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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
May 8, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber, 


We did it! We reached our goal of 500 downloads! As promised, $500.00 was donated to Playworks Boston. This was only possible because of your support by taking the Spring Cleanse Challenge. Children living in Boston will get hundreds of hours of coordinated exercise because of you. We are so appreciative of your support.


You can still download the free Spring Cleanse if you click here.


Have a happy, healthy day. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Client Testimonial to Share.


Steve: Once in a while, we like to share comments from clients that makes all that we do worth it.


"Dear Bonnie,


This morning, as I was washing my hair, I was overwhelmed with the following thoughts.


I truly believe that we all have angels watching over us, and that you truly are one of my angels.


I came to you over 10 maybe 15 years ago, a very frail person, looking for answers to many problems I was having, osteoporosis being one. My skin was pale, my hair quite thin, my diet lacking so much and I sat in your office, almost in tears asking for your help.


Well, I am now 70 years old, not very old since I truly believe in 120 (and then asking for more as Rabbi Weinberg says), the osteoporosis virtually gone, my hair, thank goodness thanks to the wonderful shampoo you suggested back with a shine and thicker than ever, a diet that keeps me energetic (and still working) and a glow about life that I certainly didn't have as a young adult.


You have cured my husband Chuck of diabetes, you have helped my daughter handle her diabetes, helped my grandson Brandon, and through your help his face has totally cleared up, you have helped Chuck's daughter Sarah, even though living in California, you have helped my son Michael and put him on a healthier path along with his wife Lauren, and have helped almost all of my co-workers and friends who have crossed your path.


I just wanted you to know how very special we all think you are.  Sometimes in life, you have to take the time to let a very special person, which you are, know how very special they are.


Love you bunches and will always be grateful.


Marlene W." 

Heavy Metals in Rice Study Retracted.


Bonnie and Steve:
If you have listened to our message since the release of several studies linking rice to high levels of heavy metals, the following should not surprise you.


Study Linking High Levels of Lead in Rice Retracted

In early April, Dr. Tsananagurayi Tongesayi presented a study at the American Chemical Society announcing that "rice from Asia, Europe and South America had 20 to 60 times higher toxic levels of lead than is allowed by the Food and Drug Administration." The news caused an international uproar.


On April 19, Dr. Tongesayi admitted he was having an "issue" with his measuring instruments resulting in "conflicting results" and the "recall of (his) accepted paper." Most only know about the scare, but the public remains unaware of the flawed nature of the study. Here is a direct quote from Dr. Tongesayi:


"The results from one of the places we had sent our samples just came in and all levels are less that 1 ppm using a different method even though XRF results from another lab still gave high values in the ppm range. I will be raising the issue of the XRF instrument with the supplier of the instrument, Innov-x-systems. I have been talking to their technical guys and they were assuring me that everything was okay. It is not the first time that XRF instrument was used for analysis of heavy metals in food with levels of metals reported at levels less than 5ppm. Because of the conflicting results, I will be recalling our accepted paper."


In 2012 when a Dartmouth study demonized arsenic in rice, what wasn't exposed was that there is both inorganic and organic arsenic, the latter of which is a naturally occurring heavy metal in both the soil and our bodies, posing no known health risk. The study also measured levels in finished products which doesn't account for which ingredient contributed how much of the arsenic.  


To Whom Should We Believe?  

The truth about crops such as rice, fruits, vegetables and other grains is that they are translocators grown in water. They soak up whatever is in the environment, whether naturally occurring or due to pollution. Manufacturers have always been required to test their products, especially if they want to be sold in California under Proposition 65's strict guidelines.  


There are areas in Asia, Europe, South America, and even North America where industrial contamination has affected the soil and everything that grows from it can be infested with pollution like lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. Several rice growing areas in the southern United States have come under fire recently.


However, food companies know that arsenic and lead are an inherent challenge with rice and other translocator foods, so are extremely careful to source from the most pristine parts of the world and to change sources if arsenic and lead tests start running higher.


Where Do We Go From Here? 

What we can tell you is that California-grown rice is the safest option in the world. Rice grown in other parts of the US and the rest of the world depends on the individual growers


Putting your trust in specific brands, such as the ones that have been vetted on our Natural Foods Shopping List, can go a long way to making you feel comfortable.


Get to know the brands and growers that make your food. Ask questions. Brands that are transparent and accountable can usually be trusted.