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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Food Intolerance: 
the Silent Assassin
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July 15, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber,


Did you know that sedentary behavior is a risk factor for cardiometabolic disease? Regularly interrupting sedentary behavior with activity breaks may lower this risk. Researchers in the August issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared the effects of prolonged sitting, continuous physical activity combined with prolonged sitting, and regular activity breaks on postprandial metabolism.


The prolonged sitting intervention involved sitting for 9 hours, the physical activity intervention involved walking for 30 minutes and then sitting, and the regular-activity-break intervention involved walking for 1 minutes 40 seconds every 30 minutes. 


Regular activity breaks were more effective than continuous physical activity at decreasing postprandial glycemia and insulinemia in healthy, normal-weight adults.


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


Carrageenan: Friend or Foe?
Bonnie and Steve: There is a belief that carrageenan, a ubiquitous ingredient commonly used in meat and poultry, dairy products, canned pet food, cosmetics and toothpaste, does not belong in organic foods.
Food regulatory agencies in the US, the EU, and in the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) repeatedly review and continue to approve carrageenan as a safe food additive. 
The seaweed-derived carrageenan may be causing digestive problems in certain individuals. We have kept a close eye on data concerning this substance that creates a better texture by helping to keep different ingredients in suspension so they don't separate and have to be shaken.
The carrageenan controversy is attributed to the research of Dr. Joanne Tobacman, an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. She and a group of molecular biologists postulate that carrageenan is a potential inflammatory agent based upon laboratory experiments with cells of the digestive tract. Dr. Tobacman has lobbied to have carrageenan declared an unsafe food additive.
Dr. Tobacman's findings are surprising because carrageenan is supposed to pass through the digestive system intact, much like food fiber. In fact, carrageenan is a combination of soluble and insoluble nutritional fiber, though its use level in foods is so low as not to be a significant source of fiber in the diet. 
Some experts have said that research may confuse carrageenan with poligeenan, a reduced form of carrageenan produced through heavy acidification. It is believed that poligeenan can cross the intestinal cell barrier.
While the data is scant, we have noticed that select individuals do feel better when switching to carrageenan-free products. We certainly do not recommend that everyone switch to carrageenan-free products. Only if you are certain that carrageenan is indicated in your digestive distress should you make the switch. For those individuals, here is a list of brands that do not contain carrageenan. 
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eNewsThis week's topics:
NCI Well Connect (Subscription Only)
Why NCI Well Connect?
Why NCI Well Connect?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of diet and lifestyle information you are exposed to? Do you feel like there is never enough time to read up on all of it? NCI Well Connect can do it for you. 


Utilizing our decades of clinical experience to discern what is fact or fiction, we pore over 400 journals and media weekly to find the ideal nutrition and lifestyle tips that will motivate you to adhere to, or improve upon, your wellness goals.


NCI Well Connect is your weekly nutritionist and wellness companion. 


This Week's Topics Are:

  • Keep Your Face Looking Healthy.
  • Eat More Salt, Eat More Sugar.
  • Ambien Perpetuates Negative Imagery.
  • Most Veggie Burgers Are Awful.
  • Natural Acne Solution
  • New Quinoa Blend
  • Gluten-Free Snaps 
  • Does Cutlery Affect How Food Tastes?
  • Benefits of Tea and Coffee Keep on Coming.
  • Overriding Our Biological Clocks.
  • Smoking Affects Multiple Generations.
  • eInspire

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Ice Chips Xylitol Mints

icechips2It has been difficult for many of you since Xylichew gum went out of production. We think we have found a wonderful product for you.

We are recommending and stocking at our office the sugar-free candy Ice Chips.
While not gum, these little mints taste delicious and are made with corn-free xylitol. We are stocking the flavors Berry Mix, Lemon, Peppermint, and Licorice. 
Not only are they non-glycemic, they can help prevent dental caries. The one caveat: you have to eat them in moderation (four chips daily) because xylitol has a laxative effect. Enjoy.
You May Need a Nutritional Update. 

updateAre you a snowbird or student back home for the summer? Has it been a few years since your last visit? Have you had major trauma or changes in your life that have altered your optimal balance. Or, do you just feel there is one small thing missing from you feeling ideal? Chances are that you are due for a nutritional update with Bonnie.


If you have had a physical with bloodwork performed within the last 6-8 months, set up a consultation with Bonnie. Bring a copy of the bloodwork and be ready to discuss any diet, supplement, medication, health status, and major life changes since your last visit.


To set up an appointment, please contact us at 847-498-3422.