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Pill Popping Payola.
Big Pharma has a great deal for you. When you're not taking your medicine or forgo it all together, they'll pay you to be more compliant.

This New York Times article exposes a strategy we knew Big Pharma was looking into several years ago. The idea, which is being embraced by doctors, pharmacy companies, insurers and researchers, is that paying modest financial incentives up front can save much larger costs of hospitalization.

For instance, in a Philadelphia program people prescribed warfarin, patients can win $10 or $100 each day they take the drug - a kind of lottery using a computerized pillbox to record if they took the medicine and whether they won that day.

Aetna has begun paying doctors bonuses for prescribing medication likely to prevent problems: beta blockers to prevent heart attacks, statins for diabetes sufferers. Currently, 93,000 doctors are in Aetna's "pay for performance" program; bonuses average three percent to five percent of a practice's base income.

CVS Caremark began by discounting copayments for employees of some corporations in its drug plans, to encourage prescription filling, and is studying "the 'I'll pay you $10 a month to be adherent' approach, the lottery approach," and other incentives, said Dr. Troy Brennan, the chief medical officer.

Even the new federal health care overhaul includes incentives, expanding a program paying pharmacists extra for helping some Medicare patients learn to take pills correctly.

There are so many aspects of this strategy that are wrong that I don't know where to begin. They sure picked a perfect time to introduce this: when people are hurting financially.

Do not let any of the stakeholders fool you into believing that this is anything but a guaranteed path to achieving a Niagra Falls-sized financial windfall. Not taking into account existing patients on meds, how many millions more will be brought into the fold with the lure of financial incentives?

How sad for these patients who will accrue small sums of money, but fail to realize that it will be regurgitated back to the stakeholders in the form of higher taxes, higher insurance premiums, and higher drug prices.

The only explanation for this action is desperation on every front, including the patients that participate.

The funny thing is, as much or more money could be saved by preventing the hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations that occur every year because of the side effects of medication. In addition, for the first time, the abuse of prescription drugs is sending as many to the emergency room as the use of illegal drugs.

Diet Affects Acne.
According to Skin Therapy Letter, published by dermatologists, cow's milk intake increases acne prevalence and severity. A positive association also exists between a high-glycemic-load diet, hormonal mediators, and acne risk. Convincing data supports the role of dairy products and high-glycemic-index foods in influencing hormonal and inflammatory factors, which can increase acne prevalence and severity.

The study's conclusion states: "Researchers have found significant associations between all varieties of cow's milk and acne. The relationship between milk and acne severity may be explained by the presence in dairy of normal reproductive steroid hormones or the enhanced production of polypeptide hormones such as IGF-1, which can increase androgen exposure, and thus, acne risk. Recent findings also describe an association between a high-glycemic-index diet and longer acne duration. In addition, randomized clinical trials have demonstrated that a low-glycemic-load diet can influence hormonal levels and improve insulin sensitivity and acne."

Bonnie - Given the fact that an American Journal of Gastroenterology study recently linked the acne drug Accutane to a greatly increased risk of certain serious inflammatory diseases (the newest in a laundry list of adverse effects), avoiding or moderating the intake of sugar and cow's milk (especially if it contains bGH) should be the first step to avoiding acne.

Father's Day Prostate Plan.
Men are more often delinquent in adhering to preventative practices than women. When it comes to prostate prevention, men should not procrastinate. Click below for our safe prostate health prevention recommendations.

Father's Day Prostate Plan

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