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Natural Foods Shopping List

NOTE: As of April 2011, this list will not be updated.
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The following list contains foods free of additives, 
preservatives, chemicals, and trans fats. To the 
best of our knowledge, most of these foods are free 
of genetically engineered ingredients.

A bite from Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Bonnie C. Minsky
: I only list brands that I 
have personally used and that taste good!
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"No Yeast" Breads
Grain Snacks
Side Dishes or Breakfast Cooked Grains
Cold Cereals
Flour and Baking Ingredients
Pre-Packaged Sweets/Desserts

Dairy Products
Animal Protein Foods
Non-Animal Protein Foods
Fish (Animal Protein)

Healthy Fat

Frozen Foods
Salad Dressing
Non-Dairy Hot Drinks
Non-Dairy Cold Drinks
Baby/Toddler Foods and Infant Formulas


Breads/Muffins (Carbs) 
(in addition to the breads listed below, many bread shops and bakeries
today will accommodate food allergies and gluten intolerances)

-Ezekiel Bread (sprouted grains and beans)

-Baltic bakery dark rye and pumpernickel

-Middle East Bakery


-Joseph's Pita

-Food for Life breads (many are gluten-free)

-Ener-G breads (most are gluten-free)

-Pacific Bakery spelt white organic bread (no egg, sugar, honey, dairy)

-Flour tortillas- any brand (should contain only organic flour, water, salt and yeast)  

-Whole Foods brand organic hamburger and hot dog buns

-Trader Joes brand organic hamburger and hot dog buns

-Natural Ovens hamburger and hot dog buns  

-Ryeless Rye Bread (gluten-free)


"No Yeast" Breads(Carbs)

-Cedar's (thin white) Mountain Bread

-Essene Rye or Wheat Bread (no yeast)

-Ener-G-Rice Bread (yeast or no yeast)

-Dumpftmeier Dark Rye Bread (only ingredients: rye, water, salt)

-Boudin Sourdough (no yeast)

-Manna Bread (sprouted grains, seeds, no yeast, no fat) 

-Food for Life Almond Bread (no yeast)  

-Trader Joes "Truly Handmade" flour tortillas (no yeast; made with canola oil)

-Whole Foods 365 organic traditional tortillas (no yeast; made with soybean oil)

-Chebe bread products (no gluten, no wheat, no yeast; some products do not have lactose or casein)


Pancakes/Waffles (Carbs)

-Barbara Stitt's Pancake Mix (wheat-free also)

-Van's Toaster waffles (one variety is wheat, gluten, egg,

   and yeast-free)

-Bob's Red Mill Pancake and Waffle Mixes

-Pamela's Pancake and Baking Mixes

-Wanda's Nature Farm Pancake and Muffin mixes  

-Trader Joes pancake and waffle mixes

-365 brand waffles

-Waffle Heaven waffles


Grain Snacks (Carbs)

Corn Chips:

-Bearitos Corn Chips

-Barbara's Corn Chips/Barbara's Puffins

-Garden of Eatin' corn chips (many delicious organic varieties)

-Michael Season's Oat Bran Tortillas (organically grown and high fiber)

-Newman's Own organic corn chips (1st chip ever to be cooked in organic oil!; many flavors)  

-Whole Foods brand organic corn chips

-Trader Joes brand organic corn chips

Other Corn Items:

-any brand organic popping corn (can be popped in a paper lunchbag with no oil or a touch of

canola or avocado oil and sea salt)

-Vic’s Popping Corn

-Bearitos Popping and Popped Corn

-Cool Fruits Pumpkorn

-Organic corn tortillas- any organic brand (should contain only corn, water, lime and salt)

Potato/Rice/Veggie Chips:

-Michael Season's Chips (many varieties)

-Edward & Sons "Brown Rice Snaps" (for wheat allergies/gluten intolerance)

-Ray's Taro Chips (great potato chip substitute for those who cannot tolerate potatoes) 

-Robert's American Gourmet Potato Flyers (Idaho potato,water, brown rice, canola oil, sea salt)

-Guiltless Gourmet Chips

-Fall River Wild Rice Chips

-Plocky's Hummus chips (does contain corn and potato starch)

-Terra Chips (ingredients:  Taro, Sweet Potato, Yuca, Batata, Parnsip, Taro colored with Beet

Juice, Peanut Oil and/or Canola Oil, Sea Salt); delicious!

-365 brand Veggie Chips from Whole Foods markets (made with potato and canola oil)

-Veggie Booty and Pirates Booty (does contain corn)

-Potato Chips: Kettle (Potato) Chips, Lay’s all natural Potato Chips, all natural lowfat Ruffles

potato chips

-Lays all natural potato chips

-Ruffles all natural, lower in fat potato chips  

-Trader Joes Hawaiian Style potato chips

-Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s Soy Chips


-Barbara'a Whole Wheat Pretzels

-East Shore Seasoned Pretzels

-Oat Bran Pretzels

-Snyder's Sourdough, Organic, or Old Fashioned Dipping Stick Pretzels

-Newman's Own Organic Pretzels

-Natural GH Foods Pretzels (ABC's, Waffle, Peanut Butter, etc.)

