NCI Well Connect Mid-Week Brief
July 20, 2016
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that in case your doctor or pharmacist did not mention it, if you have a thyroid and you take your thyroid medication first thing in the morning, you need to wait at least 30 minutes before eating and taking dietary supplements?

If you do not have a thyroid, you need to wait two hours before eating and taking dietary supplements.

Key Thyroid Tip: If you usually get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, take it then to make it easier.

We are sad to announce that Winnetka-based allergist Kim Ricaurte will no longer be seeing patients on an ongoing basis. She is seeking other opportunities in the allergy field. For those taking her custom allergy drops, she will still make those available upon request.

Over the next few months, we will be evaluating local allergists to recommend, as we do not have one to recommend currently.

If you missed this in our most recent issues, please read Steve's Studies here.

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Have a happy, healthy day. Steve and Bonnie
Federal GMO Bill a Sham?
Bonnie and Steve: The House and Senate have now passed a weak piece of legislation diluted by special interests. If President Obama signs it, the consumer who "simply wants to know," will suffer.

Despite an outpouring of letters, calls and protests, both the Senate and House have caved to Monsanto and biotech interests, passing legislation that will deny Americans the right to know what is in in their food products. The toothless compromise will preempt states' rights to create their own genetically engineered food labeling laws (like Vermont's current law) and instead lead to a deeply flawed labeling system, riddled with loopholes, that will not require on-package labeling.

While the legislation requires mandatory disclosures on food labels, however, there is some flexibility over the form they can take,­ a compromise the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) supports. For example, it allows companies to use QR codes, other symbols, websites, and phone numbers instead of forcing them to state on back that a product uses GMOs.

How many of the lay public will actually take the extra step to follow through with this while they are in a store?

At least, foods that have organic certification are considered non-GMO. It will take a herculean effort to keep organic certification as strong as it is, however. Luckily, the popularity of organic products continues to skyrocket.

The U.S. organic industry saw its largest dollar gain ever in 2015, adding $4.2 billion in sales. Total organic food sales in the U.S. were $39.7 billion, up 11 percent from the previous year. Organic produce sales accounted for 36 percent of the organic market. Almost 13 percent of all the produce sold in the United States now is organic.

Organics will continue their upward trajectory if this bill is signed into law.

For now, we are at the mercy of Big Food. "This bill is a sweetheart deal for the food and agrichemical industries, who want to keep consumers guessing about the contents of their food," states Gary Ruskin, co­director of U.S. Right to Know.

Your last recourse is to urge President Obama to veto the DARK Act now!

Please call the White House at 202-456-1111 and urge President Obama to veto this bill. You can email and tweet the President as well.

To read the bill as currently written, go to this page.
Aspirin Intolerant?
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Genetic Nutrient Deficiency Revealed

Bonnie and Steve: If one or more of these boxes are yellow or red, then you have genetic deficiencies that may impair your ability to break down and move toxins from your body, as well as absorb vitamins A & D. The great thing is that you can prevent impairment with diet, lifestyle, and nutrient modification.

For example, if you cannot adequately convert Beta Carotene from food into absorbable vitamin A (retinol), this greatly increases your risk for the eye disease Macular Degeneration. Food and supplement modification addresses this issue.

The graphic on top is the methylation cycle. The bottom graphic is genes associated with vitamins A & D. If you have not done your 23andMe genetic test, yet, what are you waiting for?

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