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August 27, 2012
Dear Valued Subscriber,

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Did you know that unfiltered water that is high in chlorine blocks the absorption of iodine, which nourishes the thyroid? A cheap water filter can remove chlorine.


Did you know that in a recent study in Environmental Health Perspectives, children living in highly fluoridated areas had significantly lower IQ scores than their peers living in areas of low fluoridation. If you live in a highly fluoridated area, reverse osmosis filtering is suggested.


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Celiac Data Eye-Popping for Everyone But Us.
The "revelation" that the prevalence of celiac disease in the United States may be more common than originally thought should not come as a surprise to readers of this eNewsletter. Among the American Journal of Gastroenterology survey's key findings are that nearly 2 million people have celiac  disease, the majority of them Caucasian, but most of them are unaware of it because they have not been diagnosed. If there are two million celiac's walking around without knowing it, how many more gluten intolerants could there be? Based upon our clientele, we estimate about 40% of the population.
Recently, a study in American Journal of Hematology confirmed that people with celiac disease, particularly those presenting with malabsorption symptoms later in life, have a higher incidence of lymphoproliferative disorders, including non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. With gluten being so prevalent in our food supply and so detrimental to many, it is imperative that we diagnose gluten disorders quicker than the average, is currently ten years.
On a positive note, a client of ours passed along news that a new drug may soon be available to heal celiac disease sufferers quicker than gluten-free diets alone. Researchers have discovered that zonulin, a major contributor to gut permeability, is a culprit in celiac disease, as well as other autoimmune disorders. Zonulin regulates the movement of large molecules, fluid and cells of the immune system between different areas of the body. Gluten can provoke the release of increased amounts of zonulin in the body. High intestinal permeability allows gluten to escape from the gut and react with cells of the immune system. Reducing intestinal permeability with a zonulin-inhibitor could halt the disease process quicker.

Larazotide has already begun clinical trials and has shown to reduce inflammatory response, intestinal barrier dysfunction and gastrointestinal symptoms with negligible side effects in celiac disease patients. While the drug would not be a cure, it could be a useful adjunct to a gluten-free diet.

Triclosan and Parabens Increase Allergic Reactions

Endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) are believed to have immune-modulating effects. According to a study in the August issue Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, researchers for the first time determined an association a specific connection of EDCs with allergic sensitization. The urinary IgE levels of bisphenol A, triclosan, benzophenone-3, propyl, methyl, butyl, and ethyl parabens were evaluated. Allergen sensitization significantly increased with the level of the triclosan and propyl and butyl parabens. The odds of food sensitization significantly increased with the level of urinary triclosan among male subjects.


Triclosan is commonly used in antibacterial products. Parabens are commonly used in cosmetics and household products.


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Why NCI Well Connect?
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