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August 22, 2011
Dear Valued Subscriber,
For those awaiting the adult version of Reverse Reflux Action Plan, it is now available for purchase or free to Well Connect subscribers.

Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky.

Eat Your Water Wisely.
gerolsteinerAccording to American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, "water is considered the single most important nutrient, yet receives relatively little attention from nutritional experts. This is likely due to the fortunate fact that finely-tuned physiological mechanisms ensure adequate intake in the vast majority of individuals. Accordingly, some even question whether the standard "8 daily glasses" are necessary. Moreover, water is a major constituent of food, comprising up to 95% of the weight of some common plant-based foods; thus, consuming a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and dairy will inadvertently increase water intake. An added benefit of consuming more water in food is the increased satiation for lower caloric density which facilitates weight reduction and maintenance.

While most healthy individuals adequately fulfill their hydration needs through the physiological thirst response, some special populations including the very young, very old, and athletes, do deserve special consideration. With the increased incentive for Americans to increase their physical activity, and the increased prevalence of recreational athletes entering endurance athletic events, comes increased impetus to educate all individuals on the importance of proper hydration during exercise training. Most athletes, both professional and recreational, do not obtain adequate hydration to match sweat losses, while some novice endurance athletes over-hydrate placing them at risk for hyponatremia, a potentially life-threatening condition. In general, increasing the consumption of water-rich foods, replacing most caloric beverages with water, and learning about personal hydration needs is sound nutritional advice for everyone to follow."

For more information on proper hydration and diet for athletes, refer to our Sports Nutrition, Optimized Action Plan.
Dr. Oz Weighs In On Reflux Meds
Reflux Reverse Reflux Action Plan Available.
If you read this newsletter, you are very well aware of our position on GERD/Acid Reflux medication. If our pleas, backed by the FDA and copious data, have not swayed you to look for an alternative, then maybe Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen can convince you. On their website, they recently addressed a "You Docs" question from a reader who had heard about PPIs contributing to bone loss and wanted to go off them. Here is their answer:

"The PPI you've been using may have turned down the fire in your belly, but it clearly didn't stop stomach acid from traveling up your esophagus. You're smart to worry about your bone loss. There's evidence that PPIs weaken bones, partly by interfering with calcium absorption...We suspect it's time to kiss your PPI goodbye."

GERD/Reflux can be addressed through diet, nutrient, and lifestyle change. For this reason, we have completely revamped our Reverse Reflux Action Plan, which now has one section dedicated to adults and one section for children. For more information or to order a copy, click here. All Action Plans are free to Well Connect paid subscribers. Email to request your free copy.
NCI Well Connect (subscription only)
NCI Well ConnectThis week's Well Connect topics are:
  • Playing Catch Up With Bacteria.      
  • Injury From Antimicrobials. 
  • New Stevia-Sweet Organic Yogurt
  • New Bean & Rice Cereal 
  • Nagging Kids in the Grocery Aisle? 
  • Curbing Teen Depression.    
  • Why Sushi Is Not Gluten-Free.
  • Natural Topical Antifungals.
  • Causes and Treatments for Muscle Soreness.   
  • Treatment for PCOS, Fertility Questioned.
  • This Mineral Associated With Longevity. 
In the current health care paradigm, it is paramount that we practice "self-care". NCI Well Connect is your self-care wellness companion. Staying connected to real-time nutrition and lifestyle developments enhances the motivation to maintain your optimal wellness plan . 

**By subscribing to NCI Well Connect, in addition to the multitude of wellness topics covered in our eNewsletter, you have access to our entire library of Action Plans and Natural Foods Shopping List. The total value of these items exceeds the subscription price. Click here for a list of our Action Plans titles.

The cost for a one year subscription (42 issues) is ninety-nine dollars ($2.35 per week). For more info, email Steve at, 847-509-1336, or to review a sample issue, please click here.


Order NCI Well Connect Today. 
August Sale - 20% OFF
Twinlab Allergy Fighters
Long-standing complex for allergy symptom support.

Twinlab Daily One Caps
Foundational one-a-day multivitamin/mineral.

Integrative Therapeutics Alka-Aid
Sodium and potassium bicarbonate in a tablet for fast acting relief of sour stomach. We use as natural alternative for GERD/reflux. Helps keep pH in check.

In a recent study, bicarb slowed the rate of decline in kidney function by two-thirds, and just 6.5% of patients treated with bicarb needed dialysis compared to 33% in control group.

Extracellular space (area outside the cell) of cancer cells is slightly acidic, and the degree of acidity tends to correlate with tumor aggressiveness. Decreasing tumor acidity with bicarb increases pH of without upsetting pH of blood and healthy tissue.

*These manufacturers do not allow us to post sales or discounts at our website. We do, however, apply all discounts before a transaction is completed. Email or Live Chat for prices when visiting our website.

Order Here.
New Product Announcement:
Ultra Flora Available in Larger Size!

ultraflora2Ultra Flora Plus DF now comes in 120 capsules. We still carry the 60 capsule bottle, but for those taking it long term, the 120 count is a better value.

The lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidius used in Ultra Flora are two of the world's most well-researched probiotic strains. It is the perfect choice for individuals of all ages. 


Order Ultra Flora Plus today. 


eNews Updates.
eNewsThis week's topics:
Care's Corner
college Look Cool for School.
In this issue, Carolyn reveals diet, lifestyle, emotional, and fashion tips to make the hottest back to school splash!

Featuring food and lifestyle consultant Carolyn Martinelli. Feel free to email her suggestions for future segments.

Click the Picture to Watch.

Dr. Schuster's Well Tips
drliloschuster Essential Oils.
My name is Dr. Liselotte Schuster. I have worked with Bonnie Minsky at Nutritional Concepts for over twenty years. Each month, I offer wellness tips from a Chiropractor's perspective. Feel free to email me topics to consider for future segments.

Many people comment how wonderful it smells when they walk into our office. This often comes from aroma of the essential oils that I use in my practice. Watch this months video as I reveal the blends of oils that you too can create in your own home.


Click Dr. Schuster's Picture for This Month's Segment.