NCI Well Connect Mid-Week Brief
October 28, 2015
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that a study from last week's Obesity journal stated that when obese children removed foods with added sugar from their diets for 10 days and replaced them with other types of carbohydrates so that the overall calorie intake stayed the same, the results were dramatic.

Despite losing little weight, which should not come as a surprise given that the replacement calories were carbs, the kids LDL cholesterol fell by 10 points. Their diastolic blood pressure fell five points. Their triglycerides, a type of fat that travels in the blood and contributes to heart disease, dropped 33 points. And their fasting blood sugar and insulin levels markedly improved.

The study was performed on minority children that would be considered economically challenged. The children still ate their regular, poor diets full of processed food. The fact that the effect on their blood markers was this dramatic shows just how deadly added sugars really are.

DID YOU KNOW that a recent study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that subjects with MTHFR C677T genetic polymorphism have lower folate blood concentrations? The authors say the implications for a population-level risk of neural tube defects is higher than it should be because testing for this deficiency is still not readily performed.

Those with this deficiency are not able to convert the B-vitamin folic acid into absorbable folate. We test for this gene in our 23andMe methylation report. If there is a deficiency, there is a folate supplement one can take that circumvents this genetic deficiency.
Disturbing Health Food Store Trend?
Steve and Bonnie: Posing as a 15-year-old athlete wanting to bulk up during strength training, a researcher asked more than 200 health food stores whether he should take a sports performance supplement containing creatine.

Despite recommendations against using creatine under age 18 by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Sports Medicine, more than two-thirds of the stores' sales attendants told him to give it a try.
Creatine is a naturally occurring compound involved in the production of energy in the body, but has side effects and is not well researched in teens. The study was presented at the 2015 AAP National Conference. This was the script:

Among the findings:
  • 67.2 percent of sales attendants recommended creatine for a 15-year-old male athlete.
  • 38.5 percent recommended creatine without prompting.
  • An additional 28.7 percent recommended creatine when specifically asked.
  • 74 percent of sales attendants said a 15-year-old could purchase creatine on his own.
We have never recommended creatine and this study is disturbing. This is exactly the reason why we do not suggest getting individualized dietary supplement advice from health food stores unless there is a licensed health professional on staff. While we believe that most health food stores want the best for their customers, they exist to sell products, and often do not take into account your individual needs.
B-Vite for Skin Cancer Protection
This article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members.
23andMe Just Got Better
Bonnie and Steve: The data is starting to roll in and the results have nothing been short of fascinating.

We have begun testing the methylation cycle derived from raw data provided by the genetics company 23andMe.

For many clients, the results have reaffirmed why they have been so vigilant about managing their diets and lifestyles. They are keeping genetic deficiencies from expressing themselves negatively. For others, the results have provided the final push to reach their goals.

The New 23andMe
Now, with the recent news that 23andMe will be testing for rare genetic disease traits, heritable lifestyle traits (such as baldness and red hair), and wellness traits, getting this test is a no brainer.

What is the most exciting development in 23andMe's new screening for us? They now test for your genetic predisposition to lactose intolerance!

Why the Methylation Cycle? Why Now?
It was one of the major nutritional conundrums which had evaded us for years. We tried to cover all bases to help your methylation cycle, the most important pathway for detoxification of chemicals, hormones, and other unwanted environmental byproducts, but we did not have the entire map at our disposal. Now, we can pinpoint exactly if and where your cycle is impaired. Even better, we can fix it to make sure it is running smoothly.

Methylation is important for each and every one of us because the last thing we want is to have toxins recycling within our bodies with no way to escape. This can contribute to carcinogenesis, body mass gain, autoimmune disorders, to name a few.

The process takes 5 simple steps:
  1. Pay to have your genetic kit sent to your home from the lab 23andMe. You can get the test for $189 instead of $199 at this link because of your relationship with us. We have no financial interest in 23andMe.
  2. When you receive your genetic kit, follow the instructions to prepare your sample (saliva sample) and send back to 23andMe via the US Postal Service.
  3. 23andMe will email you when your results are complete.
  4. Feel free to share your disease carrier, traits, and wellness reports with us by email.
  5. Download your raw data from 23andMe and and email the file to us. Contact us if you need help with this step.
  6. When we get your raw data file, we will upload it into our methylation database and contact you when the results are complete to make an appointment.
Why Is This Such an Incredible Opportunity?
  • In addition to the methylation data that we analyze, 23andMe maps your entire genome. This is crucial if we offer further genetic analysis on other bodily functions or for other health care providers who may require your genetic info.
  • You only need your genome mapped once! $189 is quite a deal.
  • 23andMe provides you with information about your ancestry. This is 23andMe's specialty. We do not delve into this aspect of your genetic results. It is completely private to you.
  • Knowing your disease carrier status, traits, and wellness genetics (like lactose intolerance) is invaluable to you and your health professionals. 23andMe has many more test in the offing as the research becomes more available.

  • Many of you have heard us refer to the MTHFR genetic mutation for pregnancy, neurological function, and detoxification. MTHFR is included in the panel, as well as every other major gene associated with the methylation pathway.

Why Did We Decide to Finally Use Genetic Testing?
  • While we feel that much of the information about the humane genome is "not ready for prime time," we feel extremely confident that the genes associated with the methylation pathway have more than enough clinical data. The pharmaceutical industry has done most of the work for us by putting billions of dollars into researching genetics and methylation so they can find out who can best metabolize and avoid side effects from their drugs!
  • As better research comes along, having your genetic information allows us to contact you when, for instance, a genetic bone health panel comes along. How can you beat that service?
This may all seem overwhelming. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Putting Your Methylation Results Into Practice

Going over the results should only take about 15 minutes. This is free for NCI Well Connect Members. For non-Well Connect members, the fee is $45.

To start the process, just go to 23andMe and click on the link: Then, let us know when your results are ready.

Those who have already done it are thankful that they did!
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