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January 15, 2018
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DID YOU KNOW that dark roasted coffees are easier on the stomach than light or mild roasts? N-methylpyridinium (NMP) is a compound generated as the coffee beans are roasted, and the longer they are roasted, the higher the levels of NMP are present. Dark roasted coffee can contain as much as twice the levels of the stomach-friendly compound NMP as light roasted coffees.

Of course, if you add milk, cream, sugar, or artificial sweetener, you put the acid right back into the beverage.

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Steve Minsky
From Editor Steve Minsky
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Nonpharma Plan Slashes Dementia Risk By One Third
Bonnie and Steve: Healthy, well-functioning seniors who undertake a type of computerized cognitive training that targets processing speed have a 29% reduced risk for dementia after 10 years, with those completing the most training sessions having the greatest benefit, according to a study in the November issue of Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions.

The study included 2785 community-dwelling seniors (average, 73.6 years) who were initially cognitively intact, with a mean Mini-Mental State Examination score of 27.3.

Participants were randomly assigned to one of three types of cognitive training: memory, reasoning, or speed of processing, or to a control group that received no cognitive training.

Each training consisted of ten 60- to 75-minute sessions over 5 to 6 weeks.

The speed of processing training targets "mental quickness," which declines with age. Speed of processing training is particularly important because it's targeting the very basic ability that can affect all aspects of your life.

What Is Speed of Processing Training
During a computerized intervention, users are asked to identify visual targets, for example, cars or trucks, that are briefly flashed on the screen. The task can be made more difficult by adding more stimuli, having targets appear for a briefer period of time, and/or adding distractors.

During the decade-long follow-up, 260 study participants developed dementia. Compared with the control group, the risk for dementia was 29% lower in the speed training group compared to the memory training and control group.

Importance of Sleep Cannot Be Emphasized Enough
A new study in Cortex sheds new light on sleep's vital role in helping us make the most of our memory. Sleep helps us to use our memory in the most flexible and adaptable manner possible by strengthening new and old versions of the same memory to similar extents.

The researchers also demonstrate that when a memory is retrieved, when we remember something, it is updated with new information present at the time of remembering. The brain appears not to 'overwrite' the old version of the memory, but instead generates and stores multiple (new and old) versions of the same experience.

In this way, sleep is allowing us to use our memory in the most efficient way possible, enabling us to update our knowledge of the world and to adapt our memories for future experiences.

Without adequate sleep, this process does not occur.

Going further, it has been established that sleep deprivation slows down our reaction time, but it has been unclear exactly how the lack of sleep affects brain activity and subsequent behavior.

A new study published in Nature Medicine finds that individual neurons themselves slow down when we are sleep deprived, leading to delayed behavioral responses to events taking place around us. The neural lapse, or slowdown, affects the brain's visual perception and memory associations.
Chiropractor Case Studies

Hip, Back Pain, and IBS
Dr. Liselotte Schuster, our Chiropractor who has worked with Bonnie for over 30 years, presents a case study once a month that we can all learn from!
A 34 year-old woman presented to a chiropractic office complaining of hip and back pain along with medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome and secondary hypothyroidism. After two months of care, the patient reported improvement in thyroid function determined by a thyroid function test and she was able to stop her medication. Additionally, the patient reported improvement in her irritable bowel syndrome, low back, hip and upper back pain.

This case study appeared in the October issue of Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research.

If you're wondering how her secondary hypothyroidism and irritable bowel could have been helped by chiropractic, then google images of the central Nervous System and the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems.

Notice how the nerves flow from the brain all the way down the spine and then out to the organs and other systems of the body. Either the communication from the brain and spine to the systems of the body are balanced or not.

Chiropractic can help balance this communication, resulting in positive outcomes, even beyond pain management.
Pure Genomics Wellness Testing

Bonnie and Steve:It only takes a few simple steps to get individualized genetic nutritional support. Test your genome. We translate the results in a way you can understand. We target your individualized needs with nutritional support that can be easily implemented.

Pure Genomics helps the patient with:
  1. Reaffirmation for why existing patients should continue to adhere to their optimal diet and lifestyle. Genes are the deepest layer of individualization. When a patient is doing incredibly well despite horrible genetic deficiencies, it is a strong deterrent to fall off the wagon.
  2. Creates the last thrust of motivation for a patient who is having trouble adhering to their diet and lifestyle protocol.
  3. Provides incredible proof for prevention of family disease history. Connects the dots for many of our patients.
  4. Is a strong component for new patient screenings, especially for methylation, detoxification, antioxidant defense, weight management, metabolic health, memory and cognition, mental health, and essential fatty acid, vitamin A, and vitamin D absorption.
Video: Face Yoga
New study in JAMA Dermatology found facial appearance benefits from 30 minutes daily of face yoga for 20 weeks!
Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
Steve: Traditional saunas emit direct heat. Far Infrared uses light to create heat. Far infrared run at much milder temperatures, but travels much deeper into the body, which is why you sweat more vigorously.

Far Infrared Therapy offers numerous therapeutic benefits, most importantly enhanced detoxification. Many of our clients use it to relieve painful joints, rev up metabolism, and remove buildup of heavy metals.

Far Infrared has shown to draw out 15 to 20% more heavy metals (i.e., mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic), hormone-disrupting chemicals, sulfuric acid, ammonia, uric-acid, and fat-soluble toxins than traditional saunas.

A recent study from Age and Ageing, showed that healthy subjects whose sauna use averaged 4 to 7 times per week were 66% less likely to develop dementia at 20-year follow-up than those who used a sauna once a week. In addition, they had a 65% risk reduction for Alzheimer's Disease.

Recent studies in JAMA Internal Medicine and American Journal of Hypertension found that increased frequency of sauna bathing reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and all-cause mortality.

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Sleep Well
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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
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