Sully's Living Without

"A must read for anyone who wants to get into better shape and take control of their weight without using over-processed diet aids. The key is eating real food that should grow moldy or rot - not processed fake foods. 'If mold won't feed on it, why should we?' the author reasons - she has a point. This book explains all the additives, chemicals, and other nasties in our food and offers a great resource for finding healthy branded food items."

The Book Reader

"Nutritional Consultant Bonnie Minsky gives plenty of sound nutritional advice here, and it's all presented in easy-to digest form. Her research into scientific studies is admirable, and there's plenty of information about resources for further examination. The personal case studies are fascinating, bringing home the tight relationship between sickness and diet: Bryan O, a hyperactive kid of eight, was put on a two week elimination diet avoiding common allergens and food additives. 'He is now totally off Ritalin and is a friendly, well-adjusted child.' The dangers of MSG and Aspartame, of food additives. Balancing protein, cutting out high levels of carbohydrates, the truth about fats: 'If we consume mostly monounsaturated fats and saturated fats in moderation as have our ancestors for thousands of years, we should not have to be afraid of fats.'

A full chapter on supplements, with an intriguing personal case study of a magnesium deficient individual when he added it as a supplement to his diet, 'Within three days of taking large doses of Magnesium Glycinate, his muscle pain disappeared, what he defined as mild depression for no reason, lifted." The worst foods for building health? French fries, potato chips, bacon, doughnuts, artificial food snacks. Best foods? Vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish. The ten commandments for losing weight (with a fast recommended at least every six months). In back, detailed food plans.

Nothing works as well as something that works well. Minsky works well, presenting information in a fast-paced, compelling manner and giving us a helpful amount of real live success stories."
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Napra Review
Mar/Apr 2001 Issue

"Nutritional authority Minsky offers principles of sound nutrition covering nutritional supplements, proteins, fats, carbs, and food safety issues. She also includes her “feel like a 10” food plan and a natural foods shopping list."