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-- Coming Soon...The Rejuvenating Room.
-- Excess Calcium = Heart Risk.
-- Do Your Meds Deplete Essential Nutrients?
-- June Sale - 20% OFF
-- UAS Labs DDS-100 Meets Label Claim.
-- Recipes du Jour
-- June Announcements.
-- 10 Quick Food Tips for Fibromyalgia Sufferers.
-- While School is Away, the Kids Will...EAT?
-- If you missed it: May Highlights.

Dear Valued Client

At the beginning of each month, we like to keep you informed about what's new with Bonnie Minsky & Nutritional Concepts. As always, have a happy, healthy day! Nutritional Concepts is a 2007 Working Mother Best Small Company.

Coming Soon...The Rejuvenating Room.
 Take advantage of the ultimate healing experience, brought to you by Nutritional Concepts. Features include Far Infrared Sauna Therapy and "remarkably human touch" massage chair technology.

Bonnie on The Rejuvenating Room:

"I had recently been outsourcing far infrared therapy treatments for some of my clients to various spas around Chicagoland. However, the therapy has been so successful at cutting down healing time that we have decided to put one in our office."

"The Rejuvenating Room experience goes one step further - nurturing a stress-free, relaxing, and healing environment. We are very excited to offer this exclusive, cutting-edge therapy to our clients."

The Rejuvenating Room was created to increase healing time in a unique, toxin-free, hypoallergenic, stress-free environment.

The treatments work as follows: Sit in our custom Far Infrared Sauna for 30-45 minutes while watching a soothing DVD or listening to relaxing music. Then, for fifteen minutes, decompress in our low pressure massage chair.

After one hour, you will feel rejuvenated!

If you would like us to contact you when we start booking appointments (within the next 7-10 days), please reply to this email. We are delighted by the number of responses we have received already!

Fees, Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Therapy.

Excess Calcium = Heart Risk.
 It was cardiologist Dr. Stephen Seely who suprised all of us with his study entitled, "Is calcium excess in western diet a major cause of arterial disease?" when published in the International Journal of Cardiology in 1991.

Are we beginning to take notice?

Read the entire article.

Do Your Meds Deplete Essential Nutrients?
 Do the prescriptions you take deplete your nutritional status? We have assembled a list categorizing drug types, such as antibiotics, and the nutrients they deplete.

Nutrient depletion from meds is an issue we always try to emphasize during consultations because it is rarely discussed by physicians.

Read the entire list.

June Sale - 20% OFF
CoQ10 Metagenics CoQ10ST-100 60 & 120 softgels
Co-Enzyme Q10 plays a crucial role in energizing the cell. No organ requires more energy than the heart. Poor lifestyle choices and medications such as statins have been shown to deplete CoQ10 stores.

Twinlab Quercetin + C
While most vitamin C is derived from corn-based ascorbic acid, this source comes from the hypoallergenic sago palm. The additional quercetin is a powerful bioflavanoid that has shown in research to lower pancreatic cancer risk, polyp development, inflammation, and tooth decay.

Biocodex Florastor Extra Strength Probiotic
Saccharomyces boulardii fosters intestinal health by helping to promote healthy flora growth and protecting the intestines from the harmful effects of antibiotics and certain g.i. medications. Research on this strain has been published extensively in worldwide scientific journals.

Progessive Labs Pyridoxyl-5-Phosphate (P-5-P)
P-5-P is an acitvated form of vitamin B-6 that is extremely well-absorbed. Often recommend to prenatal and pregnant women, and those on specific medications that deplete vitamin B-6.

Order here

UAS Labs DDS-100 Meets Label Claim.
UASLabs If you recall in February, we temporarily suspended the sale of UAS Labs DDS-100 Acidophilus w/FOS because a lab assay showed it did not meet label claim.

We are happy to say that after much persistence, the product now meets label claim and we are making it available once again. New improvements include:

  • Switched from a gelatin to vegetable capsule.
  • Double potency for only $1 more per bottle.
  • Less excipient ingredients.
Please note that there is a new label on the product.

