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Business Consulting

In addition to individual consulting, Nutritional Concepts consults with:


Better diet = healthy employee. 
Healthy employee = better performance.

When corporations assist in educating their employees about proper diet, 
create incentives to achieve better health, and implement nutritive foods in 
their cafeterias and snacks, the transition is sometimes difficult, but the 
results are impressive.

"Nutritional Concepts came in and not just advised our staff and management, but changed 
the culture of our company with its dietary approach. They made us understand that optimal health 
comes not just from dietary change, but lifestyle change. The reduction in sick days and doctor 
visits is stunning. The boost in overall mood at our company is incredible. Some of our employees 
have even implemented the same lifestyle changes with their families. It's like a domino effect. 
It seems so simple now...we're scratching our heads wondering why we didn't do this years ago."
        VP Human Resources, retail corporation with a concentration on hourly employees

Our services can be individualized to whatever your corporate needs are:

Contact Steve Minsky at 847-509-1336.

Here is an article published in the Daily Herald about Nutritional Concepts.

Food Manufacturers and Distributors

We can assist with every facet of production and marketing 
of your food products such as, but are not limited to:

Contact Steve Minsky at 847-509-1336.

School Districts

"So - good news!  They have agreed to move forward with our recommendations. I think Bonnie's msg last night was perfectly delivered. I appreciate your help and reinforcement needed to get the Board moving on these important initiatives. Thank you again." Wendy

We have worked with schools for years on improving their school lunch and wellness programs. 
We have learned that not every district is created equal, and must be treated as such. 
This is why we have a modifiable program based solely on the needs of each client. 
The speed of implementation and depth of our contribution is solely at the discretion 
of the school district.

Contact Steve Minsky at 847-509-1336.