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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
November 5, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Did you know new research suggests that mothers of children with autism were significantly less likely to have taken iron supplements before and during pregnancy than those whose children seem to be developing normally?


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Beans Have a Dark Side


Steve: Aside from the usual jokes that accompany bean consumption, as much as we love them, they do have a dark side.

Beans contain a large amount of phytate, or phytic acid. Unfortunately, phytate blocks the absorption of minerals. Even in Latin American countries who have through selective plant breeding doubled the amount of iron in beans, the bioavailability is still paltry.

In no way do I want to dissuade you from eating beans. They are a crucial foodstuff for many of us. However, I would prefer that if you take mineral supplements such as magnesium or iron, that you take them away from foodstuffs that contain beans.


Rome Wasn't Built in a Day


In a world of instant gratification, it can be difficult to have patience with your health. It is especially difficult when you have a myriad of debilitating health problems.


One of the most difficult aspects of my job is to elucidate patience. Think about the decades of damage that was done to ones digestive system to develop a disorder such as Crohn's disease. It will certainly take a while to be symptom free, and so much of that falls on the patient's diligence in executing the plan.


Pleading patience is one thing. Having research to back me up is another.


According to a new study in the Leukocyte Biology, researchers discovered that the effects of poor eating habits on the immune system can persist long after dietary habits are improved. Even after successful

treatment of atherosclerosis - including lowering of blood cholesterol and a change in dietary habits - the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle still affect the way the immune system functions.


Lasting changes in immune functions occurs largely because poor eating habits alter the way genes express themselves, including genes related to immunity. However, these epigenetic changes, which you have read about numerous times in this eNewsletter, can eventually be reversed if the right diet and lifestyle choices are executed over the long-term. Many of my clients who are "lifers" know what I am talking about.


Whenever things get tough, if you feel that you have fallen off the wagon, or you don't think you have made enough progress, please remember to have patience. I do have a degree in counseling as well as nutrition, so do not hesitate to utilize my expertise. 


Major Issue With Certain Kinds of Fish

Steve: Companies farming fish are overusing antibiotics to counteract unsustainable farming practices, such as overcrowding and improper waste cleanup.


To stave off disease, these companies feed the fish massive amounts of prophylactic antibiotics. The rest of this piece is accessible to NCI Well Connect subscribers.