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October 20, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,   


Did you know that a new review in Skin Therapy Letter for the first time states that dietary eliminations for those with known allergy have demonstrated improvement in Atopic Dermatitis symptoms, while some dietary supplements appear to decrease the severity of the disease? One would think it would not take this long to admit this in a major medical periodical!

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Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


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High Sugar Diet? No Problem For This Scientist
Imagine being able to take a pill that lets you eat all of the ice cream, cookies, and cakes that you wanted -- without gaining any weight. No, this is not an article we found in The Onion.

New research from Nature Communicationssuggests that it may be possible. A team of scientists at University of Southern California found a new way to suppress the obesity that accompanies a high-sugar diet, pinning it down to a key gene that pharmaceutical companies have already developed drugs to target.


So far, the work has been solely on the worm Caenorhabditis elegans and human cells in a petri dish -- but the genetic pathway is found in almost all animals from yeast to humans. Next, they plan to test the findings in mice.


Certain genetic mutants -- those with a hyperactive SKN-1 gene -- could be fed incredibly high-sugar diets without gaining any weight, while regular worms ballooned on the same diet, which was the equivalent of a human eating the Western diet.


The SKN-1 gene also exists in humans, where it is called Nrf2. It binds to a specific sequence of DNA to control the ability of cells to detox or repair damage when exposed to chemically reactive oxygen. Pharmaceutical companies have already worked to develop small-molecule drugs that target Nrf2, in hopes that it will produce more antioxidants and slow aging.


Bonnie: Too good to be true? Possibly. Increased Nrf2 function has been linked to aggressive cancers. They are trying to figure out how to circumvent this action. If it does come to fruition, I guess you won't need me anymore!


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Steve Minsky
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  • Dark Chocolate Spread Made With Garbanzo Beans
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  • Driving While Drowsy
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