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About Nutritional Concepts
Nutritional Concepts was founded in 1985 by Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist Bonnie Minsky (front row left).
She is joined by partner and son Steve Minsky and food consultant and daughter Carolyn Martinelli.
Chiropractor Dr. Liselotte Schuster (back row left) and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist Elizabeth Prebish (back row right) 

From day one, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing optimal health to the individual through changes in diet, nutrients, and lifestyle.  Evaluation, education, and prevention is our philosophy. We have never perceived optimal health as "one size fits all." Each of you have a specific genetic blueprint, live in different environmental conditions, and follow very different lifestyles. These are just a few of the factors that separate our nutritional needs from one another.

Our specialty is not having a specialty! We see clients of all ages with every health kind of issue imaginable. We get referrals from  physicians who, when asked what we do, say "I don't really know, but whatever they're doing works." It is not that complicated. Eat the perfect diet for you, the individual, and you will thrive.

We pride ourselves on staying way ahead of the curve when it comes to public health issues. For instance, we were vehemently against trans fats twenty years before they were finally removed from most foodstuffs. We tested for vitamin D deficiency and C-Reactive Protein long before they were in vogue.

Since 1997, has allowed us to reach not just local clientele, but people all over the world who take advantage of our products and services, daily blog, weekly eNewsletters, and media channel.

Whether you are just beginning to explore your options for nutritional assistance or are unsatisfied with many of the options out there, we will never tell you achieving optimal health is easy. With all the emotional distractions, stress and environmental pitfalls we encounter knowingly and unknowingly every day, it is easy to lose focus. Nutritional Concepts will provide you with the foundation, direction, resources and products in order to feel your best. As many of our clients have said, the feeling of well-being is so strong you won’t want to lose it.

Since 1985, bringing the wellness of tomorrow, today.

"Nutritional Concepts, I am not even a client, but called one day and spoke to someone there about my hair loss. I am forty years old, live a very healthy lifestyle, and eat impeccably. I could not understand why I was losing my hair. You had mentioned that it could be one of two things: because I have been a vegetarian for 22 years, you suspected low protein intake. Otherwise, it could have been hormone imbalance. Low and behold, after eating more protein, six months later I have a full head of hair! You are the best Nutritional Concepts. Your reputation precedes you. Stephanie" More Testimonials

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