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One Week Until the Launch of NCI Insider.
We hope you enjoyed the content while we were on hiatus.

For subscribers, the wait is over. As we have mentioned several times over the last few weeks, the first issue of NCI Insider, our new weekly subscription eNewsletter, publishes next Monday. If you have not signed up yet, you can confirm your subscription at this link.

For years, you have said that you wish you could carry us around with you to draw upon our expertise when needed.

You have said that having the equivalent of a weekly microconsult with Bonnie to provide tips, menu ideas, lifestyle recommendations, moral support, and more would be priceless for keeping you and your families on optimal paths.

We are confident this is achievable with NCI Insider. It is the next phase in providing you with the most valuable, cutting edge wellness content possible.

While some have questioned the cost, with the care and effort it takes to provide this type of content, we believe the value far exceeds the $2.35 per issue.

While a free version of our eNewsletter will still be available, we highly recommend making NCI Insider part of your lifestyle.

Have a happy, healthy day. Bonnie and Steve

NCI Insider Preview.

Calling All Restaurant Entrepreneurs.
Steve - at a recent stop in Jackson, WY, my family and I had breakfast at a restaurant that is worth crowing about. In addition to the incredibly tasty food and unusual accents to common breakfast fare (see menu below), what really blew us away about Lotus Organic Cafe was that almost every menu item was available gluten-free and vegan. Two members of my family have wheat issues, so it was a pleasure to be able to have so many wheat-free options. The food was as good as any restaurant breakfast we've ever had.

If anyone is considering opening a restaurant like Lotus, the mission, menu, and ingenuity they embody would be a great model. And if you do not want to reinvent the wheel, ask them to franchise!

Lotus Organic Cafe Menu

Recalls, Warnings, and Research.
So much to cover in so little space. Let's get right to it.
  • Artificial Sweeteners
    In a large study, artificially sweetened soft drinks increased preterm delivery in pregnant women.
  • Fish Oil
    Lowers breast cancer risk in large study.
  • Glucosamine
    Lowers severity of chronic back pain, but so does placebo. Here's our take.
  • HCG Diet
    A client asked us for our opinion of this diet.
  • Inulin Fiber
    Although inulin (chicory root) has myriad g.i. benefits, too much can cause problems. If you have begun to experience excessive gas, diarrhea, and bloating, and you do not consume Splenda (sucralose), check your food and fiber products for inulin. If you're taking in more than 5 grams daily, this may be the culprit.
  • Kombucha
    Whole Foods pulls the fermented beverage from its shelves.
  • Quinine
    FDA issued its second warning against treating leg cramps with Quinine because it may result in serious and life-threatening hematologic adverse events. Magnesium or magnesium, calcium, potassium, may solve the issue.
  • Tylenol Recall
    The latest on recalls of McNeil Pharmaceuticals' Benadryl, Motrin, Rolaids, and Tylenol.

Have a happy, healthy day.

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