-Whole Foods organic pretzels (mini and sticks)

-Trader Joe’s organic pretzel sticks

Rice Cakes:

-Chico San (includes low and no sodium varieties)

-Krispy Rice Cakes

-Mini Rice Cakes

-American Grain "Rice Bites"

-Hain (many varieties)  

-Eden Brown Rice Chips


Pasta (Carbs)

-Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta (gluten-free; does contain corn)

-DeBole's Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta (for those who have trouble digesting

     wheat; delicious; they also have a great kid’s macaroni and cheese variety)

-Edward & Son Oat Bran Pasta

-Papadini lentil pasta (gluten/grain-free, delicious!)

-Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Pasta

-semolina pasta (make sure the brand is imported from Italy)

-buckwheat noodles (Eden brand, Yamaimo Soba; great

     for those who have trouble digesting wheat)

-China Bowl Rice Sticks (rice, water) and Cellophane

     Noodles (potato & green pea starch; great for grain

     and gluten intolerances)

-Thai Kitchen Rice Noodles (wheat-free, gluten-free, egg-free)

-DeBole’s rice noodles

-Food for life 100% Rice Elbow Pasta

-Pastariso Pasta (wheat/gluten free; made with organic rice; many sizes and shapes)  

-Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta; tastes great!

-Annie's Naturals pastas (macaroni and cheese, etc.; many shapes and sizes; made from

     semolina and Jerusalem Artichoke pastas)

-Mrs. Belgo's cheese tortellini; contains sheep (not cow) romano cheese; add your favorite sauce

     for an instant dinner


Side Dishes or Breakfast Cooked Grains(Carbs)

-Konriko Brand Wild Pecan rice

-Arrowhead Mills brown rice (many varieties)

-Po River Valley Risotto

-tapioca ( no wheat or gluten)

-brown rice (any long or quick-cooking variety)

-Kasha (made from buckwheat, good for wheat/gluten sensitive)

-Texmati rice                   

-Country Choice certified organic oats

-Lundberg Rice (many varieties)

-Lundberg Pilafs; some containing beans or pasta

-Lundberg Elegant Rice Pudding

-Ancient Harvest Quinoa (good for grain sensitive, high protein; great as hot cereal or side dish)

-Seeds of Change Quinoa (organic; tomato basil or cilantro)  

-AltiPlano Gold Instant Hot Quinoa Cereal (wheat and gluten-free; regular only)

-Arrowhead Mills oatmeal (many varieties)

-McCann’s Irish oatmeal (no wheat contamination)

-Country Choice certified organic oats

-Erewhon oatmeal

-Erewhon Barley Plus hot cereal

-Mother's Quick-Cooking barley and hot rice cereal (great for people

   with digestive problems and wheat sensitivities)  

-Trader Joes organic jasmine or basmati rice (can get frozen for easy preparation)



Cold Cereals (Carbs)

**The best cold cereal choices are high in fiber and contain

less than 2 gms refined sweetners, and 300 mg. or less of sodium.

check for added iron; if you've had any heart problems

or cancer - you should avoid iron-enriched foods.

-Cascadian Farms cereals (Purely O’s is a great Cheerios alternative)

-Erewhon (such as Rice Twice cold cereal)

-Arrowhead Mills Puffed Millet (great for wheat/gluten sensitive)

-oat bran (good substitute for bread crumbs in recipes)

-Barbara's Bakery cereals

-365 brand cereals (Whole Foods) cold cereals; many varieties

-New World Morning Quinoa Flakes

-Puffed Kashi (seven grains)

-Natural Ovens of Manitowoc (Great Granola and Natural Ovens Zesty-Flax Energy Mix)

-Perky's Nutty Rice Cereal

-Breakfast Classics "Rice Crisps"

-Nature’s Path cereals (many varieties)

-New Morning Cereals (most are wheat-free)

-Health Valley Cereals

-Whole Kids (Whole Foods) oat cereal (healthier version of Cheerios; fortified)  

-Bare Naked granola cereals


Crackers (Carbs)

-Akmak (no yeast)

-Ryvita toasted Sesame Rye (no wheat, very

     high fiber, no yeast)  

-Earth's Best Organic Crunchin' Crackers

-Earth's Best Tots Organic Crunchin' Blocks

-Edward & Sons "Brown Rice Snaps" (many varieties) -yeast free

-Late July organic crackers  

-'O' Organics crackers (Safeway Foods)

-Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (organic alternative to Goldfish)

-Quack n’ Bites organic cheddar snacks (another alternative to Goldfish; Whole Foods brand)


-Wasa (wheat, rye)- both yeast and no yeast varieties

-Blue Diamond Nut Thins (rice based; gluten-free); many nut varieties-delicious!!

