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May 18, 2009

Summer Safety: NCI Style
When Should I Take Vitamins?

Dear Valued Client,

For those of us living in cold weather climates, whoah are we ready for summer! Let's welcome it in by arming ourselves with a few essential tips that, in our opinion, will not just keep you safe, but the general public as well. 

We receive countless requests asking us to discuss when is the best time to take vitamins. This is extremely difficult to generalize. See my comments below.

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Summer Safety: NCI Style

Some of our summer safety tips may stray a bit from the norm, but would you expect anything less? Combining these preventative measures along with the conventional makes it the best of both worlds for summer safety.

Topics include: energy conservation, grilling, hydration, insects, pool safety, sunscreen, vitamin D. Be sure to comment on anything we may have missed.    

Summer Safety: NCI Style

When is the Best Time to Take My Vitamins?

Question from Subscriber:
When is the best time to take vitamins? Morning, noon or night? With meals or without?

Bonnie's Answer:
When an old client asks me this question, my first thought is...are you not following your supplement sheet? I go to great lengths to devise supplement protocols that take into account physical maladies, incorporate lifestyle limitations, ensure optimal absorption, guarantee potency, quality, and safety, as well as avoid contraindications with medication.

For those who have never seen a licensed professional to tailor a dietary supplement regimen specifically for them, I categorically urge you to do so. There are very few general suggestions I can make because of the countless variables I take into account when devising a dietary supplement regimen. For what it is worth, here are a few:

1) Do not take a multivitamin/mineral in the morning if at all possible. For most, it is smallest meal of the day, if one eats at all. Absorption is very low and most contain zinc, which can make you nauseous, especially on an empty stomach. Multis need to be taken with or directly after a meal.

2) Fat soluble vitamins are best absorbed when taken with some fat. This does not apply to vitamin D, which can be taken any time (because it is more hormone than vitamin).

3) Water soluble vitamins can be taken with (preferred) or without food.

4) Iron is best absorbed when taken away from meals with a little bit of vitamin C and no zinc.

5) Probiotics are best taken away from food whenever possible.

Unfortunately, any further suggestions are completely dependent on the individual. For those who have never had a health professional review your supplement regimen, if you are a client who has completely changed everything that was originally recommended, or if you fell off the wagon and want to get back on, contact a knowledgeable health professional. You wouldn't self-prescribe medications. Why do it with supplements?

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