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August 17, 2009

Supersede Ragweed.
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Back to School Wellness Tips.

Dear Valued Client,

Ragweed allergy sufferers: we offer you the possibility of relief with Ragweed Foods: Remove and Replace.

Back to School Wellness Tips is a must read for parents and grandparents with kids preschool through college-age.

Do not overlook News You Can Use this month. There are several valuable wellness nuggets.

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Supersede Ragweed

The realization that ragweed season is upon us is dreadful for some, but it does not have to be.

We have many clients that have reduced symptoms from outdoor pollen by simply eliminating foods that cross-react with ragweed.

Our list not only tells you what to remove, but provides alternatives to use temporarily from mid-August to first frost. Enjoy.

Ragweed Foods: Remove and Replace (pdf doc).

Back to School Wellness: Preschool to College

The importance of a healthy mind and body going into a school year has never been more important for our young people. This can be accomplished with a little effort and guidance.

Please understand that while we always prefer making recommendations based upon the individual (which requires an appointment), the following list provides sound, proven wellness techniques to optimize your child's potential.

Back to School Wellness Tips.

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