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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
May 14, 2014

Dear Valued Subscriber,  

DID YOU KNOW that a study in Osteoporosis International found women taking calcium supplements over a 24 year-period did NOT have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease? Women taking supplements were more active, ate healthier, and had lower average body mass.
The reason this study is so important is that none of the women (74,725) had heart disease initially. The length of time researchers followed the women is also ideal for a supplement study.

Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Internet Supplement Fraud Growing.

Bonnie and Steve: We have received several reports from clients and have been alerted by supplement manufacturers about fraudulent dietary supplements being sold on on the Internet.


The most frequent reports concern either adulterated ingredients or Internet sellers using expired product who then change the expiration dates on labels.


We have found that this predominately occurs in high quality professional brands that may be too expensive for Internet sellers to stock, or supplements that are riding the "Dr. Oz effect". Supplements mentioned by Dr. Oz go out of stock rapidly, allowing fraudulent companies to step in with adulterated product to take advantage of customer impatience.


For high quality professional supplement brands, use only an authorized Internet seller or go back to the health professional you originally purchased the supplements from. If you are not sure who is an authorized seller, call the manufacturer and they will tell you.


How not to fall prey to Dr. Oz fraud? Always check with your health professional or pharmacist to see if they are familiar with the brand or can verify its ingredients.


Sharron Pierce Retires.


Bonnie and Steve: Sharron Pierce has decided to retire after 14 years as our Office Manager. Her dependability, work ethic, devotion to our mission, and most importantly, her smile, will be missed.


Sharron is more than just a coworker, she is a friend.


Sharron will not be in the office for you to wish her well in person. If you want to pass along a message to her, you can just email us and we will make sure she gets it.


Purest Source of Whey Protein Delivers.

According to a new study from Journal of the American College of Nutrition, evidence supports a benefit on body weight and composition from Whey Protein (WP) provided either as a supplement combined with resistance exercise or as part of a body weight reduction or weight maintenance diet.

Whey protein has a number of functional properties that could positively affect body composition. Consumption of WP has been shown to suppress appetite and increase satiety more than other proteins, including casein, soy, and egg.


Whey protein is digested and absorbed rapidly, stimulating an increase in muscle protein synthesis and a small suppression of resistance exercise-associated muscle protein breakdown.

In addition, new evidence from Journal of Proteome Research confirms findings that whey is the most beneficial protein powder for people who are obese and do not yet have diabetes. The researchers examined how different protein sources affect metabolism. A meal supplemented with whey caused the subjects' stomachs to empty slower than the others, and had higher amounts of the specific types of amino acids that positively boost insulin levels.


Bonnie: We love whey protein powder. However, the whey must be from a specific, pure source. My whey protein suggestions can be accessed here by NCI Well Connect subscribers.