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NCI Well Connect: September 14, 2015
Dear Steve, 


DID YOU KNOW that two tablespoons of tart cherry concentrate, rich in melatonin and tryptophan, may increase sleep by an average of 87 minutes when taken 30 minutes before bed?

Have a happy, healthy day. Steve and Bonnie
Today's NCI Well Connect
Steve Minsky
From Editor Steve Minsky
  • Mind Work and Digestive Distress
  • Banking Your Own Stool
  • Tart Cherry to the Rescue Once Again
  • Keys to Positive Wellness Changes
  • Taking Care of Blisters
  • Brand Buzz
  • New Method to Reduce Cravings
  • What They Don't Tell You About Pesticide Safety
  • Genetic Testing For Optimal Detoxification
  • Mind Boggling or Simple Brain Discovery?
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BankingYourBanking Your Own Stool Is Not As Crazy As You Think.
Steve: "Bank" your microbiome? Imagine what it would be like to have your gut bacteria stored away somewhere, then fed back into you one day. Sound crazy? Well don't get grossed out. It's already happening.

Disease and serious illness affect the healthiest of us, often out of the blue. Of course the human body has evolved a sophisticated immune system which usually does an amazing job of battling pathogens.

The fact that it's called a "system" should serve as a reminder that it's not a single entity, but a complex network of organs, tissues, and cells working together to protect the body, and included in this setup is the microbiome, the rich diversity of bacterial life that lives in and on the human body.

But sometimes even the most robust immune system may not be up to the job of providing protection, and even supposedly helpful treatments can themselves have unwanted side effects that a compromised immune system can do little to battle. 

Health professionals are recognizing this and learning that patients' recoveries can be sped up if their microbiomes are somehow protected. But how do you do this when an invasive treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation tends to kill a patient's healthy cells alongside their cancer cells? Italian researchers, for example, found that children receiving treatment for bone marrow or blood cancers such as multiple myeloma or leukemia experienced an enormous influx of new bacterial species post-treatment, but saw less than 10% of their original microbiota remain. 

One way to protect the microbiome is both simple and effective, but sounds decidedly yucky. Just like "banking" a patient's own blood before an operation, a patient's gut microbiome can be stored, then returned after treatment. And it's done via what might best be termed a "stool deposit".

Basically a patient's feces are mixed with saline solution in a special lab blender called a "Stomacher", then stored in a freezer at -70C. When it's time to re-inoculate the patient, it can go back in either via a tube down the nose, or up the other end during a colonoscopy or even as an enema.

Doctors at the Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan use the procedure as part of bone marrow treatments, calling it "autologous restoration of gastrointestinal flora". Similarly, clinicians at North York General Hospital in Toronto bank patients' stools in case they experience a hospital acquired infection such as C. diff.

Using your own poop spares you from exposure to bacterial species that may be harmful. More importantly, you will not acquire undesirable DNA from an anonymous fecal donor!
GeneticTestingWeight a Result of Detox Dysfunction?
Bonnie and Steve: We are so excited to announce that one of the major nutritional conundrums which has evaded us, is no longer. We can now evaluate your complete methylation cycle, the most important pathway for detoxification of chemicals, hormones, and other unwanted environmental byproducts.

In the past, we have tried to cover all bases to help your metabolic pathway, but we did not have the entire map at our disposal. Now, we can pinpoint exactly if and where your metabolic cycle is impaired. Even better, we can fix it to make sure it is running smoothly.

Methylation is important for each and every one of us because the last thing we want is to have toxins recycling within our bodies with no way to escape. This can contribute to carcinogenesis, weight gain, autoimmune disorders, just to name a few.

The process takes 5 simple steps:
  1. Pay to have your genetic kit sent to your home from the lab 23andMe. You can get the test for $79.99 instead of $99 at this link because of your relationship with us. We have no financial interest in 23andMe.
  2. When you receive your genetic kit, follow the instructions to prepare your sample (saliva sample) and send back to 23andMe via the US Postal Service.
  3. 23andMe will email you when your results are complete.
  4. Download your raw data from 23andMe and and email the file to us. Contact us if you need help with this step.
  5. When we get your raw data file, we will upload it into our methylation database and contact you when the results are complete to make an appointment.
Why Is This Such an Incredible Opportunity?
  • In addition to the methylation data that we analyze, 23andMe maps your entire genome. This is crucial if we offer further genetic analysis on other bodily functions or for other health care providers who may require your genetic info.
  • You only need your genome mapped once! $79 is quite a deal.
  • 23andMe provides you with information about your ancestry. This is 23andMe's specialty. We do not delve into this aspect of your genetic results. It is completely private to you.
  • Many of you have heard us refer to the MTHFR genetic mutation for pregnancy, neurological function, and detoxification. MTHFR is included in the panel, as well as every other major gene associated with the methylation pathway.
Why Did We Decide to Finally Use Genetic Testing?
  • While we feel that much of the information about the humane genome is "not ready for prime time," we feel extremely confident that the genes associated with the methylation pathway have more than enough clinical data. The pharmaceutical industry has done most of the work for us by putting billions of dollars into researching genetics and methylation so they can find out who can best metabolize and avoid side effects from their drugs!
  • As better research comes along, having your genetic information allows us to contact you when, for instance, a genetic bone health panel comes along. How can you beat that service?
This may all seem overwhelming. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Putting Your Methylation Results Into Practice

Going over the results should only take about 15 minutes. This is free for NCI Well Connect Members. For non-Well Connect members, the fee is $45.

To start the process, just go to 23andMe and click on the link:http://www.23andme.com/bonnieminsky. Then, let us know when your results are ready!
ReThinkCleanRe-Think Clean Video
New Celiac Disease, Gluten Testing
Biopsy-Free, Syringe-Free
We can now test you for celiac disease and gluten intolerance from a simple finger prick for under $100!

Doctors Data, a lab we have used for heavy metal testing for almost two decades, has introduced the Celiac Bloodspot Test, which you can complete from the comfort of your home.

Ruling out celiac and gluten intolerance has never been easier. Contact us at 847-498-3422 for more info.
ActionPlanAction Plan of the Month -
Pain Relief Diet
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The perk comes in handy when you are looking for pain relief without medication. Of course, food should be the first place to look. Our Pain Relief Diet Action Plan guides you through eliminating and re-introducing certain groups of food that are known triggers for inflammation and pain.


Action Plans are free by email request for NCI Well Connect Members or can be ordered separately. To activate your NCI Well Connect Membership today and get your free copy, click here.

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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
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Aspirin-Like Substances in My Food
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