Nutritional Concepts
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Curriculum Vitae

Bonnie C. Minsky, M.A., M.P.H., C.N.S., L.D.N



(Chicago, IL), Master of Public Health- Community Health Sciences, Public Health Nutrition (1989)

NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY (Chicago, IL), Master of Arts-School and Family Counseling (1977)

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (Urbana-Champaign, IL), Bachelor of Science in Education (1969)


1000+ hours of Continuing Education Programs for Dietitian Nutritionists (1995-present),
Nutrition and  the Cancer Patient, Metabolic Nutrition Assessment, The Impact of Nutrition on Academic Performance, Sports Nutrition, Supernutrition for the Menopausal Woman, Clinical Nutrition Assessment

200+ hours for Menopause Educator Certification (2002-present)

Public Health Internship for the March of Dimes Birth Defects
Foundation (Chicago, IL)
Coordinated and implemented “Babies and You” corporate prenatal health program, provided nutrition
research data for the “Babies and You” Prenatal Nutrition Curriculum for use nationwide, (1989) presenter for “Babies and You” and “Parents of the Future” (1989-1998)

30 Master Degree Hours (1985-1986), Therapeutic Nutrition, Loyola University

Counseling Internship at Skiles Junior High School (Evanston, IL)
Provided individual and group counseling for teens with learning and behavior problems, administered and tabulated standardized tests (1976-1977)


1985-Present   NUTRITIONAL CONCEPTS, INC. (Northbrook, IL)
Title:  President, Wellness Director; provides private and group nutritional counseling; provides nutrition and health promotion programs and healthy cooking classes for corporations, community organizations, schools, nursing homes, assisted living centers, anti-aging organizations, and hospitals (including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Chicago Federation of Labor, Chicago Metropolitan Water Reclamation Project, Evanston Hospital, Cole-Taylor Bank, Zenith Corporation, Oakton Community College, Harper College, Barat College, Lake Forest College, National College of Education, Midwestern Regional Medical Center, Cancer Wellness Center, and hundreds of Chicago area schools.

1988-1992        BODY THERAPEUTICS, INC. (Highland Park, IL)
Title: Nutrition and Behavior Specialist; provided individual and group nutritional consultations.

1987-1992        NUTRITION FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION (Winnetka and Skokie, IL.) Title: Director of the Speaker’s Bureau and Vice-President of Nutrition Education; provided nutrition programs for schools and the community; provided healthy cooking classes (volunteer).

1984-1987        CONSUMER HEALTH RESOURCES CENTER (Northbrook, IL)
Title: co-director; provided consumer information relating to health and medical problems, provided consumer health advocacy.

1977-1982        PRIVATE CONSULTANT- SCHOOL AND FAMILY COUNSELING (Chicago Area) Provided counseling to students with learning/behavioral problems and their families (referrals from suburban school districts).

1969-1972        TEACHER IN CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS (Chicago, IL)
Taught third
grade at Schiller School and taught as a substitute teacher for Grade K-9.


Certified Nutrition Specialist with The American College of Nutrition (1996-present)

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in the State of Illinois (1995-present)

Professional Member of The American College of Nutrition (1998-present)

Certified Menopause Educator with the National Certification Corporation for Obstetric, Gynecological, Neonatal, Nursing Specialties (2002-present)

Member of the Dietetic and Nutrition Services Board for the State of Illinois (1994-2000)

National Board Member of Citizens for Health (1993-1996)

Certified School Guidance Counselor in the State of Illinois (1977-present)

Certified Teacher in the State of Illinois (1969-present)

President of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists (Illinois Chapter, 1991-1994)

Vice-President and Director of the Speaker’s Bureau for Nutrition for Optimal Health Association (1987-1989); Member from 1984-present

Member of the Illinois Public Health Association (1988-2003)

Member of the American Public Health Association (1988-2003)

Volunteer Speaker for the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation “Babies and You” corporate prenatal program and “Parents of the Future” high school Prenatal health program (1989-1998)


Personal Achievement Award, 2005 Nutrition Business Journal

Best Small Business 2007, Working Mother Magazine


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Author of Circle of Health Food Chart, 2004

Syndicated Health Writer for Conscious Choice Magazine (and other magazines); monthly health column, 2003 - 2004

Author of Our Children’s Health; Vital Health Publishing, 2002.

Author of Nutrition in a Nutshell; Vital Health Publishing, 1999.

Co-Author of The Illinois Dietetic and Nutrition Services Act (this bill became a law on January 1, 1992).  This model law provides mandatory licensing for providers of Nutrition Services in Illinois and mandates educational requirements and continuing education for all practitioners.

Author of Nutrition in a Nutshell Preventive Health Curriculum (for Grades K-6), 1985.



Spoke for over 100 organizations including many schools (elementary school-college),

            Blue-Cross and Blue Shield Organization, hospitals, Parent-Teacher Associations,

            community centers, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and

            several health fairs (a complete list available upon request)

1994 (Partial Listing)                                  

Oakton Community College (Des Plaines, IL), Nutrition through the Female Cycle

Kemper Insurance Company (Long Grove, IL), Babies and You…Nutrition and

            Fitness for Two (prenatal programs for employees)

Menopause Support Group (Buffalo Grove, IL), Nutritional Tips during Menopause

No MSG Annual Conference (Chicago, IL), panel member with Russell Blaylock, M.D.

