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July 26, 2010
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Nutrition Under Obamacare.
hhs Over the last decade, clients have had a much easier time getting our services covered by insurance when they have a prescription from their physician.

However, now that portions of the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act go into effect this fall, whatever you view of the legislation may be, there is one benefit you should be very excited about..preventive care.

Many of you will now be able to have our counseling services reimbursed by your insurance 100 percent, with no co-pays, and no questions asked. Here's what you need to explore before renewals come up this fall:

Nutrition Under Obamacare

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NCI Insider Highlights
The response to NCI Insider's inaugural issue has been wonderful. Here are this week's topics:
  • Better Sleep - Week 2
  • eNews Update - Here Comes Sorghum
  • Understanding Lab Tests - IgG
  • Did You Know? Meds - Aspirin
  • Wild Card - Mold Allergy Foods: Remove and Replace
  • Shrewd Shopper - Economical Eggs
  • Bonnie's Bite - Ear Infections
  • eInspire - Quote of the Week
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