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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin

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March 24, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,


Did you know that a new study from American Journal of Epidemiology observed a significant interaction between sleep duration and physical activity in predicting death. Long sleep duration (more than 8 hours) was associated with increased mortality risk and shorter survival among only those with low physical activity.


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


The Difference Between Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
It's All About Transparency.

We like Trader Joe's because they have many foods that are difficult to find and they cater to those with food intolerances. However, people assume all products from Trader Joe's are organic or healthy or better than what you would find elsewhere. This is not always the case.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe's transparency is lacking. For example, Trader Joes claims that they do not allow GMO ingredients in their private label products. However, there is no regular independent third party certifier verifying their products are non-GMO. If there are complaints about a product, Trader Joe's will conduct verification with a secret third party that they won't disclose.

In addition, Trader Joe's does not want us to know which suppliers they are using because it could upset consumers and their suppliers. For example, Stoneyfield supplies their yogurt, Stacey's supplies their pita chips, and Sungold Foods private labels their Sunbutter. The companies they work with, like Stacey's, don't want you to know that you can buy their pita chips two dollars less at Trader Joe's under a private label. 


Whole Foods, which carries its share of questionable foods, such as "natural junk" and prepared foods, have still set the bar for transparency. From its lengthy list of unacceptable ingredients for food, to its strict rules for how seafood is caught and meat is raised, the company sets a high bar for what is permitted on its shelves.

Whole Foods is now even dictating what kind of fertilizer farmers that grow its produce can use. Specifically, the company recently launched a produce rating system that will prohibit produce farmed using sludge.  
Trader Joe's is so far behind Whole Foods that it is questionable to compare them. If they do not improve, Trader Joe's will eventually run into problems with its customer base. That may come when GMO labeling laws are passed and many of the products we thought were free of GMOs are not.  
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Steve Minsky
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Here Are This Week's Topics:

  • Little Known Contributing Factor to Obesity.
  • Optimal Time to Take Your Meds.
  • The Skinny on Olive Oil.
  • The 5 Second Rule: Fact or Fiction?
  • Super-Sizing This Product Is Not All That Bad.
  • Bonnie-Endorsed Cereal
  • Decadent Chocolate Spread
  • Hormone Helps Diabetes.
  • Radiation Alternative for Kids. 
  • Whole Foods Ahead of the Pack.
  • Study Sheds More Light on Lactose Tolerance/Intolerance.

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