-Barbara's Bakery


-Trader Joe’s Savory Thins (gluten-free)  

-Mary's Gone crackers (yeast-free; gluten-free)- contains brown rice, quinoa, flaxseed and sesame 


-Whole Foods brand crackers

-Wild Oats brand brand crackers


Flour and Baking Ingredients (Carbs)


-Hodgson Mill flour (oat, wheat)

-Arrowhead Mills flour (oat, wheat)

-rice flour (gluten-free; any organic brand)

-Bette Hagman’s flour (gluten-free; best taste for baking; made from potato flour, tapioca starch,

and white rice flour)

-Ceresota Whole Wheat Flour

-Stone Buhr flour

-Bob’s Red Mill flour and flaxseed


-Arm & Hammer baking soda

-Cellu Grain-Free or Featherweight Baking Powders (non-aluminum)

THICKENERS (other than flour):


-Potato Flour

-Arrowroot Powder


-Knox Gelatin (use with pureed fruit or organic fruit juice for healthy, delicious "Jello")

NUTS AND SEEDS (FATS) :good for high-energy "kid" snacks; They contain no added fats or          

sodium if you get them pre-packaged in the baking section of your grocery store.


-365 Brand (Whole Foods) dark (dairy-free)/milk chocolate and chips


-Tropical Source (some are dairy-free)

-Endangered Species

-Chatfield's (dairy-free)

-Sharrfen Berger (some are dairy-free)

-Ghiradelli (some are dairy-free)

-carob powder (any organic brand)

-Droste’s cocoa powder or any organic brand


Sweeteners (Carbs)


-Sorrell Ridge  

-Cliff Nectar

-Smucker's Simply Fruit or Fruit Spread

-Polaner Fruit Spread

-Spoon Fruit

-Knudsen's Fruit Spread

-St. Dalfour conserves/jam

-Whole Foods organic jams/spreads


-pure maple syrup (any organic brand)

-Grandma's Unsulphered Molasses

-Brer Rabbit Unsulphered Molasses

-Frozen organic apple juice concentrate (no sugar added varieties)

-Miss Figgy fig syrup

-Honey (any brand that is organic and unfiltered)

-Date syrup (any organic brand)

-Brown Rice Syrup (any organic brand)

-Stevia Extract (great safe sugar substitute; any organic liquid)  

-Agave Syrup


-Stevia Extract (great safe sugar substitute; any organic dry brand)

-Trader Joe’s stevia (contains lactose)

-Sweet Leaf Co. Stevia Plus w/ FOS (one of the best tasting brands of Stevia; good fiber)  

-KAL Stevia extract

-Sucanat (organic granulated cane juice; tastes like brown sugar)

-Date Sugar

-Sugar-in-the-Raw (no chemical bleach; organic brands only)  

-any organic sugar


Pre-Packaged Sweets/Desserts (Carbs/Fats)


-Natural Ovens of Manitowoc muffins/cookies

-BP Gourmet Cookies (very lowfat/low sugar); Smart Carbs variety contain no sugar (mallitol


-Pamela's cookies (wheat-free/gluten free; variety of flavors)

-Barbara's cookies (fruit juice sweetened, whole wheat/wheat-free varieties)

-Hain graham crackers

-Streit's Coconut Macaroons (no dairy or gluten)

-Jennie's Coconut Macaroons (no dairy or gluten)  

-Living Fuel CocoChia Bars

-Whole Foods brand cookies

-Duchy's Originals (cookies imported from England; founded by the Prince of Wales; use organic

    flour and no artificial ingredients; many flavors; great dipping cookies)

-Glutano chocolate cookies (wheat/gluten free)

-Glutano hazelnut bar (wheat/gluten free)

-Glutano chocolate chip biscuits (wheat/gluten free)

-Paul Newman's organic cookies (one variety tastes just like Oreo’s)

-Earth’s Best Arthur organic cookies (chocolate or vanilla)  

-Earth's Best Sesame Street organic alphabet cookies


-Nature's Choice Real Fruit Bars

   (natural answer to fruit roll-ups)

-Dried fruits (choose only sulfite-free)

-Canned fruit (canned-in-juice varieties)

-Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits "Fruit Cup"

 (Great for school lunches)

-Cherry Hill Organic Applesauce (many varieties)

-Santa Cruz organic applesauce (delicious; snack packs are great

    for school lunches)

-Le Roux Creek Applesauce (salicylate-free variety from golden delicious apples; comes in large 

    jars and individual servings)

-Sensible Foods fruit snacks (dehydrated fruits and vegetables; many are low carb varieties)  

-Trader Joes dehydrated fruits


-Imagine Foods puddings (gluten-free, dairy-free; many varieties)

-Zendon Banana Soy Pudding (lowfat; dairy-free)

-Harvest Direct instant soy pudding (dairy-free)

-Horizon organic puddings


-Cascadian Farms Organic Sorbet-DELICIOUS!

-Nouvelle Sorbet (low cal, no sugar)

-Walnut Acres organic applesauce squeezers (can freeze to make a frozen popsicle)

-Frozen juice concentrates (can use as an ingredient in desserts such as "Jello"

   or can freeze for natural fruit pops)

-Frozfruit Brand Frozen Fruit Bars

-Cool Fruits

-Fruitops (no added sugar)

-Nectar Freeze (70 calories, pure fruit)

-Sweet Nothings (frozen fruit bars- GREAT!)

-Seabrook frozen fruit (no added sugar)

-Mazzone's Soft Italian Sorbet (sugar); contains corn

CANDY AND GUM (also see “Baking Ingredients” section):

-Panda Black Licorice (high iron, calcium, and B vitamins, made with real licorice root)

-People Pops (Kosher)  

-Yummy Earth organic lollipops (finally a lollipop with no corn syrup; available at or 

    your local health food store)

-Rendez-Vous or La Vosgienne Bon Bons (delicious hard

   fruit and coffee candies (no artificial colors/flavors)

-Country Organics hard candy (2 pieces daily max.)

