Nutritional Concepts

October 12, 2009


10 Quick, Skinny Desserts.
Healthy Halloween Tips.
Junk Food Junkie Song.
Dear Valued Client,

Much of this issue is pure fun. With Halloween upon us, we wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, we all need a break from the onslaught of "the sky is falling" headlines.

If you get a chance, read Steve's darling online children's book, Fantastifood Fables. It is free for this issue only.

Please eat responsibly this Halloween!

Have a happy, healthy day. "Boo" Bonnie

10 Quick, Skinny Desserts

We know that most of you eat dessert. As much as we urge you to avoid dessert, or at minimum make intelligent choices, it doesn't always happen that way.

Here are tips to assure that your desserts have nutritive value, are low calorie, and take little time to prepare.

10 Quick and Skinny Desserts

Healthy Halloween Tips

Do you cringe around Halloween time?

Weeks of parties, school events, and trick-or-treating increase your child's candy/sweet consumption ten-fold over any other time of the year.

Do you find your child's attention span off, emotional and physical highs and lows more pronounced? More immune-depressed than usual? All the excess sugar and chemicals help to create these symptoms. Let us help.

Healthy Halloween Tips

Junk Food Junkie Song

We came across this song released in 1976 by Larry Groce. Not only is it relevant in 2009, some of the lyrics are downright uncanny. The song reached number nine on the Billboard 100 and was Larry's only hit.
Listen to the song
Read the lyrics

Click the image if you missed our most recent eAlert, H1N1 Vaccine Spray Under Scrutiny.

Fantastifood Fables:
Attack of the Junkies Food Junkies


by Steve Minsky
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