Nutritional Concepts
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In the Media


WLS-TV Chicago, "Chicagoans React to MyPlate Food Guide"
CNBC's Morning Call, "Should the government ban trans fat?"
NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, "Trans Fats", transcript and video
WTTW, Chicago Tonight, "Trans Fats"
WGN News at 9, "Eat Pain Away"
Fox News Chicago, "Reflux Meds in Children."
CBS San Diego, The Early Show, "Natural Fertility"
First Business, "Milk & Dairy Controversy"
CBS San Diego, The Early Show, "2005 My Pyramid vs. The Circle of Health"
First Business, "Deciphering My Pyramid." Nationally Syndicated
WGN News, "2005 My Pyramid," w/Chief Medical Reporter Dina Bair
Fox News Chicago, "2005 My Pyramid." w/Reporter Margaret Shortridge
First Business, "Healthy Eating at Work." Nationally Syndicated
First Business, "Healthy Eating for Traders." Nationally Syndicated 
Discovery Health Channel, "Food for Life" 


-Bonnie's Blog

-Pioneer Press, "Nutritionist Published Allergy Guide"
-Chicago Tribune, "Voice of the People"
-Pioneer Local, "MegaBites Heeds Call to Eat Small"
-Pioneer Local, "Timothy Students Get a Taste of Something Better"
-Natural Health Magazine, "Healthy Eats for Kids"
-Chicago Tribune, "10 Foods Allergy Sufferers Should Try."
-Chicago Tribune, "Life Without Sugar."
-Crain's Chicago Business, "Nutrition advice: meaty enough?"
-Today's Chicago Woman, "From Chronic Fatigue to Chronically Feeling Super"
-Flash News Service,
"26-Year-Old Cupcake Keeps Health Crusade Cooking"
-Chicago Tribune, Blue Tortilla Diet
-Chicago Tribune, Probiotics are Fightin' Germs
-Massage Therapy Journal
-Bicycling Magazine - "Green Tea"
-Chicago Tribune, "Taste of Freedom Bad for Teen Diet"
-Working Mother Magazine, NCI honored as a Best Small Business
-National Culinary Review, "Avocado Bravado"
-Crain's Chicago Business, "New York fat ban turns up heat on McDonald's"
-Daily Herald, "Plump Pilgrims Notwithstanding: you can choose a healthy meal at Thanksgiving"
-The New York Post, "Hostess with the Mostest Truly a Repulsive Relic"
-Medill News Service, "Experts provide guide to health and wealth"
-The Guardian (UK), "Grease is the Word"
-Chicago Tribune, "Benefits of Omega 3's"
-Pioneer Press, "Starting the Day Right"
-Pioneer Press, "They lost weight...and kept it off."
-Pioneer Press, "Q&A Bonnie Minsky"
-Chicago Parent, May Issue, "Eating Right on the Run."
-Daily Herald, "Retailers bite on nutrition-themed toys"
-2005 Personal Achievement Award, Nutrition Business Journal
-Healthy Dining Chicago, April Newsletter
-Pioneer Press, "School Lunch Program"
-Extra Bilingual News, "USDA Launches Spanish Version of New Food Pyramid"
-Daily Herald, "Business Stresses Role of Proper Diet"
-Chicago Tribune, "Going Against the Grain"
-Pioneer Press, "MyPyramid: What the USDA Won't Tell You"
-Today's Chicago Woman, August
-Lawndale News
-Daily Herald
-All You Magazine
-Conscious Choice Health Columnist '03-'04
-Today's Chicago Women, "Weight a Minute"
-Chicago Magazine
-North Shore Magazine
-Sully's Living Without


"Stan Layne" KPSI 920AM Palm Springs
"Eight Forty Eight" - WBEZ 91.5 Chicago Public Radio Listen
(requires real player)
Andrea Darlas, WGN News Radio 720, "USDA My Pyramid" Soundbite 1, Soundbite 2
"The Carl Everett Show" WBIG Aurora, IL
"On the Mark With Norman Mark," National Syndication, WKKD Chicago, IL &
    KNEWS Palm Springs, CA
"Paul Morgan's People To People," WBIG Aurora, IL
"Deborah Ray" National Syndication, Clearwater FL
"Linda Stein's Getting Personal" National Syndication, Ft. Pierce Florida
"The Johnny Bowden Show" on
"Dr. David McMillan's Strategies for Living," Shreveport, LA

"Hi, Bonnie. I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your segment on this morning's radio show.  
Your presentation of the facts was excellent.  The information was surprising and very, very enlightening." Dolores


Constant Contact All Star 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Constant Contact Email Marketing
Best Marketer Winner 2007, Steve Minsky, The American Business Awards
Best Small Business 2007, Nutritional Concepts, Working Mother Magazine
Personal Achievement Award 2005, Bonnie Minsky, Nutrition Business Journal


Bonnie C. Minsky Award at the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health -
Awarded annually to a SPH graduate student whose research and education interests relate to maternal and child health, women's health, healthy aging, and nutrition. 2008-present

Public Speaking 

NorthShore Women's Board of Skokie Hospital
Timothy Christian School
Wilmot Elementary Schools
Lakeshore Girls Lacrosse League -
"It was amazing, the pavilion was full of players and parents.  Thank you so much, Bonnie is wonderful. I had many parents seek me out to thank me for providing Bonnie and the information she gave the girls.  They really liked her a lot!" CarolLynn
24/7, A Club for the Constant Mom
Trinity Church Nursery School
National Conference of Nurse Practitioners - Jacksonville, FL
The Village Club Annual Luncheon -
"I just returned from the FABULOUS luncheon. 
Bonnie did a great job, keeping the guests riveted and wanting more. It seemed like she had a 
hard time getting out the door, the ladies had so many questions. We can't thank you enough. 
It was a great afternoon." Julie

DeKalb Dietary How-To
DeKalb Farm Bureau's Women's Health Symposium
Swedish Covenant Hospital 
Rehab Associates Physical Therapy Columbus, OH
Libertyville Evangelical Church Women's Group
American Liver Foundation
Keynote Address for the American Physical Therapy Association's Annual Meeting
Jewish United Fund)
Nutrition for Optimal Health Association
Kraft Foods
Metagenics Inc.
St. Francis Hospital
Whole Foods Markets

For inquiries, please contact Steve Minsky at 
847-498-3422 or


Past Public Speaking Topics

-How to deal with Pelvic Floor Pain
-Nutrition in a Nutshell: Ten Nutritional Concepts to Build Health and Slow Down the Aging Process."
-Nutrition for the Female Life Cycle
-The Role of Allergies and Nutrition in Behavior and Learning Problems
What's Wrong With America's Kids and What We Can Do to Fix It:  How to Ensure That Our Kids Will be Healthy and Happy with Strong Emotional IQ's
Nutrition on the Go
-Latest Advances for Protecting Your Heart
-How to Build Women's Health Through Nutritional Balance
Nutritional information for Physical Therapists
-The Role of Nutrition in Female Gynecology 

and hundreds more...