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May 23, 2011
Dear Valued Subscriber,

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Heart Guidelines Get Makeover.
The following guidelines were updated by the American Heart Association with very little fanfare. There some very significant changes in their recommendations. For example:

OLD ADVICE: Many women with high cholesterol should take statins to help prevent heart disease.

NEW ADVICE: Recent research suggests that cholesterol-lowering statins are most effective for women who already have heart disease or are at increased risk for getting it. The higher your risk, the more likely you are to benefit from statins.

OLD ADVICE: Thirty minutes of daily exercise is enough to keep your heart healthy.

NEW ADVICE: Take daily aspirin only if you're over 65, have had a heart attack, or are at high risk for heart disease. Otherwise, the risks from taking too much aspirin (like gastrointestinal bleeding) likely outweigh the benefits.

OLD ADVICE: No recommendations for daily fish oil intake for high triglycerides

0.5 to 1g of omega-3 EPA and DHA for individuals with borderline fasting triglyceride levels (150 to 199mg/dL), 1 - 2g for individuals with high fasting-triglyceride levels (200 to 499mg/dL), and 2 to 4g for individuals with very high fasting-triglyceride levels.
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Integrative Therapeutics Bio-Zyme
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eNews Updates.
eNewsThis week's topics:
NCI Well Connect (access by subscription only).
This week's topics:
  • Well Connect Feature:
    Best New Drug-Free Arthritis Remedies.     
  • Smart Food:
    Apple-a-Day Rooted in Science.   
  • Brand Buzz:
    -New Subutter Product
    -New, Natural Non-Caloric Sweetener          
  • Menu Savvy:
    The Dish on "Immune-Fortified" Breakfast Cereal.     
  • Aesthetically Speaking:
    Cosmetic Procedures Update for Men, Women.
    How to Treat Winter-Weary Feet.    
  • Mythbuster:
    Cracking Knuckles Creates Osteoarthritis.
  • Your Healthy Kitchen:
    These Storage Containers Rock.
  • eNews Updates:
    -Promising Therapy for Vitiligo.
    -High Levels of CRP Linked to This Disease.          
With health care in flux, we have a responsibility to "self-care" ourselves and our community. NCI Well Connect is your self-care companion, presenting transparent, accountable, and fair wellness advice. You will stay connected to real-time advances in nutrition, and with a weekly nudge from us, stick to a consistent path to optimal wellness. 

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Bonnie, Steve, and the staff at Nutritional Concepts Inc.
Care's Corner
 The Hottest Fad Diets.
Featuring food and lifestyle consultant Carolyn Martinelli. Feel free to email her suggestions for future segments.

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Dr. Schuster's Well Tips - May
drliloschuster How to Use Miracle Balls.
My name is Dr. Liselotte Schuster. I have worked with Bonnie Minsky at Nutritional Concepts for over twenty years. Each month, I offer wellness tips from a Chiropractor's perspective. Feel free to email me topics to consider for future segments.

This month, I explain how to use the Miracle Balls for easing pain and discomfort as well as for helping maintain good posture.

Click Dr. Schuster's Picture for This Month's Segment.