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May 27, 2015
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DID YOU KNOW that the FDA has on its website more than 150 medications for which DNA screenings can help avert futile treatments or adverse reactions and determine optimal dosages? Here is the link.
Critical Choices Will Set Your Child Up to Thrive
Bonnie: There are two choices you can make for your infant that will set them up to thrive or fail to thrive.
  1. Avoid Antibiotics. A new study in Cell Host & Microbe has found a three-way link among antibiotic use in infants, changes in the gut bacteria, and disease later in life. The imbalances in gut microbes, called dysbiosis, have been tied to infectious diseases, allergies and other autoimmune disorders, and even obesity, later in life. Antibiotics account for about one-fourth of all medications prescribed to children, with a third of these prescriptions considered unnecessary.

    Researchers developed a framework to map how antibiotics may be acting in the gut to cause disease later in life. In the case of allergies, for example, the use of antibiotics may eradicate key gut bacteria that help immune cells mature. These cells would have been essential for keeping the immune system at bay when confronted with allergens. Even if these bacteria return, the immune system remains impaired. Related to obesity, antibiotic-induced changes in the gut microbiota resulted in increased levels of short-chain fatty acids that affect metabolism.
  2. C-section and Breastfeeding. A fecal sample analysis of infants over the first year of life found a connection between the development of a child's gut microbiome and the way he or she is delivered. Babies born via C-section had gut bacteria that showed significantly less resemblance to their mothers compared to those that were delivered vaginally.

    The study, which also appears in Cell Host & Microbe,  explains that gut bacteria are a source of nutrients and vitamins for a growing infant. If that bacteria is lacking because it has not been passed on to the mother, the child will have less opportunity to thrive later in life. The study also emphasized the importance of breastfeeding for at least one year because good gut bacteria thrive on breast milk.
Trans Fat's Last Gasp?
The Obama administration is expected to all but ban trans fat in a final ruling that could drop this week, killing most uses of an ingredient that has been put in everything from soup to donuts, but since deemed harmful to human health.


For more than 60 years, partially hydrogenated oils have been used in food products under the status generally recognized as safe, which does not require FDA's approval. But since the 1990s, reams of studies have linked trans fat consumption to cardiovascular disease, causing somewhere between 30,000 and 100,000 premature deaths before the industry started phasing it out.


The latest study, presented at the American heart Association's Scientific Sessions, found that...NCI Well Connect Members can access the rest of the piece. If you are interested in signing up, here's an example of what NCI Well Connect members receive.


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