3 Day Spring Sale!
April 29 to May 1
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that more than ever, we must be smart about how we approach exposure to the sun?

New research has shown that avoiding the sun can be as risky as smoking, so getting 15 minutes per day without sunscreen would be ideal.

Many sunscreens contain chemicals that interact poorly with our bodies. A new study presented at the Endocrine Society's annual meeting found that many of these chemicals interfere with the function of human sperm cells. Some mimic the effect of female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

A great resource to choose safe sunscreen is the Environmental Working Group'sSunscreen Database. They only focus on SPF over 30 because anything less has not been shown to be protective.

School's almost out. Snowbirds are returning from their winter habitats. Great time for a diet and lifestyle reboot. We are working with families that now span 3 generations!

Have a happy, healthy day. Steve and Bonnie
3 Day Spring Sale!
April 29 to May 1
NCI Well Connect 2
Steve: For the next three days, you can order both April and May supplement sale items and...

There's a reason why NCI Well Connect members stay members long-term.

The twice weekly eNewsletters, chock-full of information that touches every aspect of wellness, would be enough for most. But the recent addition of free genetic evaluation for nutritional needs has been a game changer.

23&Me/Pure Genomics
Hundreds of members who have had their genetic methylation and vitamin A & D pathways analyzed are amazed by the new information we would never have been able to discern prior to this test.

These pathways have solved family health history mysteries clients have wondered about their entire lives.

For many others, it is reaffirmation to continue their diligence in adhering to optimal wellness, because when they are doing so great and their siblings with the similar genetics are not, there can only be one reason why.

Finally, many of us are sharing the results with parents, siblings, and screening our kids as well.

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For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we are offering a one year membership for 49.99 (from 79.99). If you sign up during our 3 day drive, you will be entered into a raffle to win a free 23&Me Genetics Kit ($199 value).

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Screening for Vitamin A & D Genetic Deficiencies Is Now Available!

Bonnie and Steve: If one or more of these boxes are yellow or red, then you have genetic deficiencies that may impair your ability to break down and move toxins from your body. The great thing is that you can prevent impairment with diet, lifestyle, and nutrient modification.

The graphic on top is the methylation cycle. The bottom graphic is coming soon: genes associated with how well you can absorb vitamin A & D. If you have not done your 23andMe genetic test, yet, what are you waiting for?

NCI Well Connect Membership Drive -
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One Year Membership Includes:
  1. Weekly eNewsletters (84 issues). We publish our long-form issue on Monday and a Mid-Week Brief on Wednesday. Here is a recent preview issue.
  2. Self-Help Action Plans. Access to two titles per month from our self-help Action Plan Library. There are currently 41 Action Plan titles to date on all aspects of wellness, including the new Fast Mimicking Diet Action Plan. You can view the full library of titles here.
  3. Natural Foods Shopping List. Updated quarterly, our Natural Foods Shopping List includes only the most meticulously vetted, highest quality food and beverage products that we recommend to our clients. These include gluten-free, corn-free, and kosher pareve items.
  4. Free 15 Minute Wellness Coaching Sessions (visits with Bonnie are separate) on topics such as 23andMe genetic results, Immune System, Detox, Shedding Weight, Food Cravings and Food Addiction, or those of your own choosing.

The approximate cost for all of this? Less than one dollar a week!


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