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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
October 16, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber,


In many parts of the country, fall allergies have dissipated or have been eliminated with the first frost. Many of us are able to add back cross-reacting foods in moderation.

For those of you who still have allergy-type symptoms in your sinuses and/or incessant gastrointestinal distress, now might be a good time to test for food intolerances. While biochemically, your body reacts differently to intolerant foods than allergic foods, the symptoms can often be similar.
For more information, watch this informative video on Food Intolerance.

Have a happy, healthy day. Bonnie and Steve Minsky.


Lancet Study Says No Vitamin D for Bones!
Steve: In a new study in The Lancet, researchers cherry-picked studies to show that taking vitamin D supplements did nothing to prevent bone fractures. We have discussed ad nauseum the problems with this type of study called meta-analysis. 
In this instance, the researchers picked a small sample of studies from literally thousands. Half the studies in the sample size did not look at the combination of calcium and vitamin D. Most experts know that vitamin D supplements without calcium are not as effective for bone health. When looking at the other half of the sample's studies, where calcium and vitamin D were used together, there was an 11% reduction in hip fracture risk.
Bonnie: Furthermore, the researchers recklessly state that "healthy people do not need to take vitamin D supplements." Not only are they going against the standards of some of the healthiest nations in the world, but saying that "you can get enough vitamin D from the sun and from eating eggs," shows that they may only be out for media exposure because they cannot be that misinformed.  
We report on vitamin D research on a weekly basis. While some data underwhelms, the majority overwhelms for myriad aspects of the health spectrum.
Bone Health
A deficiency in vitamin D may not only reduce bone density, but also detrimentally affect bone quality, and speed up the aging of human bone, says a new study published in Science Translational Medicine. Using state-of-the-art technology, researchers found that vitamin D deficiency was associated with less mineralization on the surface of the bone, as well as structural characteristics of older and more brittle bone.
According to the researchers, "well-balanced vitamin D levels are essential to maintain bone's structural integrity. Apart from preventing osteoporosis and bone fractures, vitamin D promotes muscle strength and thus reduces the propensity to fall down."

Vascular and Non-Vascular Mortality
After adjustment for prior disease and cardiovascular risk factors, a doubling in vitamin D3 concentration was associated with 20% lower vascular and 23% lower non-vascular mortality. Individuals in the top vs. bottom quarter of vitamin D concentrations had 21% lower vascular and 28% lower all-cause mortality, according to the June issue of European Heart Journal.

New findings presented at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Genetics show that food fortification using vitamin D3 may prevent hypertension and other types of cardiovascular diseases. A genetic study involving more than 155,000 individuals enabled researchers to discover the link between hypertension and vitamin D deficiency.
Vitamin D May Reduce Antibiotic Use
A study in this month's American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the effect of oral vitamin D3 supplementation on antibiotic use. Subjects aged 60-84 years were randomly assigned to receive monthly doses of a placebo or 60,000IU vitamin D3 for less than 12 months. People who were randomly assigned 60,000IU vitamin D3 had 28% lower risk of having antibiotics prescribed at least once than did people in the placebo group.
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