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October 6, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,   


Did you know that according to a new study in JAMA Pediatrics, repeated exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics at ages 0 to 23 months is associated with early childhood obesity?

For decades, we have given antibiotics to domesticated animals to fatten them up and make them grow faster. Why would it be different for humans?

Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


Putting Ebola Into Perspective
Bonnie and Steve: The inquiries have already begun. The second the news broke that Ebola hit the mainland, clients have been asking what they can do.

Let us be crystal clear. With the knowledge that currently exists, there is absolutely nothing we can add to the conversation that has not already been said by public health experts. Of course, a healthy host will help you fight off any virus, whether it is Ebola or anything else.

Please do not be duped by the snake oil salesmen who will be lurking around for panicked Americans seeking a miracle cure.

Here is what we know about the Ebola virus, which is more difficult to contract than influenza or norovirus, to put it into perspective:

People are infectious only if they have symptoms of Ebola. There is no risk of transmission from people who have been exposed to the virus but are not yet showing symptoms. You are not likely to catch Ebola just by being in proximity to someone who has the virus. It is not spread through the air like the flu or respiratory viruses such as SARS.


Ebola spreads through direct contact with bodily fluids. If an infected person's blood or vomit gets in another person's eyes, nose or mouth, the infection may be transmitted.


The virus can survive on surfaces, so any object contaminated with bodily fluids, like a latex glove or a hypodermic needle, may spread the disease.


Symptoms usually begin about eight to 10 days after exposure to the virus, but can appear as late as 21 days after exposure, according to the C.D.C. At first, it seems much like the flu: a headache, fever and aches and pains. Sometimes there is also a rash. Diarrhea and vomiting follow.


Then, in about half of the cases, Ebola takes a severe turn, causing victims to hemorrhage. They may vomit blood or pass it in urine, or bleed under the skin or from their eyes or mouths. But bleeding is not usually what kills patients. Rather, blood vessels deep in the body begin leaking fluid, causing blood pressure to plummet so low that the heart, kidneys, liver and other organs begin to fail.


There is no vaccine or definitive cure for Ebola, and in past outbreaks the virus has been fatal in 60 percent to 90 percent of cases. A vaccine has been shown to protect macaque monkeys, but there is no guarantee it will be effective in humans.


Beyond this, all physicians can do is try to nurse people through the illness, using fluids and medicines to maintain blood pressure, and treat other infections that often strike their weakened bodies. A small percentage of people appear to have an immunity to the Ebola virus.


Scientists now believe that bats are the natural reservoir for the virus, and that apes and humans catch it from eating food that bats have drooled or defecated on, or by coming in contact with surfaces covered in infected bat droppings and then touching their eyes or mouths.


The heartbreaking, horrific spread of Ebola in Africa is occurring because of a severe lack of resources to stop the spread. That should not happen here if more cases were to crop up. 


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