-"Let's Do Organic" fruit bears (tastes like gummy bears; does contain corn)

-Ibarra Mexican chocolate (with cinnamon)

-Droste's 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar

-365 brand (Whole Foods) chocolate truffles (dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb; delicious!)

-Trader Joe’s chocolate truffles

-Tropical Source drops (butterscotch, cherry, mint, papaya) and lollipops

-Tropical Source chocolates (many flavored bars and chocolate chips for baking)

-Endagered Species chocolates

-Whole Foods chocolates

-Cloud Nine chocolates

-Sunspire chocolates and Sundrops (“M&M’s” substitute)

-Newman's Own organic chocolates

-Terra Nostra organic chocolates (Trader Joe's)

-Peelu dental chewing gum

-Speak Easy organic mints and gum (does contain cane juice, but wonderful!)  

-Xylichew sugar-free chewing gum

-Glee chewing gum


**The only safe dairy products are those that are certified organic or those that are imported because they will be naturally antibiotic/hormone free.

-Gise Creme Glace (imported from France;  real fruit fructose, very low-calorie; low lactose)

-Cascadian Farm frozen yogurt bars (98% fat free; only 80 calories per bar; organic; sweetened  

    with Sucanat)

-Homemade Yogurt:  Whip your favorite organic nonfat yogurt with a ripe banana (add Stevia to

    taste, freeze for 1-2 hours, delicious!

-Whole Foods brand organic yogurt and ice cream

-Julie's organic ice cream

-Stoneyfield Farms low fat ice-cream and frozen yogurt

-Diana’s Bananas (chocolate covered bananas; milk and dark chocolate varieties)


-Rice Dream Non-dairy Dessert (high fat)

-Rice Dream Chocolate or Carob drink boxes (freeze for 1-2 hours, tastes like a fudgesicle)

-Nutty Rice Dream Bar (high in fat)

-Tofutti Light

-Tofutti "Cuties" and “Lil’ Buddies” (delicious "ice cream" sandwiches; made from soy; non-dairy)

-M&B Cool Snacks Banana Bites (bite size chocolate/nut covered bananas)

-"It's Soy Delicious" non-dairy ice cream (delicious; sweetened with fruit)

-Soy Delicious non-dairy ice cream and Rocket Bars

-It’s Soy Delicious non-dairy ice cream

-Carb Escape (soy-based; non-dairy)  

-LaLoo's goat's milk ice cream


Dairy Products (Protein)

*The following companies carry a whole line of cow’s milk products: milk, cream cheese, cottage cheese, half & half, butter, etc. The only safe dairy products are those that are certified organic or those that are imported from Europe (France, England, Italy, etc.) because hormone use for cattle

has been banned in Europe.

-Organic Valley


-Cascadian Farms

-Oberweis (does not use RGBH- bovine growth hormone)

-365 Organic (Whole Foods brand)  

-'O' Organic (Safeway grocers)

-Great Value Organic (sold at Wal-Mart)


-Stoneyfield Farms nonfat yogurt (many flavors, active acidophilus culture, delicious!)

-Stoneyfield Farms "Yo Baby" full fat yogurt (in child size containers) and "Yo Squeeze" (great for

    kids on the go)

-Cascadian Farms Organic Yogurt  

-Fage Greek Yogurt 2%

-Horizon Organic Yogurt

-Lifeway Kefir (tastes like liquid yogurt; many flavors)


-West Soy Plus (fortified to duplicate the nutrients in milk)

-Trader Joes Organic Soymilk (unsweetened)

-Soy Dream (least allergenic)

-Whole Foods soymilk (no sugar added variety)

-Pacific Foods of Oregon Almond and Hazelnut non-dairy beverages

    (fortified with A, D, Calcium, B vitamins, and Zinc; contains no barley malt)

-Blue Diamond Almond Breeze (fortified almond milk)

-Rice Dream (plain, almond, vanilla, carob, and chocolate flavors; some varieties are calcium-


-Soya Latte (delicious yogurt substitute made from organic soy beans; contains an active yogurt


-Lifeway SoyTreat (probiotic cultured soy milk; blended with fruit juice)

-White Wave Dairyless Yogurt/Silk Soy Beverage (contains cane sugar)

-Amazake Rice Nog (made from organic

     brown rice and almond sweetener) great

     for kids with food allergies who need fat,

     extra protein (11% per serving), extra iron

     (8% per serving), and B-vitamins...272 calories

     per serving; (tastes good by itself or over cereal) 

CHEESE (Dairy):

-Part-skim Mozzarella and Cottage Cheese (Horizon, Organic Valley)

-Lifeway Farmer's Cheese

-Applegate Farms cheese slices (many flavors)

-any imported goat/sheep feta

-sheep romano

-Vermon Impastata creamy goat's milk cheese 

-imported parmesan cheese

-Low Fat Ricotta Cheese (dry curd cottage cheese can be used as a substitute)

-Amish Yogurt Cheese (many flavors)

-Organic Valley cheeses (including cottage)

