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May 17, 2010
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Among the goodies in this week's issue, eNews Updates presents new data on acid reflux meds, aspirin, OTC sleep meds, and excessive vitamin D intake.

This Bacteria a Silent Killer
While the bacteria, C. Difficile, is presently the "bug du jour" in the media, and its devastating effects should not be taken lightly, there is another bacteria that flies under the radar because its effects are more cumulative than acute, yet can be just as devastating.

This Bacteria a Silent Killer.

Med Diet: Too Good to Be True?
While diets come and go, the fundamentals of certain diets seem to organically promote long-term healthy eating habits. Mediterranean cuisine does just that.

May is Mediterranean Diet Month, so we wanted to share data from the last few weeks to encourage adherence to the fundamentals of this incredible diet.
In short, Mediterranean cuisine lives up to the hype. For recipes and more, refer to our Best of the Mediterranean Diet Action Plan.

For those living in Chicagoland and Washington D.C., Mediterranean restaurant chain Roti is not only healthy and delicious, but offers a gluten-free menu, including pita bread!
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Twinlab Quercetin + C

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Bonnie Unplugged: Episode 2
As part of our effort to celebrate 25 years in business, we bring you "Bonnie Unplugged," helping you understand what makes your favorite nutritionist tick.

While Episode One delved into Bonnie's early years, Episode Two details how Bonnie's philosophy has changed over the years, why she looks at bloodwork, why clients often say "I need Bonnie to whip me into shape," as well as when and how often clients should see her.

Bonnie Unplugged: Episode 2.
eNews Updates

Have a happy, healthy day.

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