We offer an impressive probiotic lineup to meet your individual needs:

Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus DF caps - broad-spectrum probiotic for daily use.
UAS Labs DDS-100 DF w/FOS - low potency acidophilus for a sensitive g.i. tract and yeast imbalance.
Metagenics UltraDophilus DF powder - high potency acidophilus for those with yeast imbalance.
American Biologics Bifidophilus Chewable - raspberry flavored chewable for kids
Biocodex Florastor Extra Strength - for use with antibiotics and those with specific digestive disorders.


UAS Labs Does Not Meet Label Claim?

Recipes du Jour
recipe2 Once a month, we highlight a recipe from our database or from you. We welcome entries by email to

Lemon Pesto

-2 cloves garlic
-1/4 cup almonds
-2 cups fresh basil or parsley
-1/4 cup fresh lemon balm
-1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
-1 teaspoon lemon zest
-2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
-1/4 to 1/2 cup olive oil

Instructions: in a food processor or blender, combine garlic and almonds. Process for 20 seconds or until chopped. Add basil/parsley, lemon balm, cheese, and lemon zest. Process for 30 to 40 seconds until chopped. With motor running, add lemon juice and 1/4 cup olive oil in a steady stream, adding more olive oil until pesto has reached desired consistency. Taste and add salt as desired; process 3 seconds to blend. Store tightly covered for up to one week in refrigerator or up to three months in freezer.

Makes 1 cup. Great as an appetizer with vegetable such as baby carrots, a sauce for your entree protein, or mixed with rice/pasta as a side dish.

Note: any like ingredient can be replaced if allergic or intolerant.

For more delectable recipes, view our Spa Recipes.

June Announcements.
announce -Cargill, Coca-Cola to put STEVIA in its products. Please read our comments about this absolutely delightful development.

-Dairy Council to curtail Milk Weight Loss Campaign.

-Dietary Supplement GMP's Finalized:
According Senator Orrin Hatch's office, the FDA has finalized Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines specific to supplements. GMPs are the standards inspectors will use to assure purity, potency, and all other requirements of clean, legal manufacturing. The guidelines are supposed to be published within the next two months. Note: in the absence of these GMPs, the manufacturers that Nutritional Concepts use have adhered to the current guidelines set for pharmaceuticals.

-Now that summer is upon us, we wanted to share with you our thoughts on sunscreen. Many sunscreens contain harsh chemicals that are thought to exhibit estrogenic effects. The two active, chemical-free ingredients we suggest are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Make sure to read the ingredient labels. Some "herbal" or "natural" sunscreens are loaded with ingredients such as chamomile that can create allergic symptoms.

-A recent report published by the Council for Responsible Nutrition has discovered that there is a big gap between 'total life expectancy' and 'healthy life expectancy.' With the elderly to make up 20 percent of the global population by 2050, nutritionists and policy-makers must put an emphasis on healthy aging. Otherwise, increases in healthcare expenditure will outpace economic growth in most countries, especially the United States. Please refer to Bonnie's 2006 piece entitled, Aging Gracefully and the Importance of Geriatric Nutrition.


10 Quick Food Tips for Fibromyalgia Sufferers.
  1. Avoid fast foods period.
  2. Avoid or limit sugar consumption.
  3. Avoid or limit refined real food!
  4. Choose your fats carefully. Stick with omega-3, monounsaturated, moderate polyunsaturated, low saturated, and no trans fat.
  5. Increase fruits and vegetables. Easier said than done!
  6. Drink plenty of water. Limit coffee. Limit alcohol. Avoid sodas.
  7. Avoid artificial sweeteners.
  8. Eat breakfast. Eat often (three meals and two small snacks if hungry).
  9. Treat yourself to a "wild card day" occasionally. These are foods you can eat, that you enjoy, but you know they do not make you feel well.
  10. If it isn't good for you, don't buy it and don't bring it into the house.

A great program that incorporates many of these tips is:

The Pain Relief Diet.

While School is Away, the Kids Will...EAT?
 Yes, you heard it correct. Recent research has shown that during summer vacation, kids are more likely to gain weight and eat less healthy. Here are a three reminders to help:

-Keep them away from the television! Sedentary couch potatoes breed laziness and too many trips to the kitchen.

-Remove junk food from the house. If your kid wants to graze all day, at least let them graze on healthy snacks.

-Keep them outside and active!


If you missed it: May Highlights.
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