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October 1, 2018
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Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that a few minutes of high-intensity interval or sprinting exercise may be as effective as much longer exercise sessions in spurring beneficial improvements in mitochondrial function, according to new research from American Journal of Physiology?

We know how important mitochondria is for cell function, especially in areas that use a lot of energy, like the heart and brain! So take a few minutes for an Exercise Snack. Email us if you want more info.

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Did you know that if you have an HSA or FSA debit/credit card, you can use it at Nutritional Concepts? While we cannot guarantee it because every account is different, we are able to process most HSA or FSA credit card transactions.

Along with countless accounts from clients, Metagenics sent a memo alerting us of a problem customers have had purchasing counterfeit and adulterated products from third party sources on the Internet. Pure Encapsulations alerted us to similar occurrences with their products. Overheated products, expired products, labels removed, QR codes removed, and label tampering are all major issues. Read the memo here.

The Wall Street Journal reported on this issue as well.

We are not a third party vendor. We are an authorized vendor for Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations.

We also send refrigerated probiotics properly, with refrigeration! 

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie
NCI Well Connect Highlights
From Editor Steve Minsky
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Chronic Pain Sufferer Must Start Here
Bonnie & Steve: The Center for Disease Control's September 14th Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published a shocking statistic.

Chronic pain now affects 50 million US Adults.

"High-impact" chronic pain, which interferes with life or work activities, affects around 20 million. Both types of pain were more prevalent in women than men.

Chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain have been linked previously to restrictions in mobility and daily activities, dependence on opioids, anxiety, depression, and poor quality of life, not to mention an estimated $560 billion each year in direct medical costs, lost productivity, and disability programs.

There are numerous goals that have been set to reduce this burden on our population, yet follow-through has been fleeting. Two of the easiest goals, which look good on paper, are eating style and movement. We are still far from achieving these goals. Simply, we are too sedentary and we do not eat to our individual needs. New research will hopefully move the needle a little faster.

  • Adhering to an anti-inflammatory diet was associated with lower risks of dying from any cause, dying from cardiovascular causes, and dying from cancer in a study from last month's Journal of Internal Medicine study, which described 70,000 subjects who were followed for 16 years.

    Participants who most closely followed an anti-inflammatory diet had an 18% lower risk of all-cause mortality, a 20% lower risk of cardiovascular mortality, and a 13% lower risk of cancer mortality, 
  • One of the largest and longest-running efforts to evaluate the potential benefits of the Mediterranean-style diet in lowering risk of stroke found that the diet may be especially protective in women over 40 regardless of menopausal status or hormone replacement therapy, according to new research in journal Stroke. Over a 17-year period, in participants who most closely followed a Mediterranean-style diet, reduced onset of stroke was:

    17 percent in all adults;
    22 percent in women;
    6 percent in men;
    13 percent overall reduced risk of stroke in participants already at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Researchers overwhelmingly referred to the diet's anti-inflammatory effect.
According to a study in last month's JAMA Internal Medicine, the principles of a low-glycemic load diet offer a practical alternative to the conventional focus on dietary fat and calorie restriction to improve our response to insulin, and in turn, lower inflammation. The more insulin we produce, the less sensitive to it we become, and the more inflamed we get.

No research needed here. Leading cause of chronic pain is lack of movement, be it standing, walking, or rigorous exercise.

Let's reiterate what happens to your joints when you are too sedentary. Compare and contrast the viscosity of wet cement versus the viscosity of aloe vera gel. When too sedentary, the fluid between your joints become like wet cement. When you move consistently, your joints are like the gel-like consistency of aloe vera. Don't get stuck in wet cement...move!

Another simple, yet difficult to achieve technique to reduce inflammation is sleep! Adopting or adhering to a Mediterranean-type eating pattern, which is naturally anti-inflammatory, has been repeatedly shown to have multiple beneficial effects for the sleep habits, according to the September issue of Geriatrics and Gerontology International.

