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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
January 8, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,

As incentive to continue implementing healthy habits in 2014, we are extending our 40% OFF subscription to NCI Well Connect until the end of January. Monday's issue elicited the following comment:

"Your latest edition of Well Connect finally pushed me over the edge to become a subscriber (not that I haven't been tempted many times before). Excellent edition! These days, with so many budget constraints, it's hard to justify any subscriptions at all, but I consider this one a worthy investment. I'm in!"
Linda W.

Many subscribers tell us that not only do they learn so much about all aspects of wellness, but the weekly reaffirmation and motivation they receive makes all the effort they put in worth it! 

You can subscribe at our website here or contact us at 847-498-3422. By doing so, we will email you a free copy of Bonnie's new eating plan, Jump-Start PaleoMediterranean Diet.

Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve.

Low Zinc Levels Linked to Higher Depression.

People who are depressed have lower blood concentrations of zinc compared with nondepressed individuals, according to a study in the December issue of Biological Psychiatry.

The researchers purport that the relationship between zinc status and depression, and the potential benefits of zinc supplementation in depressed patients, warrant further investigation.


Zinc has antioxidant properties, helps to maintain endocrine homeostasis and immune function, and plays multiple roles in regulating the hippocampal and cortical glutamatergic circuits that subserve affective regulation and cognitive function in the brain. Thus, changes in zinc homeostasis might compromise neuroplasticity and contribute to long-term neuropsychological and psychiatric decline.

Zinc also plays an important role in immune function. Lower serum levels of zinc have been associated with disturbances in fatty acid metabolism and in serum lipid levels, which might affect brain function and vascular health. Lower zinc levels have also been associated cardiovascular disease, a common comorbidity of major depressive disorder, the authors note.
Bonnie: last year's study on how zinc starves the deadliest of infections was no fluke. I have been touting zinc's benefits for decades. For men especially, zinc is a must because of its role in prostate health.


Second Healthy Behavior of 2014?

This article can be accessed by NCI Well Connect subscribers.

Food Addiction.

Emerging research has shown that food addiction is a very clear and present issue to many who have trouble achieving their dietary and weight management goals.


We will be conducting a pilot trial with current clients in 2014. If you are interested in participating in this free trial, email Steve at with your name, phone number, and email address. We will then evaluate your file and contact you if we think you would be a candidate for the trial.


Part-Time Help Wanted.

We are looking for someone to assist Sharron, our Office Manager. Saturday availability is a must.


If you or someone you know is interested in applying for part-time work at Nutritional Concepts, contact Steve at




NCI Well Rewards Back for 2014!

For the fourth year in a row, NCI Well Rewards Loyalty Program was a success. It is back for 2014. Start your orders early because every dollar spent counts as one point. The more points you accrue, the larger the discounts become.


For details about NCI Well Rewards Loyalty Program, click here.


Prescription for Starting the Year Off Right.
  1. Make an appointment with Bonnie if you need to get back on track.
    The Affordable Care Act has made it easier than ever to get preventive services covered. With a simple doctor's prescription, we can give you a Superbill to submit for medical nutrition therapy services or wellness visits (Medicare allows a wellness visit with an Rx).
  2. Follow your individualized supplement regimen.
    If you have gotten off track, now is the perfect time to start. While eating optimally comprises 75 percent of your nutrient intake, supplements comprise the other 25 percent. We offer monthly supplement discounts and a loyalty reward program.  
  3. Stay on the straight and narrow with NCI Well Connect.
    Read your Well Connect weekly to maintain healthy behaviors and avoid the pitfalls. If you need a weight management boost, we will email you a copy of the Jump-Start PaleoMediterranean Diet.
  4. Avoid your food reactors.
    As it was in 2013, wellness trends will be heavily influenced by food intolerances. Why? We are finally coming to the realization that food intolerances occur much more frequently than once believed. Everyone is different in how and what they react to. Luckily, we have been treating clients with food intolerances for over 16 years and have the most accurate, battle-tested screening method with our Biotrition Food Intolerance Test.  
  5. Cleanse and Detox intelligently.
    One of the most popular ways to ring in the new year is to do a cleanse or detox. Unfortunately, some can do more harm than good. Our Smart Detox 2-Week, Smart Cleanse 2-Week, and Spring Cleanse 3-Day Action Plans have been used safely and successfully by our clients for years. They are free to NCI Well Connect subscribers.
  6. Choose mental and exercise routines to fit your needs.
    Methods for exercising your mind and body should be just as individualized as your food choices. Most importantly, make sure your routine fits your lifestyle capabilities.