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September 14, 2009

Acrylamide: Public Enemy Number One?
Nutrition Break is the New Snack.
Splits Form in Addressing Bone Loss.

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  • I am not alone in questioning the current allopathic protocols for osteopenia and osteoporsis.
  • Learn about the little known chemical Acrylamide.
  • Enjoy our complimentary Nutrition Break handout. Great for your children, grandchildren, and yourself!
  • Another positive study regarding one of our long-standing supplement recommendations, Monolaurin.
  • Take advantage of our new Action Plan,
    Sports Nutrition, Optimized
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Why Is the Public Unaware of Acrylamide?

Acrylamide, a substance created naturally when carbohydrate-rich foods are cooked at very high temperatures, came under suspicion in 2002. So why after seven years is the public still completely in the dark about its potentially damaging effects?

Learn the reason why we have not been as vocal about acrylamide as other substances, such as trans fats. View our recommendations for eliminating acrylamide from your diet.

Why is the Public Unaware of Acrylamide?

Nutrition Break is the New Snack.

The phrase "Nutrition Break" has not only been well received, but is a great first step to changing the culture of what a snack should be. We would like to build upon this positive step by making it a bit easier for you to prepare nutritious snacks for your children. You can also use these ideas for yourself! Highlights include:
  • 3 simple rules for preparing snacks.
  • Complete list of Nutrition Break Foods and Drinks
  • Nutrition Break Recipe Ideas
  • Thoughts on Breakfast
Nutrition Break is the New Snack.

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