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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
March 20, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber, 


Voting Open for the Round of 32!
First round of the 2013 Superfood Championship lived up to the hype. Upset city baby! #5 seed Prunes were knocked off by #12 Eggs. Another #12, Pistachios, upset #5 Coffee. The overall vote getter was Kale.
The round of 32 boasts several titanic match ups. In the Wellness Division, Green Tea goes up against Onions. The Nutrient Division pits Bok Choy against Dark Chocolate. 
Spring Break Announcement:
If you are going out of the country for spring break, make sure you bring a viable probiotic. Other parts of the world house microbes that may be foreign to your digestive tract. If you catch something, have some grapefruit seed extract on hand as well for support.
Carlson Super 2 Daily Multivitamin Announcement:
Carlson Super 2 will be on backorder for several weeks. The quality of one of the source materials did not pass Carlson's rigorous testing standards. If you are getting low and need a replacement option, contact us so we can take into account your individual needs.


Have a happy, healthy day. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

The Limits of Juicing
Juicing, defined as drinking the liquid that has been freshly wrung from fruits and veggies, is not new, but is very trendy. Juicing proponents say it beats eating whole fruits or veggies for consuming a wide array of produce while still getting most of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemical. They also claim because you're getting the produce in liquid form, your body can absorb nutrients more fully and your digestive system gets a respite from processing fiber. We beg to differ.


Fiber, the pulp and skin from whole fruits and veggies, is often discarded in juicing, along with its ability to help you feel full longer. In addition, fiber is crucial for digestive health by providing bulk for your stool, detoxification, and food for beneficial intestinal bacteria. You get five times as much fiber from an orange compared to a glass of orange juice.


Your body knows what to do when you are eating a fruit or vegetable because it has been harmoniously doing so for thousands of years. However, drinking a glass of juice does not compute because your body is overloaded with sugar. One glass of juice has more sugar than a single piece of whole fruit. A small apple has about 80 calories, but it can take six or more apples to yield just one cup of juice.


Some vegetable juices differ from fruit juices in that they don't have the high sugar content and juicing many vegetables can help break down the cell structure, making the phytonutrients more bioavailable or more easily absorbed by the body. However, steer clear of commercially prepared drinks unless you are an expert label reader. Just because a veggie juice is green doesn't mean it's always low-cal or not loaded with hidden sugar. You see "green" and assume kale and spinach, but if you look at the ingredients, one of the first is apple juice. The second ingredient is pear concentrate.


Keep in mind the sight, texture, feeling and aroma of food are important components in a healthy diet. A glass of juice is gone in two seconds, which has no satiety factor. 


If you juice, you MUST pulverize whole fruits and/or vegetables - stem, seeds, pulp and all. This way is actually healthy for people who simply don't like the texture of eating a piece of fruit in its whole state.


Fruit vs. Juice
How a single piece of some popular fruits fare against eight ounces of their liquid counterparts:


The fruit: 1 medium, 45 calories, 2.3 grams fiber and 9 grams sugar.
The juice: 112 calories, 0.1 gram fiber and 20.8 grams sugars


The fruit: 1 medium has 72 calories, 3.3 grams fiber and 14.3 grams sugar.
The juice: 120 calories, 0.3 gram fiber and 27.2 grams sugar.



The fruit: 1 cup has 62 calories, 0.8 gram fiber and 15 grams sugar.
The juice: 154 calories, 0.3 gram fiber and 37.6 grams sugar.   


The fruit: 1 cup diced has 74 calories, 2.2 grams fiber and 14.4 grams sugar.
The juice: 140 calories, 0.5 gram fiber and 34 grams sugar.

Vote Your Favorite Foods Right Now


The second round of the 2013 Superfood Championship is under way. Participation is easy. 

The Superfood Championship runs concurrently with March Madness, the Men's and Women's College Basketball Championship. 


We encourage you to involve your family, friends, and coworkers in the process. Superfoods have never been so fun!


Vote each round until there is a winner. If you participate through the championship game, you will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a $50 Whole Foods gift certificate.