-Above and Beyond cream cheese (organic)

-Horizon cheeses (cheese sticks are great for the kids)

-imported cheeses with moderate fat:  Edam/Gouda/Havarti/Manchego (sheep)  

-Trader Joes brand cheeses (do not use bovine growth hormone)

-Whole Foods organic cheeses


-Soyco Soy Cheese (these do have casein, dairy protein, so AVOID

-Soya Cass Cheese  if allergic to dairy products)

-Tofu (can substitute for ricotta or cottage

    cheese in recipes)

-VeganRella (finely a 100% non-dairy, no casein, no soy, cheese subsitute

    made from brown rice milk; available in mozzarella and cheddar flavors)


Animal Protein Foods


-Bison (very lowfat-safe from “mad cow”)

-Oberweis or Tamaso Beef (antibiotic and hormone-free)

-Ostrich and Buffalo; very lowfat (3 gm. per serving); high iron; tastes like beef (especially if


-Coleman Beef (antibiotic and hormone-free)

-New Zealand Lamb (call 800-621-LAMB for home delivery)

-Trader Joe’s Australian Beef and Lamb (no hormones, antibiotics or

preservatives, range fed)

-Whole Foods butcher shop meats (free-range or organic)

-Maverick Ranch Natural Meats (available at Jewel; beef, pork, and chicken)

-Wagu Beef (high in Omega-3’s, grass-fed; organic)

-Family Farms Cooperative (naturally raised meat, poultry, brown eggs)  

-Certified Humane label on beef promises the animals are antibiotic and hormone-free


-Phil's Range Fed Poultry

-Case Farms Poultry (from Amish Farms; antibiotic hormone-free, no harmful chemicals used in


-Heritage Foods USA (turkey, geese, lamb, pork): (212) 980-6603- rare breeds of meat

-Bell & Evans free-range chicken, chicken nuggets (no corn derivatives)

-MBA brand SMART chicken (antibiotic/hormone-free)

-Empire Kosher Organic Poultry); also Chicken Nuggets  

-Trader Joes oven roasted sliced turkey breast

-Trader Joes Kosher/Amish chicken and turkey

-Cornish Hen (most brands are hormone-free)

-Wild Duck (if fatty- prick skin repeatedly while baking to remove excess fat and make duck


-Yorkshire Farms chicken nuggets (organic; great for kids)

-Ian's chicken nuggets, stuffed chicken dinners (contain corn derivitaves)


**Most processed meats are extremely high in fat and sodium.  They also often contain MSG derivatives, sodium nitrites, added sweeteners, and food dyes. They should be avoided as much as possible. These brands are much healthier and fine to have in moderation.

-Turkey Breast (lean, low sodium); no nitrate varieties such as

   Applegate Farms, Plainville Farms, Sunset Gourmet

-Shelton's Turkey Sausage and "Turkey Jerky"

-Organic Valley pork breakfast links  

-Organic Prairie uncured hot dogs

-Hans organic chicken sausages

-baked or boiled ham (Plainville Farms, Applegate Farms)

-Trader Joes chicken and pork sausages

-Pure Farms (all natural) Chicken and Beef Weiners    

-Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon and Turkey Bacon (no nitrates)

-Wellshire Farms ham, bacon, sausages

-Organic Valley sausages

-Trader Joes nitrate-free organic bacon

-Yorkshire Farms turkey franks, Canadian bacon, etc. and other nitrate-free items

-Amy's sausages (made from chicken or turkey; many fabulous varieties)


-Phil's Range Fed

-Organic Valley brown eggs (antibiotic and hormone-free; some are high in omega-3 fats)

-Nest Eggs (antibiotic and hormone-free)

-Gold Circle Farms DHA-Omega 3 eggs (if you don't like fish, great way to get fatty acids)

-Whole Foods Omega 3-DHA eggs and other organic brands  

-Egg Innovations


-Jolly Joan Egg Replacer

-Energ-G egg substitute

-Make your own:  1 tsp. baking powder or 1 T. gelatin dissolved in hot liquid for each egg called

for in recipes


Non-Animal Protein Foods


-Planters unsalted roasted peanuts

-REAL Brand Peanut Butter (found in the dairy case)

-Smucker's all natural Peanut Butter

-Whole Kids peanut butter (low in aflatoxin mold)

-Tahini (sesame butter)

-Pecan, almond, or cashew butter (many different organic brands)

-David's Sunflower Kernels (in the shell)

-Trader Joes organic nuts/seeds

-Whole Foods organic nuts/seeds

-NOW nuts/seeds (many flavors; organic)

-Evon's Nuts/Seeds

-Klein's Natural dried nuts and fruits

-Sungold Sunbutter (great peanut butter substitute)

-Nuts and Seeds (found in the bakery section,

     they most often contain no trans fats or sodium)


-Tofu (preferably organic, found in produce section; great in spaghetti, stir-fries, chili, or fruit

shakes/sorbets) WHITE WAVE IS GREAT!

