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What Is Preventive Nutrition?

Preventive nutrition covers all aspects of wellness, including genetic variation, diet and nutritional awareness, physical fitness, stress management, and gaining a sense of responsibility for lifestyle choices and their effects upon one's health.

Preventive nutrition is concerned with a high level of personal well-being, disease prevention, and recognition of recurring health problems or symptoms of discomfort which are often precursors to medical problems. By analyzing your bloodwork, a three-day food diary, and our exclusive questionnaire, we discover through diet, nutrient, and lifestyle modification what is required for you to achieve optimal health.

What Are The Benefits?

Our goal is to arm you with all the tools to achieve optimal health for the long and short-term. Many people find that small changes in life-style can greatly increase their general sense of well-being, contribute to higher levels of energy and vitality, decrease mood swings, and increase resistance to illness and infection. Often, recurring health problems can be alleviated or abetted through changes in diet, exercise levels, stress management skills, and nutritional supplementation.

In addition to these daily benefits, current scientific research clearly documents the need for dietary change to reduce the risk of developing degenerative diseases including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, obesity, and diabetes. Fortunately, the recommendations for those varied medical problems are similar. First, your genetic variation plays a vital role in addressing these problems. Second, eating a large variety of fresh, natural foods with emphasis on bioavailable protein, compatible carbohydrates, and healthy fats while reducing harmful food additives, refined sugar, heavily processed foods, and empty calories will also address these problems. Although these recommendations seem simple, they can bewilder the client when trying to put them into practice.

Our aim is to create the most individualized nutritional protocol for you and simplify our recommendations so that they can be implemented naturally.

Who Can Benefit?

People with any or most of the following conditions:

-Children with behavior/learning problems
-Children who are finicky eaters
-People with compulsive eating patterns
-Senior citizens trying to slow down the aging process
-Pregnant/nursing women or women trying to conceive
-Women with cystic breast disease, PMS, vulvodynia, or chronic vaginal/bladder infections
-Women struggling with menopausal issues

Weight Control

Many people think that reaching a weight goal constitutes successful dieting. While losing weight is a great achievement, the real challenge and success comes from maintaining that weight loss. By altering your eating habits based on your individual needs, you will be able to end emotional overeating and listen to your body's natural instincts and hunger signals.

Nutritional Supplementation

For many of us, diet, urban living, aging, medical problems, medications, cigarettes, alcohol, compromised health, stress, and/or genetic tendencies increase our need for specific nutrients. In addition to optimizing body functions, nutritional supplements can provide dietary support for disease prevention. Since each of us differs biochemically and genetically, a supplementation program is designed to meet your individual needs. We go to great lengths to dispense only the highest quality, allergen/preservative-free, independently assayed, and most heavily researched dietary supplements available.

About Our Nutritionist

Bonnie Minsky is an internationally renowned nutritionist. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, an associate member of the American College of Nutrition, a Public Health Educator, and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in Illinois. Since 1985, Ms. Minsky has provided preventive health and wellness information to the public through private counseling, corporate and school consulting, corporate wellness programs, speaking engagements for schools and community organizations, and numerous appearances on radio and television programs. She is author of several nutrition and health books and a syndicated health columnist.

Ms. Minsky has diverse educational and career backgrounds, including nutrition, education, school and family counseling, and public health. Her long-term goal of ensuring optimum health for all Americans has led to appointments to the Nutrition for Optimal Health Association Board of Directors, the Illinois Dietetic and Nutrition Services Board, the National Citizens for Health Board, and the National Association for public Health Food Policy Council in Washington D.C.  

*Nutrition Business Journal honored Bonnie with the 2005 Personal Achievement Award for 20 exemplary years of serving the public's nutritional needs.

About Nutritional Concepts

Ms. Minsky is President and Wellness Director of Nutritional Concepts, Inc. Together with son and partner, Steve Minsky, Nutritional Concepts has become a hub for cutting edge nutrition information. Beyond the services Ms. Minsky provides, Nutritional Concepts offers the finest quality dietary supplements,, an informative website for adults and children, daily blog, and free monthly email newsletter, and our famous Action Plans. In addition, Nutritional Concepts advises school districts about their lunch and snack programs, and is frequently called upon by the community to provide expertise on pressing public health issues.

Genetics – the Future of Nutrition

As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “virtually all human diseases result from the interaction of genetic susceptibility factors and modifiable environmental factors, broadly defined to include infections, chemical, physical, nutritional, and behavioral factors” (CDC, August, 2000).

Each of our genotypes contains genetic polymorphisms, a polite word for “defects.” Whether we develop health issues or not is dependent on our phenotypes, or how our genes are expressed. Under the influence of environmental and dietary triggers, genetic polymorphisms can make a person more or less prone to developing certain diseases or physiological imbalances.

Some individuals may benefit from using the preventive genomic approach to disease prevention. If you have had genetic testing and would like advice on transcribing the results from a preventive point of view, we are some of the first health professionals with specialized training in doing this. Please contact Steve at 847-498-3422 for more details.


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