            (neurosurgeon) and George Schwartz, M.D (emergency room physician) for

            Food that Hurts (regarding MSG hidden in foods and MSG toxicity)

Nutrition for Optimal Health Association (Skokie, IL), Ask the Experts open forum

Shepard Junior High School (Deerfield, IL), Healthy Eating (school assembly)

1995 (Partial Listing)

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Chicago, IL), Eating and Fitness for Two (sponsored by

            March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation)

Israel (Tel Aviv) All Day Seminar Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Health with 3 days of

            private nutrition counseling sessions

Lake Forest Country Day School (Lake Forest, IL), Optimum Eating for Optimum

            Health, Energy & Fitness (presented to 8th graders)

Northern Illinois Division of March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation (Rockford, IL),

Training of Hospital Health Professionals in presenting Nutrition and Fitness for Two for pregnant women

Vulvar Pain Support Group (Evanston Hospital) The Yeast-Free and Low Oxalate Diet

            For Women with Vulvar Pain

Midwestern Region Medical Center (Zion, IL), 12 Healthy Cooking Classes for Cancer


Wilmette Public Schools (Wilmette, IL), Seminar for Teaching Staff, What Teachers can

            do to Enhance Learning and Prevent Behavior Problems

1996 (Partial Listing)                                            

Cancer Wellness Center (Northbrook, IL), Nutrition- A Complement to Your Cancer


Cancer Wellness Center (Northbrook, IL), Hormones- To Do or Not to Do (moderator for

            Health professional panel)

Harper School (4th graders) (Wilmette, IL), Nutrition/Digestion

Lake Forest Recreation Department (Lake Forest, IL), Menopause…That’s not a hot

            flash- it’s a power surge!

Midwestern Region Medical Center (Zion, IL), 12 Healthy Cooking Classes for Cancer


Naperville Public Schools (Naperville, IL), Seminar for Teaching Staff (Optimum

            Nutrition for Children K-6)

New Trier High School (Wilmette, IL), Seminar for Teaching Staff (Optimum Nutrition

            for Teens)

1997 (Partial Listing)                                       

Cancer Wellness Center (Northbrook, IL), Complementary Cancer Treatment: Risks vs.


Comprehensive Therapeutics Corporation (Northbrook, IL), Eating on the Run

Grove School (Northbrook, IL), Healthy Eating

Lake Forest Recreation Department (for staff), Basic Nutrition with the Latest Research


Meadow Club (Rolling Meadows, IL), Sports Nutrition

Meadow Club (Rolling Meadows, IL), Safe Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation

Midwestern Region Medical Center (Zion, IL), 12 Healthy Cooking Classes for Cancer


Naperville Public Schools (Naperville, IL) Middle School Assembly, Taming the Junk

Food Monster

Seminar for a Community Organization (Los Angeles, CA): Breezing Through


New Trier High School (Wiinetka, IL), Seminar for Teaching Staff, Nutrition for Optimal


Josselyn Mental Health Center (Northfield, IL), Seminar for Psychiatrists, Psychologists,

            and Social Workers, Nutritional Support for Building Mental Health

1998-1999 (Partial Listing)

American Online, The Crossroads (guest expert for nutritional questions)

Metagenics ( National Nutraceutical Company) Series for Illinois Health Professionals:    

Raising Healthy Kids to Optimum Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social Well-Being

Women’s Division of Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago (various Chicagoland

            Locations), four part series of Nutrition in a Nutshell: Ten Nutritional Concepts to

            Build Health and Slow Down the Aging Process

2000-2005 (Partial Listing)

Business Executive Association, Chicago, IL, What’s Hot and What’s Not in Nutritional


St. Francis Hospital, Evanston, IL, Nutrition Education for Obstetricians and

Gynecologists, Nutrition for the Female Life Cycle
Evanston School District 65, For Parents and Teachers, The Role of Allergies and

Nutrition in Behavior and Learning Problems

Kendall College sponsored by Kraft Foods, Inc., Nutritional Value of Grains in the Diet

The Claremont Rehab and Living Center, Build Health and Slow Down the Aging


Glencoe Parent/Teacher Association, Glencoe, IL, Our Children’s Health to Optimize

Learning and Behavior

MCS: Health and Environment Group, Evanston, IL, Our Kids in Nutritional Crisis and

            What we can do to Help Them

American Physical Therapy Association Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL How to Build

Women’s Health Through Nutritional Balance

Nutrition for Optimal Health Association (N.O.H.A.), Lincolnwood, IL, Our Children’s

Health:  America’s Kids in Nutritional Crisis and What We Can Do to Help

Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL How Nutrition Can Reduce Stress

Glencoe PTA, Glencoe, IL Our Children’s Health…Tricks for Avoiding Too Many Treats

Multiplex, Deerfield, IL, Heart Health with Dr. Stephen Devries, M.D., preventive


School District 74 (Lincolnwood Elementary Schools), Nutritional Improvements in

Cafeteria and Vending Machine Foods (coordinated changes with administration,

parents, and food service staff)

Illinois Chapter of American Liver Foundation, Seminar at Lutheran General Hospital,

Park Ridge, IL, Dietary and Nutritional Supplementation for Liver Impairment

Wilmette Public Schools, School Nutrition Adviser; added 5-a-Day Program to

encourage eating more fruits and vegetables; assisted cooks in removing transfats

from school lunches

Rehab Associates Physical Therapy, Columbus, OH; Women's Health Program

2006-Present (Partial List)

Swedish Covenant Hospital; Women's Health and Inflammation

DeKalb Farm Bureau's Women's Health Symposium; Preventive Steps for Optimal Health

National Conference of Geriatric Nurse Practitioners; The Importance of Geriatric Nutrition

CNA Insurance

Healthy Schools Campaign, assisted in creating Wellness Plan and modified School Lunch Program

Arthur Gallagher

Career Education Corporation

Discover Financial Services

Fremont School District 79, assisted in creating Wellness Plan and modified the School Lunch Program

Wilmot Schools, Deerfield, IL, Optimizing Your Child for Cold and Flu Season

Timothy Christian School, assisted in creating Wellness Plan, modified School Lunch Program