-Reduced Fat Tofu from White Wave, Inc.of Boulder, Colorado (organic and lowfat)

-Casbah Hummus and Bean Meals (easy-to-prepare)

-Cedar's Hummus

-Aunt Patsy's Pantry Lentil Chili

-Jaclyn's Grilled Tofu and Bean Sauce (natural answer to a T.V. Dinner; with rice & veggie)

-Hearty & Natural (Sunrich) organic veggie burgers (no MSG or wheat derivatives)

-Edamame (fresh soybeans)- any brand

-organic canned beans (Eden, Westbrae, Hain, Walnut Acres, or any organic brand); be sure     

    to rinse well before use

-Walnut Acres Organic Baked Beans-delicious!


-UltraSoy (by GeniSoy) Protein Shake(also offers Fat-Free Soy Protein Powder, not the bars)

-Gam Octa Pro (soy): (Biotics Research Corp. Houston, TX -  25gm. protein per serving!!)

-Jay Robb’s Egg Protein Drink Mix (egg whites and stevia)

-Nutribiotic Rice Protein (great for allergic individuals)

-BioPure (by Metagenics) protein drink (whey based from organic New Zealand cattle)

-Unipro Perfect Protein (whey protein; vanilla and chocolate flavors)


-Luna (Clif) bars (no wheat, corn, dairy)

-Prozone (Nutritibiotic) bars

-Nutiva Hemp bar (high in Omega-3’s)  

-Cliff Nectar bar (fruit, nut, some have chocolate)

-Lara bar (MAYA)

-Organic Food Bar


Fish (Animal Protein)

**Some fish, especially large, old fish, will have a high mercury level and may also contain other contaminants; avoid these fish- the FDA has a complete list of them to avoid if pregnant or nursing.

-Chicken of the Sea Diet Tuna (no MSG derivatives)

-Bumblebee Diet Low Salt Tuna (no MSG derivatives)

-365 brand (Whole Foods) tuna (salt and no salt brands)

-Crown Prince Albacore Tuna (pop-top)

-Deep Sea albacore tuna

-Star-Kist Naturally Low Salt, Low Fat Chunk Light Tuna

     (albacore in nothing except pure distilled water)

-Trader Joe’s canned tuna

-Whole Foods canned tuna  

-Carvalho albacore tuna (low mercury content)

-King of the Sea yellowfin tuna (low mercury content)

-Ian’s Fish Sticks

-Sardines (any brand in tomato, mustard, or olive oil


-Fresh fish (avoid most lake and farm-raised fish)

-Homarus, Inc.Smoked Salmon (NO NITRATES)

-Anchor Foods Wild Salmon (1-800-277-8885 to order)

-canned salmon (wild  is best) such as Trader Joe’s

-Spence all natural lox and smoked salmon

-Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, and Costco smoked salmon are nitrate-free (naturally smoked)

-wild frozen salmon


Frozen Foods

-365 Brand french fries and tater tots

-Amy's Kitchen frozen meals

-Cascadian Farms organic entrees, fruits, and vegetables

-Cascadian Farms organic french fries, spud puppies, hash browns, etc.

-Ian’s Alphabet, sweet Potato and other fries

-Ian’s chicken nuggets (great for kids)  

-Ian's mini hamburgers and cheeseburgers (made with Coleman beef)

-Ian’s fish sticks (great for kids)

-Whole Foods Ravioli  

-Whole Kids brand frozen foods (taquitos, quesadillas, etc.)

-Wild Oats oven fries and potato poppers

-Bravissimo All Natural Rising Pizza (finally a totally organic pizza without

   whole wheat flour!)

-Trader Joe’s cheese pizza (from Italy)  

-Alexia Yukon Gold Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Sea Salt



-Walnut Acres (includes a wide variety of soups and broth; avoid the Chicken Broth, however;

it contains MSG derivatives)

-Perfect Addition Rich Stocks (chicken, beef, fish,and vegetable varieties); delicious frozen

concentrates to make your own soups or enhance flavors of any recipes that call for broth

or stock

-Tabatchnick Frozen Bean Soups (Split Pea, Northern bean, Minestrone, etc.; contain no MSG)

-Chef Earl's Soups/Sauces (vegetarian; no dairy)

-Aunt Patsy's Bean Soups (they take a long time to prepare, but are delicious)

 -Shelton's Turkey Soup and turkey chili

 -Imagine Foods soups and broth (many varieties- organic)

 -Shari Ann's soups  

-Trader Joes organic chicken broth

-Whole Foods organic chicken broth

 -Pacific Foods of Oregon organic or free-range chicken and “no chicken” broth (greater starter or

flavor enhancer; no MSG)

-Whole Foods prepared soups (wonderful and contain no additives/preservatives)

-Muir Glen Organic Soup Collection



-extra virgin olive oil (any brand; organic preferred)

-rice bran oil

-Dynasty Sesame Oil

-Avocado Oil (tastes like butter); highest smoking temperature of any oil

-Grapeseed Oil (cold-pressed); high smoking temperature; great antioxidant oil

-Spectrum (expeller pressed canola, sunflower, flaxseed and safflower oils)

-Flaxsed oil and seeds (great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, good fiber); make sure to refrigerate

or freeze for freshness


-Spectrum expeller pressed cooking spray

-Pam organic cooking spray (olive oil and canola oil)

-Bertoli Olive Oil Spray (safe for environment)

BUTTER/MARGARINE (avoid all margarines containing partially hydrogenated or any trans fats.)

