with 14% of heavy 2 year olds and 16% of heavy 4 year olds drinking it, compared with 9% of normal weight 2 year olds and 13% of normal weight 4 year olds.

The average weight of children who drank 2%/full fat milk was also lower than that of kids who drank skimmed/semi-skimmed milk, even after accounting for other influential factors.

This suggests that low fat milk confers no overall advantage. In fact, those who regularly drank skimmed/semi-skimmed milk who were not overweight or obese at the age of 2 were 57% more likely to become so by the age of 4.

The authors state that rather than recommending low fat milk, it may be better to stick with other weight control options for which the evidence is sound, such as cutting down on TV watching and sugary drinks, and increasing exercise and fruit and vegetable intake

Juice Cleanses Are Just Hype!
Burst the Juice Cleanse Bubble with Carolyn Martinelli
Burst the Juice Cleanse Bubble 
with Carolyn Martinelli
Have Coffee on the Brain?
Drinking 3 large cups of coffee a day could protect against the development of Lewy bodies in the brain, thought to be the earliest, preclinical stage of Parkinson's disease, according to a new study presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting. 
The study found an inverse relationship between consumption of coffee or other sources of caffeine and the incidence of Lewy body pathology, suggesting that the relationship may be biologically based. The highest percentage of brains with Lewy pathology was in the group that had no coffee consumption during life, and there was a steady decline in the percent of range of Lewy body pathology as the amount of coffee went up, and this trend was significant
There was a similar pattern for total caffeine intake: the highest percentage of participants with Lewy body pathology was in the lowest quintile of caffeine intake, and the lowest percentage was in the highest quintile of caffeine intake. The study looked at brain autopsies on subjects who had been tracked for over 30 years.  
Steve: Experts believe that caffeine blocks the adenosine A2A receptors that control movement, which are very sensitive to caffeine.
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Playworks' vision is that one day, every child in America will have access to safe, healthy play every day. Play creates essential opportunities for children to explore their imaginations, to connect with other people and to stretch and grow physically, emotionally and socially.


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