Nutritional Concepts
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Bonnie Minsky's Scheduling Menu

To schedule appointment: (847) 498-3422,, or live chat.
Gift Certificates, appointments by phone or Skype available upon request.

Nutrition Therapy is generally covered when provided by a licensed dietitian nutritionist (LDN)
and prescribed by a physician for "medical nutrtition therapy".


New Client Wellness Evaluation
*most popular option*
Cost -
$225.00 ($340 for 2 family members)
Duration - 90 minutes (120 minutes for 2 family members) in-office or by phone
Details - Bonnie Minsky analyzes your completed Welcome Packet, including:
bloodwork, wellness questionnaire, three-day food diary, medications, lifestyle choices,
and dietary supplements. Bonnie then provides you with the individualized dietary and
nutrient tools to achieve optimal health!
New! If you have 23andMe or genetic results, we can incorporate them
into your wellness evaluation. Contact us for instructions on how to send us your
raw genetic data prior to your first visit
Download Required Forms - doc or pdf

Cost - $75.00, $115.00, or $150.00
Duration - 30 min., 45 min., or 60 minutes
Details - Only for clients who have seen Bonnie before. We recommend a minimum of
one checkup yearly that coincides with your doctor physical (and new bloodwork).
We encourage you to come in as often as necessary to maintain optimal health.

Balanced Eating 101
Cost - $115.00 ($125 for 2 family members)
Duration - 45 minutes (60 minutes for two family members)
Details - Quick, cutting-edge, individualized discussion for balanced eating, safe weight-loss,
and optimal nutrient education. Ideal for children, teens, college-aged adults, and adults.
You can schedule with Bonnie or consultant Carolyn Martinelli.
Download Required Forms

Genetic Wellness Evaluation
Cost - $115.00-$150.00
Duration - 45 to 60 minutes (in-office or by phone)
Details - Email your 23andMe or raw genetic data,
along with current medication and supplement intake,
past and current health problems, and family history of disease.

No forms required.

Memory Guard Protocol

Cost - $115.00
Duration - 45 minutes (in-office or by phone)
Details - new or current clients and their family members.
Focuses on restoring, improving, protecting, and maintaining memory for
memory loss, dementia, early-onset Alzheimer's, or if you have the
genetic SNP (deficiency) associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Fill out one-page required form here

Natural Menopause
Bonnie is a certified menopause educator.
Cost - $115.00
Duration - 45 minutes
Details - new or existing clients interested in natural methods for managing pre, peri, or post-menopause.
Download Required Forms

Natural Fertility
Bonnie is an expert in natural fertility and pregnancy.
"Bonnie, You have lived up to your name! After 6 months of trying, one month of your help,
we are pregnant! We are totally amazed and can't thank you enough. One more success story
to add to your list! Thanks again for all of your help, Katrina" 

Cost - $115.00
Duration - 45 minutes
Details - new or existing clients interested in natural fertility through diet and nutrients.
Bonnie also has success with couples who have been through infertility treatment.
Recent bloodwork from within the last six months is suggested but not required.
Download Required Forms

Cancer: Patients Undergoing Treatment
Cost - $115.00
Duration - 45 minutes
Details - new or existing clients interested in optimizing nutritional balance during
cancer treatment and/or keeping your immune system healthy after treatment.
Download Required Forms

Dietary Supplement Evaluation
Cost - $115.00
Duration - 45 minutes
Details - for those only interested in personalizing their dietary supplement regimen:
20 years experience with dietary supplements ensures that what you take is safe,
well-researched, from optimally absorbed sources, free of allergens, sweeteners,
and artificial ingredients, and from reliable brands.
No forms required.


The Rejuvenating Room
Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate
Cost - Gift Certificates Available
$45.00 - 1 session
$120 - 3 sessions
$300 - 10 sessions
Dowload Rejuvenating Agreement - required before first session
Duration - 1 hour
Details - the ultimate healing experience.
Features include Far Infrared Sauna Therapy and "remarkably human touch" massage chair technology.
Created to increase healing time and reduce stress in a unique, toxin-free, hypoallergenic environment.
Session example: sit in our custom Far Infrared Sauna for 30-45 minutes while watching a soothing DVD
or listening to relaxing music. Then, for fifteen minutes, decompress in our low pressure massage chair
while recieving soothing sound therapy. After one hour, you will feel rejuvenated! Read more about FIR.


New Client Wellness Evaluation (no in-office visit)
FOR THOSE WITH NO ACUTE HEALTH ISSUES who live a long distance away.
Cost - $150.00
Duration - N/A
Details - a new client will mail, fax, or email their completed Welcome Packet including: bloodwork,
six-page questionnaire, three-day food diary, and medication and dietary supplement list. Within 2 weeks,
Bonnie will analyze your information and put her findings into memorandum form. Nutrient and dietary
recommendations, and applicable literature will be mailed faxed, or emailed back to the new client.
A 30 minute follow-up appointment is not required but suggested several weeks after implementing
Bonnie's recommendations.
Download required forms: doc or pdf

Grocery Shopping Tours
Cost - $75.00 or $100.00
Duration - 45 minutes or 1 hour
Details - Our food consultant meet you at your local grocery store to learn how to shop quicker and healthier!

Pantry Makeovers
Cost - $75.00 or $100.00
Duration - 45 minutes or 1 hour
Details - It's like your own reality series! Not sure what's healthy and what's not in your pantry, refrigerator,
or freezer? Our food consultants come to your home and show you what to get rid of and what to replace it with.