-Horizon Organic butter

-Natural by Nature organic whipped butter (delicious!) 

-Organic Valley organic butter  

-Kerrygold Irish butter (grass-fed cows with no antibiotics or hormones)

-Whole Foods (365 brand) organic butter  

-Trader Joes organic butter

-To make Better Butter: use 8 oz. whipped butter with cup canola or avocado oil; whip together

with a fork, when the butter softens; can store in the refrigerator for 1 month

-Spectrum Naturals margarine (many varieties)

-Promise Ultra or Smart Beat (canola oil margarine)

-Smart Balance

-Earth Balance (tastes like butter)


**For less fat and calories, mix mayo with nonfat plain yogurt; best substitute is avocado/guacamole.

-Spectrum Mayonnaise (canola and egg varieties)

-Hain canola and eggless mayonnaise

-Whole Foods canola mayonnaise  

-Trader Joes real mayonnaise

-Hellman's canola mayonnaise

SOUR CREAM: (not for dairy sensitive):

**Nonfat yogurt plus 1 T. sour cream tastes like the “real thing”. Also see “Dairy Products” section.

-Organic Valley






-rice wine (especially Edens organic brown rice vinegar)

-gourmet-most types (especially brands imported from Italy)

-apple cider vinegar substitute: lemon juice (fresh)

-Cuisine Perel late harvest riesling vinegar; great mixed with grapeseed oil for a sweet tasting

salad dressing


-Sea Salt (salt with added minerals)       

-Kosher Salt

-Select Origins salt free spices

-Simply Organic spices

-any organic dried herbs and spices (individualized bottles of each herb and spice are better than


-fresh lemon juice or balsamic vinegar gives foods a salty taste naturally


-San-J Tamari (low sodium, no wheat and Teriyaki varieties also)

-Consorzio Marinades

-most brands of mustard are O.K.

-Curley's barbeque sauce (no corn syrup)  

-Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki (no MSG or hidden additives/preservatives)

-Annie's Naturals Barbecue sauces

-Muir Glen catsup and barbecue sauce

-Heinz organic ketchup (no corn sweeteners)

-Trader Joes organic ketchup (no corn sweeteners)

-Farmer's & Sittler's Horseradish

-Garlic Plus Chunky Garlic Onion Sauce (great for pasta, fish, chicken, steak)

-Crosse & Blackwell Worcestershire


-Hot Cha Cha


-Desert Rose


-Down to Earth (Wild Oats)

-Muir Glen

-Whole Foods (365 brand)

-Newman’s Own


-Classico sauces

-Newman’s Own sauces

-D’Amos Italian tomato paste

-365 Brand (Whole Foods) tomato sauces

-Down to Earth tomato sauces

-Amy's Kitchen pasta sauces


-Silver Palate Sauce

-Bertagni Basil Sauce

-Ferrara Sauce

-Romance Napole Sauce (refrigerator section, some have saturated fats)

-Contadina Plum Tomato & Marinara Sauces (refrigerator section, some have saturated fats)

-Bartone Red and White Clam Sauce

-Pomi Marinara Sauce

-Muir Glen (organic tomatoes and sauces)

-Trader Joe’s tomato products


-Hot Pepper Sauce (most brands are O.K.)

-black strap molasses (high in minerals)

-pickled ginger

-miso paste


Salad Dressing

A BONNIE MINSKY BITE:  You'll use less of any dressing if 
you pour it into a spray bottle and spray a small amount onto your salad.

-Brianna's homemade Dressings

-Paul Newman's Olive Oil & Vinegar

-Bernstein's (many varieties)

-Cardini's Pesto Pasta (no vinegar) and Zesty Garlic (great for marinades); Lemon Herb (no


-Cook's Classic Oil-Free Marinades and Dressings

-Fast and Fabulous Dressing and Marinade

-Select Seasonings dressings (delicious and nutritious answer to Good Season's- NO MSG)

-Walden Farms Reduced Calorie Italian

- Walden Farms No Fat dressings (many varieties);Ranch with sun-dried tomato is delicious

-Silver Palate dressings (Lemon Splash and Caesar varieties are fabulous)

-Annie's all-natural Dressings  

-'O' Organics dressings

-Trader Joes organic balsamic vinegar dressing

-Naturally Fresh Dressing (high fat-good way to get kids to start eating salad and good for veggie


-Great Homemade Dressing:  Use a dash of olive oil and a dash of your favorite vinegar or fresh

lemon juice.  Add a sprinkle of dried garlic, dried Italian Herbs, and Dijon mustard for added flavor.


