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Vitamin D Dosage Revised for Children.
Med Diet Reduces Breast Cancer Risk.
Probiotics for Eczema, Mineral Absorption.
Vitamin D Dosage Revised for Children.
Has your pediatrician discussed vitamin D deficiency with you? It is crucial that he or she does so, according to an October report in Pediatric Pharmacotherapy. Not only do 25(OH)D levels need to be maintained in the normal reference range, but daily supplementation is required. The journal's new recommendations are as follows:
  • 400IU vitamin D3 is required immediately after birth for all breastfed infants and for formula-fed infants that do not consume at least 1 liter of D-fortified milk daily.
  • Premature infants, dark skinned infants, and all children who live in higher altitudes (cold weather climates), should supplement with 800IU vitamin D3 daily.
  • Children who have low 25(OH)D levels (out of reference range) need to supplement with the following:
    Less then one month old = 1000IU
    1-12 months old = 1000IU - 50000IU
    More than 12 months old = more than 5000IU
Bonnie - I hesitate to give out general recommendations for adults because the ideal dosage is dependent upon numerous factors including current 25(OH)D level (mandatory), age, medical/family history, climate, and sun exposure, to name a few.

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Breast Cancer Risk.

A few weeks ago, we alerted you about an Archives of General Psychiatry study that showed those who followed a Mediterranean Diet had a thirty percent reduced risk of developing depression compared to those who follow a Western-type diet.

Just this week, the American Journal of Epidemiology reported a study stating that women who adhere to a Mediterranean Diet, and avoid consuming large quantities of Western-type foods high in estrogen-receptor positive ingredients, have a much lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Bonnie - data continues to mount in favor of the Mediterranean style of eating. Best of the Mediterranean Action Plan is an ideal tool for introducing you to the cuisine.

Probiotics for Eczema, Mineral Absorption.
We have reported positive data in the past concerning probiotics' preventative effect in children for reducing or preventing eczema, a painful, inflammatory, allergic skin condition. The latest study in Allergy reports that treating pregnant mothers and infants during the first three months of life with probiotics helps prevent eczema even in those who have a family history of allergies.

Additionally, a Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry study states that fortifying high fiber bread with bifidobacterium creates enzymes that reduce levels of phytate, a compound in fiber that blocks mineral absorption.

Bonnie - the mineral discovery is exciting because I have always had to tell my clients who supplement with minerals to take them at a different time than their fiber supplement. However, I still would not make any changes until more data is presented.

Have a happy, healthy day.

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