Of course, food individualization needs to be front and center. We are all different and respond differently to food, even ones we deem generally healthy. Otherwise, consistent toxic insults by offending foods will create inflammation, which leads to chronic pain. This is why it is imperative to know your genetics, allergies, and intolerances if applicable.
Chiropractic Case Studies

Dr. Schuster's Jaw/TMJ Protocol

Symptoms: Most people have some kind of tension that they store in their jaw. Some people have very serious issues called TMJ, while others have milder issues called TMD. Here are the many symptoms associated with the jaw: Headaches, migraines, neck pain, neck tightness, ringing of the ears, ear pain, tooth pain, jaw pain, hair hurts, jaw gets stuck open or gets stuck closed, jaw clunks or clicks, cheek and tongue biting, a new born is unable to nurse, latch, or latches way too hard. There also have been associations of low self esteem, poor sleep, low energy, feeling worried, back, hip, shoulder and knee pain related to the jaw.

Causes: Here are some causes of TMJ and TMD, which ones have you experienced? History of being punched, hit or falling on the face, sports injuries, car accident, broken nose, broken tooth, scoliosis, sleeping on the stomach, or on the side, gum chewing, finger and thumb sucking, biting pencils or finger nails, holding objects under the chin, wearing braces, certain dental procedures, chewing mostly on one side, stress, clenching while giving birth, clenching while exercising, forceps delivery, pulled out of the birth canal or pulled out during a c-section by the doctor. Parasites can also be a cause of TMJ grinding at night.

Bite Guard: Some patients find these helpful and don't seem to have symptoms when using their bite guard. Most get them from their dentist, orthodontist, online or at their local pharmacy. Others find that the bite guard is not helpful and or they need to incorporate other kinds of treatments for their TMJ/TMD. Below are helpful suggestions.

X-Rays: Sometimes you need x-rays to make sure there isn't a cracked tooth, to see the position of the jaw joints, how off the bite is or other issues that can't be seen by the eye. 

Chiropractic: Chronic clenching or grinding can cause the jaw joint to get jammed, which can also then jam the bones in the neck and back. The muscles of the jaw also get tight from all of the clenching, grinding, chewing, swallowing and sleep habits. Chiropractic will help un jam the joints and this then helps loosen the muscles to take away the symptoms for a certain period of time until the effects of the grinding, clenching and daily living build up again. You will need to find what your maintenance program is, anywhere from once a week to once a month.

Acupuncture and or Massage: Some find that they also need to incorporate acupuncture and or massage treatments to help with their symptoms. Once again see what maintenance program works well for you.

Other Tips: Do some of the following every day for six weeks or up to a year to create new jaw habits. You may find that you have to do some of these for life as even when one wears a bite plate, it doesn't always stop one from grinding. 
  1. Stop chewing gum, eat softer foods, don't sleep on your stomach, find a supportive neck pillow if you sleep on your side and chew food equally on both sides.
  2. Maintain a daily rest position: lips together, teeth apart, tongue on the roof of the mouth.
  3. Keep your tongue on the roof of mouth, then open and close your mouth slowly during the day and before going to sleep.  You can simultaneously guide the chin with the hand, down and straight back. You can also place your fingers on the temples and under the chin while opening and closing the mouth as a way to relax the muscles.
  4. Another stretch of the jaw is to place your fingers on top of the bottom back teeth then open mouth a little bit and resist for 6 seconds, then open a little wider and hold for 20 seconds. Do this a few times, each time opening the jaw even wider.
  5. Many people like the Sweep. Sweep your teeth with the tongue from the molars on one side all the way to the molars on the other side both upper and lower. Also open mouth wide, and stick out tongue as far as it will go.
  6. Imagine wearing a pair of sweat pants with an elastic band going all the way around the belly, sides of the waist and around the entire back. As you breathe in imagine expanding the entire waistband all the way around. Do this a few times a day to create more relaxation.
  7. Massage your jaw and neck with Essential Oils to keep the muscles relaxed and to help with pain and inflammation. Use a few drops of essential oils and mix with a tablespoon of Epsom lotion or oil such as arnica oil, magnesium oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil. Use the essential oils that you enjoy the smell of. You can also use pre-made blends of essential oils.
  8. Take Magnesium before bed to relax the muscles of the jaw. Chelated 100mg-200mg. Some also need to use GABA, which is an amino acid, 500mg-750mg before bed, as a central nervous system relaxant. For inflammation use Bromelain, which is pineapple enzyme. Take 2-4 capsules a few times a day on an empty stomach when the pain is bad. Some also find Curcumin/Turmeric is helpful for pain along with the bromelain, 2-4 capsules a few times a day on an empty stomach when the pain is bad.
  9. Tapping also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is a technique that you can find on YouTube and is easy to do. You're tapping on different pressure points that are located on the face, body and hands. This can help calm anxiety or ease pain and many find this tool to be very helpful. I have a hand out if you're interested.
  10. There is a Sleep Guard Biofeedback Headband that one can wear at night. It causes a beeping sound and will wake you up to stop you from grinding as it has a sensor to detect changes in the head and jaw. The sound is supposed to train the muscles to stop clenching, gritting and grinding. You can go online to look up this devise.
Genetic Wellness Screening
Pure Genomics, our genetic wellness screening, covers 32 impeccably well-researched genes in seven categories:
  1. Methylation
  2. Vitamins and Minerals
  3. Detoxification
  4. Weight Management
  5. Cognitive Health and Memory
  6. Blood Sugar Balance
  7. Immune Health
Pure Genomics tips the balance toward optimal wellness. It only takes four simple steps to get started:
  1. Order a genetic kit from or
  2. Send your saliva sample back to 23andMe or Ancestry. They will email you when your results are ready.
  3. Download your raw genetic data file to your computer. Email us the data file.
  4. We generate your Pure Genomics report and contact you with the next step.
Email Steve for further questions or clarification.