Non-Dairy Hot Drinks


-De-caffeinated coffee (very acidic; should be limited to 2 cups daily, if tolerated; use only water-

processed varieties)

-Starbuck's Caffe Verona (low acid coffee)

-organic coffee (any brand)

-Allegro coffees (found at Whole Foods)  

-Intelligentsia coffees


-cereal grain coffees such as Postum, Pero, Roma, or Bambuu (may need to avoid if grain-


-Rachamojo (soy and coffee blend or all soy with no coffee)

-Teeccino herbal coffee (caffeine-free, many flavors)  

-Yerba Mate (very healthy Paraguan coffee substitute; tastes most like coffee)

-Sunrider’s Calli whole food beverage (tastes like tea; gives you the lift of coffee without the side



-Kaffree Tea (no caffeine, tastes the most like regular tea)

-Black or black and green tea blends (Lipton, Bigelow, Tetley, etc.); caffeinated and decaf


-Tazo tea (iced or hot)

-Honest Tea (iced; organic)

-Chai Tea (some varieties contain dairy)

-Republic of Tea (loose leaf or bags); many fruit varieties; some are decaf

-Republic of Tea bottled iced teas (unsweetened fruit teas)  

-Republic of Tea pomegranate tea (very high in antioxidants)

-"Alvita" teas (great variety for allergenic people; parsley is a great digestive aid)

-Chinese green tea (strengthens immune system)

-Essiac tea (strengthens immune system)

-Traditional Medicinals Women's Liberty Tea (great for hormone balance)

-Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea (herbal laxative); should be used only occasionally

-Herbal teas (many varieties; should be avoided if you have seasonal allergies

-barley tea (tastes like coffee if very strong; great for alleviating constipation and other digestive


-Yerba Mate Tea (tastes most like coffee)


A BONNIE MINSKY BITE: Pure maple syrup mixed with cocoa powder 
is a delicious, lowfat substitute for baker’s chocolate in recipes.

-Droste's or cocoa powder (stir into hot milk or substitute milk)

-Carob powder (chocolate substitute; use as above in cocoa recipe)

-Whole Kids hot cocoa mix (mix with cow's milk, or substitute milk)  

-Chocolate soy or rice milk heated makes a delicious dairy-free cocoa


Non-Dairy Cold Drinks



-Poland Spring

-Thorspring (no carbonation)

-Blu Italy

-San Pellegrino  

-Gerolsteiner sparkling waters

-Sanfaustino sparkling water (high in calcium; good option for those who cannot have milk)


-La Croix

-Crystal Geyser with Vitafort (carbonated)

-Glaceau Smart Water, plain

-Castellina sparkling water (high in bicarbonates)

SODA POP SUBSTITUTES (these should be used very occasionally; 1-2 weekly max.)


-Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze

-Knudsen Non-Alchoholic Spritzers (all contain fruit juice and sparkling mineral water),

-Duchy Originals Lemon Refresher

-Trader Joe’s French Lemonade

-Lorina’s Sparkling Lemonade

-homemade spritzers: use any 100% fruit juice and sparkling mineral water; mix together in a 4:1

ratio of water to juice


-calcium-fortified orange juice (each 8-oz glass contains the calcium equivalent of an 8-oz. glass

of milk

-Knudsen Papaya Nectar (contains enzymes for digestion; very high in beta carotene)

-Santa Cruz organic fruit juices (convenient for kids in drink boxes; delicious; fabulous and

healthy lemonade)

-Pomi (pomegranate juices- variety of flavors); high in antioxidants

SPORTS DRINKS: (a natural answer to Gatorade)

-Twin Lab Hydra Fuel      

-any fresh orange juice or Dole Pine-Orange-Banana drink, diluted

-Knudsen Recharge            

-Metagenics Endura is the best for serious athletes

-Glaceau Smart Water (fruit flavors or plain, great electrolyte drink)


Baby/Toddler Foods and Infant Formulas

-Earth's Best Baby & Juniors Foods (organic)

-Growing Healthy Baby Food (frozen, tasty)

-organic juice (many brands and varieties)

-"My Own Meals" (O.K. if the other choice is fast food!)

-Healthy Times teething cookies

-Gerber (Tender Harvest) organic baby foods

-Heinz or Gerber baby foods (ones without added sugar or salt)

-Whole Foods baby formulas (milk and soy based varieties)

-Mead Johnson "Infalyte" or "Ricelyte" oral electrolyte replacement (very low allergy and

digestible; rice based)

-Healthy Times "Cookies for Toddlers” (wheat-free) Arrowroot cookies and Teething biscuits

-Earth's Best organic "Arthur" cookies (do contain wheat and cane juice) and Teething biscuits  

-Earth's Best organic Crunchin' Crackers

-Earth's Best organic Tots Crunchin' Blocks


Where to Find Natural and Organic Foods

Many local grocery stores now carry organic and "health" foods. In addition, large natural foods markets have opened nationwide.  The following list may be helpful if you can’t readily find natural food items.



-For a list of locations nationwide, contact their corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas at (512) 477-4455 or their website at



-For a list of locations nationwide, contact their hotline at 1-800-494-WILD or their website at



For a list of locations nationwide, contact their hotline at 1-800-SHOP-TJS or

-Natural and organic foods at great prices!


SMALL PLANET FOODS (includes Cascadian Farms, Muir Glen)

Consumer Services
Small Planet Foods
719 Metcalf Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284-1456


-Many delicious frozen organic products (vegetables, fries, frozen yogurt, sorbet, etc.)



59498 Kirk Lake Road

Vandalia, MI  49095

(269) 476-8883

Fax # (561) 258-7616


-Naturally raised meat, poultry, eggs grown without antibiotics, hormones or steroids.



Seattle, WA


-Mail Order Breads; Grains that are allergy & gluten-free; great for celiacs and those allergic to wheat.



Frederick, MD


-Gluten Free Foods

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