NCI Well Connect: April 3, 2017
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that all it takes is one quarter of a cup of nuts daily to lower the risk of coronary heart disease by nearly 30 percent, cancer by 15 percent, respiratory disease by about a half, diabetes by nearly 40 percent, and risk of premature death by 22 percent, according to a recent study from BMC Medicine?

Pure Genomics just released their newest genetic screening panel, Weight Maintenance and Metabolic Health. See below for details. 

Metagenics sent a memo alerting us of a problem customers have had purchasing counterfeit and adulterated products from third party sources on the Internet. Pure Encapsulations alerted us to similar occurrences with their products. Overheated products, expired products, labels removed, QR codes removed, and label tampering are all major issues. Read the memo here.

We are not a third party vendor. We are an authorized vendor for Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations.

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie
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Steve Minsky
From Editor Steve Minsky
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Does Fiber Block Mineral Absorption?

Bonnie and Steve: Studies examining the role of dietary fiber on mineral bioavailability is confusing to say the least.

Some studies have failed to show negative effects on mineral absorption, and even in some cases reported absorption enhancing properties. 

Other literature suggests that fibers have negative effects on mineral absorption in the gastrointestinal tract largely due to mineral binding or physical entrapment.

So where does the truth lie? As usual, it depends upon the individual.

For someone with a healthy, normally functioning digestive system, fiber should not interact with mineral absorption. In fact, ideal colonic fermentation of dietary fibers may offset any potential negative effect by liberating bound minerals and promoting colonic absorption.

Optimal digestive enzyme availability is also a very important component to absorbing minerals.

However, for someone with GI dysfunction, we would suggest that taking minerals away from any fiber supplement or fiber-rich meal (i.e. bean-rich dishes). This is one of the reasons why we recommend taking calcium and magnesium before bed and upon waking.

The type of fiber also has a lot to do with its mineral-blocking capacity. For example, psyllium fiber is a major roadblock for mineral absorption, while inulin poses little, if any, threat.
Imprecise Medicine

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
Steve: Traditional saunas emit direct heat. Far Infrared uses light to create heat. Far infrared run at much milder temperatures, but travels much deeper into the body, which is why you sweat more vigorously.

Far Infrared Therapy offers numerous therapeutic benefits, most importantly enhanced detoxification. Many of our clients use it to relieve painful joints, rev up metabolism, and remove buildup of heavy metals.

Far Infrared has shown to draw out 15 to 20% more heavy metals (i.e., mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic), hormone-disrupting chemicals, sulfuric acid, ammonia, uric-acid, and fat-soluble toxins than traditional saunas.

A recent study from Age and Ageing, showed that healthy subjects whose sauna use averaged 4 to 7 times per week were 66% less likely to develop dementia at 20-year follow-up than those who used a sauna once a week. In addition, they had a 65% risk reduction for Alzheimer's Disease.

A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine found that increased frequency of sauna bathing reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality.

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Well Connect Coaching Sessions
One of the perks of being a NCI Well Connect Member is that you have a 30 minutes of free wellness coaching session with Steve.

This includes analyzing your Pure Genomics' genetic methylation, vitamin A, D, and essential fatty acids, detoxification and antioxidant pathways, weight management, and metabolic health from your 23andMe raw data.
To schedule your free appointment with Steve, email or phone 847-498-3422.

We are so excited to announce that this week, Pure Genomics will release their next panel, "Weight Management and Metabolic Health".

These three genes, as well as one for essential fatty acids, address numerous questions you may have about which eating plan and lifestyle choices are right for your individual needs.

What should you do now?

Current Pure Genomics Users
Wait for our announcement that the Weight Management and Metabolic Health panel has been uploaded and updated in our Pure Genomics database. Then, you can request by email that we send your updated results.

No, you do not have to send us your 23andMe data again. In fact, you never have to! Once it is in our database, it stays there. And one thing about your genetic does not change. The only thing that changes is how your diet and lifestyle choices affect the expression of your genes.

Not a Pure Genomics User?
If you have never used Pure Genomics before, please refer to this document which will answer all your questions about how to provide us with your genetic data and get started.

What If I Have One or More Genetic Deficiencies in This New Panel?
If you exhibit genetic deficiencies, we highly recommend speaking with either myself or Bonnie to go over the results and tweak your dietary, supplement, and lifestyle choices.

As NCI Well Connect Members, you have one free analysis each year. So if you have not used up your freebie, this would be a good time to. Otherwise, it will be $45 or $75 depending on the amount of time needed.
Action Plan of the Month:
Spring Cleanse 3-Day Challenge
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This comes in handy when spring comes along and you want to give your body a break. Our Spring Cleanse 3-Day Challenge is a food-only cleanse that will allow your body to relax, repair, and rejuvenate. 

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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
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