Click on the links below to learn about the original research that we have done with our clients and Pure Genomics.
Video: New Stress Relief Video
Local Reiki Services
Reiki, pronounced "RAY-key", is a powerful, non-invasive healing technique dating back thousands of years. It is one of the fastest growing complimentary modalities in the world and is quickly gaining acceptance in the medical establishment. It is being used in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and spas throughout the U.S. 

Reiki's natural healing abilities can help with stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, pain management & more. It helps stimulate the immune system and aids the body in eliminating toxins. Patients who received Reiki before and after surgery reported less pain and a shortened hospital stay. It is also being used as a complimentary therapy for side-effects of chemo. A session helps to promote a sense of peace, calmness, well being and deep relaxation. The benefits of Reiki are numerous.

Reiki is done with the client fully clothed lying on a massage table. The practitioner uses specific hand positions along the front and back of the body with hands either lightly touching or slightly above the client.

Sessions last approximately 60 minutes.

I'll be seeing clients at Nutritional Concepts on Fridays. By appointment only. Hours: 8:30-3:30.

Lori Cruttenden RMT
Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
Steve: Traditional saunas emit direct heat. Far Infrared uses light to create heat. Far infrared run at much milder temperatures, but travels much deeper into the body, which is why you sweat more vigorously.

Far Infrared Therapy offers numerous therapeutic benefits, most importantly enhanced detoxification. Many of our clients use it to relieve painful joints, rev up metabolism, and remove buildup of heavy metals.

Far Infrared has shown to draw out 15 to 20% more heavy metals (i.e., mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic), hormone-disrupting chemicals, sulfuric acid, ammonia, uric-acid, and fat-soluble toxins than traditional saunas.

A new report published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that sauna bathing is associated with a reduction in the risk of vascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive diseases, nonvascular conditions, such as pulmonary diseases, mental health disorders, and mortality. Furthermore, sauna bathing alleviated conditions such as skin diseases, arthritis, headache, and flu. The evidence also suggests that regular sauna baths are associated with a better health-related quality of life. Wow, what can't saunas do?

A second study from Neurology stated that frequent sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of stroke. In a 15-year follow-up study, people taking a sauna 4-7 times a week were 61% less likely to suffer a stroke than those taking a sauna once a week. Even one sauna session per week reduced the risk of stroke by 14% compared with those who did not take saunas.

Contact us to schedule a session.
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Best of the Mediterranean
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This comes in handy when you are looking for suggestions about how to incorporate an optimal eating style such as a Mediterranean diet. Our Best of the Mediterranean Action Plan can provide numerous ideas and recipes to make the transition easier! 

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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
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